40 Days: Jake Paul’s Countdown To Fight Night
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January 30th is going to be insane.
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On Thursday, January 30, live on “DAZN”, brought to you by “Matchroom Boxing USA”, from “Meridian at Island Gardens” Miami

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  • my name is Jeff 10
    my name is Jeff 10

    “after i give you that big all right hand” well that was backed up

  • Marius McCormack
    Marius McCormack

    9:26 naw he didn’t have his mountain boots on, he had a nuke, which obliterated the fucking mountain

  • TCTW Quilo
    TCTW Quilo

    I love this boxing you tubers trend bringing back the boxing 🥊. Best sport out there.

  • Vxie FN
    Vxie FN

    It’s funny watching this after the fight

    • Vxie FN
      Vxie FN

      @Junior Maqueto facts

    • Junior Maqueto
      Junior Maqueto

      Gib is a clown

  • Smily Face
    Smily Face

    o...got ur nose😂😂🤣😂🤣

  • Alex Maynard
    Alex Maynard

    Say what you want about the Paul brothers.... but they are athletes. Legit athletes

  • Sanjeev Kollapaneni
    Sanjeev Kollapaneni

    Let's be real this is how many people who wants Jake vs KSI 👇🏼

  • Edgar Rangel
    Edgar Rangel

    2017: who jake paul 2018:who ksi 2019:who gib

  • Michael Ledain
    Michael Ledain

    KSI who I didn't know: Righhttttt

  • Takeo Ma
    Takeo Ma

    I never like Jake but he’s just a different person here

  • Abhijoy Gupta
    Abhijoy Gupta

    This video is really inspirational

  • Victor Arellano
    Victor Arellano

    Jake Paul you are my favorite SLtoosr I like your boxing videos

  • Sam Sajan
    Sam Sajan

    Jake u know u are going to lose so shut up

    • Mr Spark0
      Mr Spark0

      No you shut up

    • Hydra

      I mean he won

  • Akash Gode
    Akash Gode

    So how does one make such a documentary...Do u just ask gib to film himself runnin for jakes video...im kinda clueless or do ur teams do the content exchange


    All I see is a bunch of sellouts

  • Liam Pragg
    Liam Pragg


  • Griselda Miranda
    Griselda Miranda


  • popoman nick
    popoman nick

    to be fair he backed up all his talk

  • JakkiTV

    Who is here after Jake beat Ksi? - from 2020

  • RM Flow
    RM Flow

    Yes Jake come on you can do it best SLtoosr I know and the best fighter you can do it keep it up bro

  • slyxxL2 Revilo
    slyxxL2 Revilo

    Pls check out my new montage it’s BIG PLAYZZZ

  • Cal Mclean
    Cal Mclean

    17:17 it’s a little intimidating training with him he doesn’t take it easy on me 🤣

  • Brittany Yates
    Brittany Yates

    Jake Paul is a good person then KSI

  • Iwan Davies
    Iwan Davies

    Jake wants to fight fosey ha

  • Utku Sari
    Utku Sari

    Who’s here after jake knocked out Nate Robinson 👇🏽👇🏽

  • Jhardin Hardin
    Jhardin Hardin

    Ksi trainer forehead is the same size as my feet

  • ricardo lagunes
    ricardo lagunes

    hellllll yea Jake madddd assss respects bro for taken that big leap in your life my g

  • Toxic Boy
    Toxic Boy

    His nose 👃

  • Aiden King
    Aiden King

    Jake Paul I’m always getting bullied At school I’m dead serious I’m serious everyone’s whispering in the ear and saying stuff about me😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Hazza’s gacha
    Hazza’s gacha

    I feel like gib thought this fight was all about social media like he said I’m number one and didn’t say he was stronger or anything he just listed social media platforms

  • John Tremblay
    John Tremblay

    Gib should of won SIKE let’s go jake

  • Ian Lafleur
    Ian Lafleur

    who watches him anymore

    • Junior Maqueto
      Junior Maqueto

      Harveer Bhinder people try to enforce a false stigma that onder people can’t watch Jake Paul but if u watch jakes content now it is very much enjoyable for people 15-24 years old

    • K.I.N.G 666
      K.I.N.G 666

      I'm 16 and I do too

    • Junior Maqueto
      Junior Maqueto

      I’m 19 and I do

  • Conner MacKenzie
    Conner MacKenzie

    When jj said Gib is terrifying to fight but Jake Paul destroys him in 2 minutes do you think ksi knows deep down that he is scared?

