CAKE OR REAL?! *satisfying*
I surprised the twins with super realistic cakes and had them guess which were real and which were not! Let me know if I fooled you with any of them! After that I felt super inspired to try and make my own cake...and that was a fail.
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@Alexa Rivera
@Ben Azelart
@Dominic Brack

  • justdrippp

    new episode idea: cooking with lexi


    Lexi’s cake was the best 😏😭💀🤦‍♀️

  • Ceana rose
    Ceana rose

    I have never seen Ben where a bennie but he is rocking it

  • ・Dumb Tulip ・
    ・Dumb Tulip ・

    I have ro say Lexi Hensler;s cake was 1M% Better thank= Lexi River.. RIP LEXI RIVERA

  • Shakti Patil
    Shakti Patil

    Lexi has 2m followers but still this not having that tick


    Fun fact: she actually linked the twins channel and they lost 2k subscribers 😂💅🏻


    Lexi Hensler your cake was awesome I loved it sooo much 😘😘😘😻😻😻

  • Sama Lafi
    Sama Lafi

    I like Lexi Hensler cake better Sorry lexi r I have to tell the truth

  • Wïth Ÿou
    Wïth Ÿou

    I like it

  • Sanskriti Yadava
    Sanskriti Yadava

    Although the twins live in USA but they were totally Asian when they said "why would you do that" for a 1000$ cake😂

  • Sanskriti Yadava
    Sanskriti Yadava

    Alex was so serious😂😂😂

  • Mawii Guite
    Mawii Guite

    ohh i love alex t-shart


    How do u make ur thumbnail


    How do u make ur thumbnail


    How do u make a ur thumbnail

  • ii._hxney-drizzle?

    The intro music 👌🏼

  • ii._hxney-drizzle?

    Now ur pfp needs to have ur new hair in 😂

  • ii._hxney-drizzle?

    The editing at the start of the video is amazing!!!🤩 I luv ur channel ❤️❤️❤️

  • Virginia Dibelka
    Virginia Dibelka

    Nailed It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Megan Heineman
    Megan Heineman

    Let’s see how many subscribers I can get from this comment

  • Ralph Kady
    Ralph Kady


  • Gaurav Singh
    Gaurav Singh

    By the way the channel main description shows "Videos every sunday but I don't think that you release a video every sunday.

  • Jerry Yeung #功夫
    Jerry Yeung #功夫

    Alan is So Thick and Alex is very FAT

  • Strawberry Frapachinø
    Strawberry Frapachinø

    She's trying to frost when it's hot 😂

  • The crusty squad
    The crusty squad

    My moms friend made that cake for my 7 birthday but it was three instead of two

  • Chipster223

    the cardboard box is so realaistic tho

  • Angel Yan
    Angel Yan

    I got some Right

  • legend YT
    legend YT

    Fake steak cake 😂😂

  • Zeenia Malik
    Zeenia Malik

    Lexi Hensler won

  • Bîšhóp Bêãťêřš
    Bîšhóp Bêãťêřš

    Twins always winsss

  • Elise Stephenson
    Elise Stephenson

    Lh won unicorn cake

  • Emily Magowan
    Emily Magowan

    Ben looked like a clown

  • Elia Perez
    Elia Perez


  • welcome to Anna's world
    welcome to Anna's world

    lexi R. cake looked scary

  • Swasanaa Ram
    Swasanaa Ram

    Lexi , Thank you for getting the twins in your video.. They are not getting invited to any videos in the squad. They literally said it's been so long that they filmed a video together And everyone keeps teasing Alex and I feel really bad😔

  • Aarush Killer
    Aarush Killer

    Do not waste so much of food

  • sochii

    4:11 I swear she said "make sure to go *un* subscribe to the twins" 😂

  • Shabu Pazhukudy
    Shabu Pazhukudy

    Lexi hensler your cake good

  • Titiksha Agrawal
    Titiksha Agrawal

    1:11 R.I.P That white shirt

  • Raquel Mortenson
    Raquel Mortenson

    I think your cake looked good.

  • Monroe Sanchez
    Monroe Sanchez


  • NecroRudy

    There was no pissing of pierson???

  • Sonia Martinez
    Sonia Martinez

    Nah your cake looks better then what I did 🥺🥺😂😂😂

  • Emma Wesenberg
    Emma Wesenberg

    So no ones gonna talk about how ben and dom put pie on Lexi's WHITE SHIRT. lmao

  • King Junit
    King Junit

    If you stacked the sad ones would of made a good one because the tops were missing so if u flipped it over and stacked it that would of been better also after u finished when u said we could do better to u mean Levi Rivera because your was good

  • sailor tube
    sailor tube

    I got it all right becoase the thumbnail

  • Zodini Betlu
    Zodini Betlu

    I like these vedio and last one was the worst one

  • Gajender kumar yadav
    Gajender kumar yadav

    0:50 ben looks like pennywise

  • Bontle Ramalepa
    Bontle Ramalepa

    Y'all need to stop wasting food

  • Rachel W
    Rachel W

    How do you get this kind of cake 🎂 🍰 ¿¿

  • Keira Calaycay
    Keira Calaycay

    Lexi is of course the mom of the group 🤗I love your vids ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Master Mushfiq
    Master Mushfiq

    You are wasting so much food. Please don't waste food

  • Dahoma Reid
    Dahoma Reid

    Love watching your videos

  • Sarah Reither
    Sarah Reither

    where is pissing off person

  • Alina Samano
    Alina Samano

    Didn’t Brent do this?

