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Please be warned (and we cannot possibly stress this enough)! The situations, subject matter, and content from today’s vlog are exclusively for mature audiences only!! If you are under the age of 18, we’ll see you next episode when the subject matter is more age appropriate. On occasion, and by design, Jake Paul Vlogs will explore subject matter exclusively for audiences 18 and over; this is one of those occasions.
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  • Bruh kage
    Bruh kage

    Yo that fricken intro is more of like a jump scare “RAAAAAA-“

  • sad Slump
    sad Slump

    4:08 sooooo is no one gonna talk about that?

  • Colt G
    Colt G

    Mmmmmmm feels like some one copied someone

  • Jasmine

    P*rnstars needa stay tf off of SLtoos and go back to ph like how is SLtoos allowing this

  • Glassy Poppy47
    Glassy Poppy47

    You ruined Emily willies

  • juststoppls / JSP
    juststoppls / JSP

    Tydus: Uh Jake why is tho buns big👁👄👁

  • J Always Fresh
    J Always Fresh

    Him the whole video after the surprise : 😁

  • Braxtondaboy22 Lewis
    Braxtondaboy22 Lewis

    I thought he was pg

  • シOlivia

    I showed this video to my mom.. she's still my mom but im grounded 😅...

  • Franz Quezada
    Franz Quezada


  • Franz Quezada
    Franz Quezada

    Ima kid and I thought jake Paul was for kids

  • Lucas C
    Lucas C

    And this is a kid Chanel? I would rather have kids listen to a song about nazis

  • Danny

    he was better two years ago

  • sana makhzoum
    sana makhzoum

    I bet over 70% kids clicked because of the thumbnail

  • Bidave Bro
    Bidave Bro

    Hey kids What are you doing here? 😐😐😐

  • edlf unseald
    edlf unseald

    So this is what jake Paul is now

  • Athingofdirt Maurice
    Athingofdirt Maurice

    I think we all know why we’re watching this

  • Davi Kiang
    Davi Kiang


  • TimmothyPanik

    This dude knows the only people who watch him are kids

  • Anny Santillano
    Anny Santillano

    I wonder why was John wearing a cowboy hat in the Jim

  • Electro Slasher
    Electro Slasher

    How is this allowed on SLtoos this is gay

  • Gjdjabekfeoab

    i wonder how much he paid her

  • Atomic mich
    Atomic mich

    Thank me later 1:08

  • Sarah Tanner
    Sarah Tanner

    This is just weird to watch.

  • Everlett Bagraj
    Everlett Bagraj

    Yoo I thought this was clickbate . I'm in shock I'm sorry I watched it

  • Bezegs4

    i hope he gets raided by FBI

  • Bezegs4

    youtube is so corrupted these days, demonetizing random people for no reason at all, then letting Jake Paul and other people get away with this.

  • Ferdinand mapanao
    Ferdinand mapanao

    yo where is your arm camera

  • xClaimi

    How is this monitized

  • hypezwolf 123
    hypezwolf 123

    Ok then

  • Chancla man
    Chancla man

    I’m George Floyd’s killer David Chavez

  • Francisco

    This is funny because I can understand the references because I be in the hub lol

  • Tahlia Peel
    Tahlia Peel

    Omg I love tana

  • Dizzy FN
    Dizzy FN

    Bruh are you dumb

  • Miss crybaby
    Miss crybaby

    This made me insanely uncomfortable

  • shy lok in game
    shy lok in game


  • NewIpadpr0 is me Ok
    NewIpadpr0 is me Ok

    Welp his videos turned from rated PG to R

  • lily ashuke
    lily ashuke

    what is this??? how is good channels getting demontiised but this is on youtube omg what???

  • Maskym CZ
    Maskym CZ


  • Xd IsPro LOL
    Xd IsPro LOL

    Why you so cringe?

  • Michael Sumpon
    Michael Sumpon

    She mine

  • Randy Orton
    Randy Orton

    I feel sad for the guy, he's gonna get dumped again in a month. Probably coz of sensitive balls this time

  • Heiden Nguyen
    Heiden Nguyen

    I’m a kid and a bro

  • Niel Ampaya
    Niel Ampaya

    background music?

  • Hhhh Hhhh
    Hhhh Hhhh


  • Mark Kelly
    Mark Kelly

    Jake make a gaming channel

  • Driftking2603

    Can I point out that a video of jj getting his head hit every time he laughs is age restricted but this isn’t Logic please????