    • Junior Maqueto
      Junior Maqueto

      Ksi is kinda scared but the people around ksi are genuinely fucking terrified

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Who’s gib? Who tf are u mate

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Who tf is the person with purple hair and the Wack glasses

    • K.I.N.G 666
      K.I.N.G 666


  • Sasal Xhuj
    Sasal Xhuj

    Jake u beated gib u beated deji but ksi hits harder than both of then he has train for 2+ years u cant move to someone who punches harder that you and is faster and has a great mentally

  • Jacko The ginger ninja
    Jacko The ginger ninja

    When jake said got your nose got your nose lol

  • Alexander Prince
    Alexander Prince

    KSI is delusional... that’s why he thought gib would beat jake. Either that or he’s scared himself shit and has convinced himself that gib will beat jake so he doesn’t have to face jake. It makes sense given he was too afraid to sign the contract.

    • Alexander Prince
      Alexander Prince

      Junior Maqueto probably why KSI keeps dodging the legal fight contract

    • Junior Maqueto
      Junior Maqueto

      When ksi said fighting gib is terrifying I really start to see that Jake is just early on another level

  • Brythegamer2938 34
    Brythegamer2938 34

    Jake man please beat Ksi I think he needs to be beat to take his ego down a bit

  • Sam Traynor
    Sam Traynor

    Am a ksi fan but jake will destroy jj

  • Ahmad Afridi
    Ahmad Afridi

    No matter who's side(ksi or jake)are u, this is just the hardwork and focus definition.

  • Shreya Ballay
    Shreya Ballay

    Jake won

  • ranveer Rauniyar
    ranveer Rauniyar

    ksi is done for

  • _ J0ker
    _ J0ker

    I never liked Jake but he is kinda inspirational in the training way.

    • Junior Maqueto
      Junior Maqueto

      Yeah it’s very ayra of how much Jake has on the line

  • SDS Icy
    SDS Icy

    Who is here after jake Paul tko gib first round


    Glad you won

    • Amateo Hernandez
      Amateo Hernandez


  • Jimmy wovan Kennedy
    Jimmy wovan Kennedy

    Greetings from Vanuatu in South Pacific Ocean. Good luck with your Boxing training. GO Jake Paul GO.

  • Free Creator Content
    Free Creator Content

    I like the new Jake Paul - Embrace your inner psychopath

  • Gerardo Lopez
    Gerardo Lopez

    Have y’all heard of “Big gibber” since the fight?

  • Frankellys Delossantos
    Frankellys Delossantos

    Who’s watching this after jake already nocked gib down three times in the first round?

  • Antonio Pena
    Antonio Pena

    Jj stop playing fifa

    • JHZ

      theres a pandemic you spastic

  • kerod sahle
    kerod sahle

    who the f is the guy with purple hair

  • Fito Sicarios
    Fito Sicarios

    Jake: Stiet in shool Me in quarintien: bruuhhh

  • Nxtify FN
    Nxtify FN

    Can this guy stop posting videos he is so washed and dead

  • Jack Clarke
    Jack Clarke

    @jakepaul you vs @naterobinson do you have sugar Shane in ur corner still

  • Victor Ceu
    Victor Ceu

    9:49 when KSI lose to Jake pual

    • Piesel Patches
      Piesel Patches


    • Christian Flores
      Christian Flores


  • Aaron Martinez
    Aaron Martinez

    Jake Paul's undefeated no one can beat him

  • Durbos Cham
    Durbos Cham

    dude went from a dushbag to a bad ass dude

    • Junior Maqueto
      Junior Maqueto


  • William McGowan
    William McGowan

    Yo gib has the world’s longest nose

  • Lian Visser
    Lian Visser

    Jake Paul hard trainer EnEsonGib practice and talk shit

  • Cody Whittington
    Cody Whittington

    Who else is watching this after jake destroyed gib

  • Adam Grant
    Adam Grant

    It's clearly the best 40 days. Will be funny watching the one on ksi after Jake will lose

    • Adam Grant
      Adam Grant

      @Junior Maqueto Jake's form is alright: Is offense is fucking insane, he hits hard fast and right. But KSI and the Mayweather's and viddal defense is pretty good as well. It all depends if Jake could get a good early (before round 4)'shot before KSI tires him and then out box him. In a normal fight I would say KSI win but he probably is going to go all in in the early rounds to take advantage of his amazing stamina, which will give Jake a better opportunity. So I would say if they alittle stress and fight avargly, don't land a major hit, it's a draw.

    • Junior Maqueto
      Junior Maqueto

      U think Jake will lose?

  • among us noob
    among us noob

    Who is watching this when Jake won

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark

    Why does jake Paul always have that little fat guy with the pink hair with him ? What’s he all about ?