  • Camila Mejia
    Camila Mejia

    i think lexi hensler won no offense but i still like lexis riveras cake i looks tasty

  • Shelly Tokov
    Shelly Tokov

    We’res pissing of piersonnnnnnnnnnn

  • armys world
    armys world

    Alex looks soooo freaking cuteeeeeeeeeeeee😀💜💜💜💜💜😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰😍😍🥰

  • Mila JC
    Mila JC

    lexi henlers cake was so good!

  • Aaryan Pant
    Aaryan Pant

    Oh shoot I ate my phone …

  • Skylee Hammer
    Skylee Hammer

    You forgot pissing of Person I love those

  • ThE wEiRdO
    ThE wEiRdO

    Lexi makes her videos more exciting

  • Larissa perez
    Larissa perez

    I think the lexi with the pink

  • Shiloh Okiro
    Shiloh Okiro

    Hensler and Rivera (more of Lexi hensler though)

  • Shiloh Okiro
    Shiloh Okiro

    Nice job Lexi

  • Ayesha Mohsin
    Ayesha Mohsin

    Hey hehe

  • Matilde Jara
    Matilde Jara

    7:08 who heard Lexi H. saying "Oh My Lanta" after her dog is barking while she is trying to do the intro? Well, I definitely did! And who knows where that saying comes from?? I'm pretty sure that a lot of people know but I'll tell you anyway: DJ Fuller in the Fuller House series used to always say "OH My Lanta" all the time when something bad/funny/shocking happens. I don't know if she also used to say it in the Full House series when she was a kid, cuz I've never watched the Full House series, but I just wanted to say this. It's clear that Lexi H. has watched Fuller House! I binged all 5 seasons in like 3 weeks!!

  • Tia Marion
    Tia Marion

    Yours was so nice lexi hensler

  • Amina Osman
    Amina Osman

    Lexi rivera:I mean I'm close Me :yaa you close 🤣🤣🤣

  • The Dora Queen
    The Dora Queen

    whys lexi so short (no offense i actually would love to be short cuz im tall)

  • Avneet Siddu
    Avneet Siddu

    She literally said go unsubscribe to the twins

  • Teja Kakarla
    Teja Kakarla

    is her hair changed ??

  • Rajani Sheikh
    Rajani Sheikh

    Do you guys even know that so many people don't get to eat anything and y'all are just wasting it in the start of the video 😡

  • Sifat Kaur Kalra
    Sifat Kaur Kalra

    Did anyone notice that this video was flimed when lexi didn't have pink hair....

  • H J
    H J

    How did Lexi's hair grow so long in 3 months

  • Stella Brinesmith
    Stella Brinesmith

    im starting to think that in every video from the amp squad replies to each others videos. like the stoke twins

  • Amalia :3
    Amalia :3

    Nailed It??? Nicole???

  • Chef Ramsay
    Chef Ramsay

    4:43 who is Martha Stewart i only know “hi i’m kartha gewart”

  • Halle Schilousky
    Halle Schilousky

    i felt so bad for Lexi when they got her white shirt dirty

  • Valeria Garcia
    Valeria Garcia

    Lexis henslers cake looks good

  • matt garland
    matt garland

    You fooled me with the Amazon box lol

  • Yasmin Enriquez
    Yasmin Enriquez


  • Fortune Cookie
    Fortune Cookie

    cake or real actually made me laugh heheehe good work lexi lexi!


    hi i love your vids

  • bhagyansh mahajan
    bhagyansh mahajan

    I am cringed

  • Sher Fuentes
    Sher Fuentes


  • Aljona Berisha
    Aljona Berisha

    My mom is the best at cooking cake

  • Nightmare

    where di you buy the bag


    Wait i wanna go cut my bed

  • Ranjana Srivastava
    Ranjana Srivastava

    Why are u dropping the cake.....I would take it don't waste cake🙄😁😂

  • Nashmia Danish
    Nashmia Danish

    The unicorn cake I s good lexi hesler

  • iiRoziez Rozeii
    iiRoziez Rozeii

    The Lexi’s could be on double trouble nailed it!

  • Ellie Ace
    Ellie Ace

    Lexi Hensler wins yay 😁

  • dragon ball z lover
    dragon ball z lover

    Omg she looked so crazy with the knife

  • chief 1 redwolf
    chief 1 redwolf

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  • Yousuf Baig
    Yousuf Baig


  • Erik Mercado
    Erik Mercado

    Aww i was expecting pissing off perison

  • Mubashir Ahmad
    Mubashir Ahmad

    The bag looks sooooo reall