  • Mr. Floo
    Mr. Floo

    Who remembers when Jake Pawl was actually a good SLtoosr 😢

  • but btt
    but btt

    Emily willis is a board

  • Natalie Ta Nutella UwU
    Natalie Ta Nutella UwU

    First of I haven't watched Jake pual in soo long and i come back to see this 😂😐

  • Matthew Boodoo
    Matthew Boodoo

    This video have showed me a lot

  • Jacobe Vieito
    Jacobe Vieito

    Why is this on SLtoos

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man

    Damn the thumbnail

  • milo thepro
    milo thepro

    Yeah and the sex tape video is age restricted

  • G Money
    G Money

    R they acually dating?

  • 15k rj
    15k rj

    Jake balls

  • Clay Joping
    Clay Joping

    How do I report a video?

  • Sharlene Diego
    Sharlene Diego

    You guys are a cute couple I hope you guys make a nice family

  • gravityhammer25

    How is she going to make money when she is old and pruny? LOL

  • victory Darian
    victory Darian


  • Marcosz '-'
    Marcosz '-'

    Estados unidos está perdido msm'-'

  • theevenonein dark dark dark
    theevenonein dark dark dark

    How does jake paul srill get his money

  • theevenonein dark dark dark
    theevenonein dark dark dark

    Wtf is thus

  • Hunter McIntosh
    Hunter McIntosh

    Kid friendly my ass

  • Jack Hogg
    Jack Hogg

    Take jana

  • SIR

    Lol there is an inch of makeup and fillers on that face

  • Deer Devils
    Deer Devils

    Love your videos did

    • Vaporr 999
      Vaporr 999

      You're like 9 years old

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment

    My manz has changed

  • NotAstro

    damn this man changed since he got off from Disney.

  • Alyssa Jackson
    Alyssa Jackson

    Jake paul it's everyday bro you cool and awesome

  • Alyssa Jackson
    Alyssa Jackson

    You awesome

  • NemekhErdem Gankhuyag
    NemekhErdem Gankhuyag

    That poor dog

  • huyen kieu
    huyen kieu

    depechemode pattymayo susanboyle smashbros joerogan

  • William Simbarashe Jena
    William Simbarashe Jena


  • The Stickfig
    The Stickfig

    Jeez I can’t believe I watched this at 7

  • Ella Bertsch
    Ella Bertsch

    You guys are boyfriend and girlfriend now nice job Emily you Impressed him good

  • Gio Garcia
    Gio Garcia

    Do kids still watch this foo

  • keegan

    Jake wore that oversized t-shirt for a reason 😭😂😂😂

  • hemanth sunny
    hemanth sunny

    how can i work for jake paul?? hopefully hell surprise me some day

    • Vaporr 999
      Vaporr 999

      Thats the worst career path you can take

  • Anonymous Life
    Anonymous Life

    Wtffffffff is going on at 10 - now I. 14. And WHAT THE FAWK IS GOIN ON...

  • Slitz

    How did he go from fan base of 9yo to a 18+ channel

  • Hihi10s

    This is for kids

  • Avocado Dip
    Avocado Dip

    She built like a 13 year old 😳😳😳

  • Drippyjay 11
    Drippyjay 11

    Jake Paul are you really single

  • sayheybubu

    He’s the guy from that show bazaredvark

  • Daguinod Melda
    Daguinod Melda

    Nice video Jake Paul

  • Arianna Gayle
    Arianna Gayle

    I thought he said he was a kids channel

  • B3RTINH0

    1:13 views!!

  • Angry Animator
    Angry Animator

    How is this video on yt

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown

    Why am i wathing this

  • Tina Nyirenda
    Tina Nyirenda


  • Tina Nyirenda
    Tina Nyirenda

    Hi 👋🏽 I am a good fan and I love love this video

  • Mythical Ramen
    Mythical Ramen

    How has this 124k likes

  • andy stamp
    andy stamp

    Like 👍

  • Tap Fused
    Tap Fused

    Cant believe his fan base is just kids and he uploaded this :/

  • — jisooamour
    — jisooamour

    There’s kids watching 👁👄👁

  • S1ipery



    Bru she’s hot love her kiss Me cute

  • Naknak Fronda
    Naknak Fronda

    The song the song

  • Anthony D'Angelo
    Anthony D'Angelo

    Tana hits me up on onlyfans a lot

2,3 mio.
2,3 mio.