  • Pedro Giglio
    Pedro Giglio

    The only reason gib can make it up the mountain without gasping for air is because of his big nose it acts like a oxygen tank. lol

  • Mercy Isaac
    Mercy Isaac

    Jake has to win the ksi fight

  • Zain1279

    is Armani in a alternate universe? Cause in this one, no one knows him and he’s talking about people like their nothing to him

    • Mikkiiiboy

      Who’s gib

  • Human Gadget
    Human Gadget

    If only Gib had switch an orthodox stance after realising Jake knows how to break his style, the fight might have a different outcome.

    • Mikkiiiboy

      Might have ended earlier for gib then

  • Aminul Islam
    Aminul Islam

    9:15 funniest part of the entire video 😅😅

  • byram

    19:11 lmao 😂😂😂

  • Jaxx Oceans
    Jaxx Oceans

    Shane has such lovely eyes but are they contact lenses? A black man with steel blue eyes is EXTREMELY RARE

  • James Rutenberg
    James Rutenberg

    Yo Jake actually looking scary with that training makes me just want to go to the mountain and zone in on the important things

  • G L I T C H E D
    G L I T C H E D

    If u think jakes gonna win like If JJ comment

  • TP Xnbelievable
    TP Xnbelievable


  • justin garlits
    justin garlits

    i have a huge nose but that is record breaking nose size

  • Stew BonBon
    Stew BonBon

    The fact that KSI had such a warped perspective of how good Gib was will demonstrate that he will equally misjudge Jake when he fights him. I guarantee Jake will beat KSI. This comment will age well

    • Aryan Biju
      Aryan Biju

      @Piesel Patches but fat tho

    • Piesel Patches
      Piesel Patches

      @Aryan Biju babatunde is in shape

    • Aryan Biju
      Aryan Biju

      @Piesel Patches what about Babutunde

    • Aryan Biju
      Aryan Biju

      @Piesel Patches ksi couch only said that size dosen't matter

    • Usen Kkaos
      Usen Kkaos


  • Brandyn Solares
    Brandyn Solares

    Yo ksi he won so your black is getting knocked out

  • Kristin Royer
    Kristin Royer

    jj is a sped

  • Janicirra Stphens
    Janicirra Stphens

    The thing about Jake Paul is his dedication in the things the wants😎😎😎😎 you one like that for really get

  • Cody Machado
    Cody Machado

    “ Jake is washed up “ lol wtf ? Isn’t dude like 22

  • andrew wittmer
    andrew wittmer

    jake “i’m a public figure i need to be a role model”. Also Jake “gets arrested for rioting”.

    • andrew wittmer
      andrew wittmer

      Gabriel Gradney huh

    • Gabriel Gradney
      Gabriel Gradney

      a mistake

  • Rory Williamsoms
    Rory Williamsoms

    KSI is talking crap at the end

  • Steph Buckley
    Steph Buckley

    Your discipline and strength is admirable, well done :)

  • Mikee Solomon
    Mikee Solomon

    We all know Armani wasn’t tagged in shit on the Super Bowl night

  • Full metal Hackett boxing
    Full metal Hackett boxing

    Jake paul isn’t even good ahah gin Just got exited

    • Mikkiiiboy

      Jake is the best youtube boxer

    • Gabriel Gradney
      Gabriel Gradney

      biggest excuse ive ever seen

  • Cole Iddon
    Cole Iddon

    Isn't boxing fun shit

  • Benett Pace
    Benett Pace

    Leon saying “January the 30th Jake will know who gib is.” January 31st who is gib.

  • Daili Cardoso
    Daili Cardoso

    Jake vs. Ksi let's go ! I see your heart Jake 💘

  • Sam Glick
    Sam Glick

    Bru gib is a joke even I would knock his ass out

  • KC letterman
    KC letterman

    JJ if Jake isn't ready for big nosed Gib then why did Gib lose. I'm curious.

  • k Cortez
    k Cortez

    the fact that this video is longer than gibs loss

  • Nirdesh_d1

    Jake Paul proved everyone wrong again!!

  • teuku ghazi firaz
    teuku ghazi firaz

    train your best jake inow you are gonna win ksi you are going down

  • Timmy Eternal
    Timmy Eternal

    He is just a big nosed freak

  • Michelle Oliver
    Michelle Oliver

    I am from the UK and I don't know who was ksi or Gib until now lol x

    • Mikkiiiboy


  • Ayce YT
    Ayce YT

    Is it just me or jake pauls face pisses me off

  • Megasw7

    Jakepaul freaking baby

  • natezbot

    my mom ha more followers than you.....HHAHAHHA

  • Petr Vabil
    Petr Vabil

    0:37 - After I give you that big overhand? Is Jake Paul a witch?

  • Karyn Dodd
    Karyn Dodd

    When are you vs ksi i think your going to win

i won.
4,1 mio.