Kylie Jenner: Halloween Cookies with Stormi
Stormi and I are making cookies for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays of the year! Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

  • Nisrine Mahtillo
    Nisrine Mahtillo

    awwww so precious!!🥰🥰🥰

  • Stacy Ashford
    Stacy Ashford

    I love how she’s not getting mad at her for putting all the sprinkles on there my mom would yell at my baby sis 😂😂

  • Nehir Ballıca
    Nehir Ballıca

    Im sorry but stormi is so little I mean she just started school my 7 yo sister cant speak duhhh

    • Nehir Ballıca
      Nehir Ballıca


  • Mncendisi Mbatha
    Mncendisi Mbatha

    Love it

  • Havin Yıldız
    Havin Yıldız

    Türkler burdamısınız la bu Arada bu benim neden ana sayfamda

  • Agis Agustini
    Agis Agustini

    No one: Literally no one: Stormy: "wow"

  • !Hey Shiines!
    !Hey Shiines!


  • Alannah Lee
    Alannah Lee

    Stormi so cute!


    Stormi looks alot like tyga


    "Look at the camera mommy" She is so cute and beautiful😍❤

  • Sebin's World
    Sebin's World

    Popular Opinion: Everyone wants to meet Kylie in real life



  • Duran Jade
    Duran Jade

    We need more stromi videos

  • Koj Henju
    Koj Henju

    Oh my gosh both of you are looking so cute together!!!!!😘😘😘😍😍😍

  • Montie Smith
    Montie Smith

    You are such a good mom

  • Montie Smith
    Montie Smith

    She is the cutest thing ever

  • Zannatul Ferdous Disha
    Zannatul Ferdous Disha

    I'm a new fan of kylie jenner and love stormi a lot❤❤..just love her cuteness..lots of love for stormi and kylie from Bangladesh🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • shiv

    Kylie is a very good parent. Stormi says please and thank you already🥺 Most children her age take some time to

  • Madalina Gavru
    Madalina Gavru


  • Sarah Naea
    Sarah Naea

    She has so much manners

  • Angelica Richardson
    Angelica Richardson

    Kylie and Travis made the CUTEST child!!🥺💓

  • jv

    Stormi too cute

  • Gamer jojo
    Gamer jojo


  • No Name
    No Name

    best mom 😭

  • Sharmaine

    Kylie is a good mom.

  • Ziggy Yao-Yap Ting
    Ziggy Yao-Yap Ting

    OMG! She's going to give her mother a run for her money!

  • BTSAteMyShoes Plshelp
    BTSAteMyShoes Plshelp

    It’s the “uuWOAH” for me! 😹

  • Taco Chan
    Taco Chan

    Stormi is the most cute child in the world!!! ❤❤❤

  • Taco Chan
    Taco Chan

    I love the both so much!!! ❤❤❤ So pretty!!! ❤❤❤

  • Jasmine Guadalupe
    Jasmine Guadalupe

    hey yall. I'm a small SLtoosr and I'm REALLY trying to blow up, can yall please help me out.

  • lillian Matlolane
    lillian Matlolane

    I love making cookies with you Stormi:ohhh thats cute mommy 😣❤❤😢

  • Mariah Kimball
    Mariah Kimball

    I have baby fever now

  • Daniella Rosito
    Daniella Rosito

    Omg stomy is the best child ever💜💜

  • L E S L Y E ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    L E S L Y E ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


  • himynameiscyn

    She is so cute ❤

  • Lala

    kylie jenner not bad mom 😊

  • Kyarah Vue
    Kyarah Vue

    Noticed how she’s only 2 years old, made a little mess with the flour AND THAN said “Please” before she asked for a towel🥺🤍 THE MANNERS!! #welovestormi! 💯

    • soinu foig
      soinu foig


  • 2026 Lillie Perkins
    2026 Lillie Perkins

    Mother goals💗🧚🏻🥺

    • soinu foig
      soinu foig

      How pretty Is stormy

  • Jessica Carrera
    Jessica Carrera

    I love how Kylie is so patient with her baby ❤️

  • Patricia Beas
    Patricia Beas

    I love You stormy y Kylie jeneer

  • Shädën Zää
    Shädën Zää

    Me encantaría que pusieras traducción a todos tus vídeos, no todos saben inglés, gracias

  • Betsy Sherman
    Betsy Sherman

    why is no one talking about how stormi said she wanted to give the cookies to true 🥺🥺🥺

  • Smile S
    Smile S

    this is adorable omg

  • xoloft2010

    She is the best mom ever just look how beautiful they bond

  • so be it
    so be it

    Do stormi get whooped if so she is so pure I wouldn't

  • Toj’e Rose
    Toj’e Rose

    “I need a towel please” *signals for someone off camera lol*

  • Brianna Carroll
    Brianna Carroll

    no one: me every 5 seconds: "sToRmI"

  • Lucy Reynolds
    Lucy Reynolds

    To all the people saying kylie is a bad parent you clearly did not watch the video.

  • natalie Parker
    natalie Parker

    The cutest little baker ever and mommy helper. When stormi talks in her sweet voice, it makes my heart melt.

  • Maria Ramos
    Maria Ramos

    Ceo of "WOAH"

  • Adalid Alvarado Ruiz
    Adalid Alvarado Ruiz

    How pretty Is stormy

  • Xue Yan Xie
    Xue Yan Xie


  • Akasha Andrea's
    Akasha Andrea's

    Love The Video 🌈🌠 Please Show Some Love To My Channel💛🌻💛🌻🌈🌈🌈💖💖💖🌻🌻💛💛.

  • alexandra jacobs
    alexandra jacobs

    she’s growing so fast 😭

  • Katie Tan
    Katie Tan

    This not my usual content I watch but this is so precious

  • Steven Gonzalez
    Steven Gonzalez

    stormi is so cute

  • Taryn Paulk
    Taryn Paulk

    Wow! She’s such a sweet mom! And her daughter is precious!


    It’s the fact that she’s a business woman but takes the time to love and care and teach her daughter i respect her a lot for being a mom no matter how I feel on her personally she’s an amazing mom and I won’t take that from her she’s doing well with stormi 😍😍😍

  • Valerie Vasquez
    Valerie Vasquez

    you taught stormi so well she knows not to be a brat and say please you raised her so well.

  • what's new with Nunu
    what's new with Nunu

    I think Kylie Jenner's a really good mom

  • Nicolás Felipe Valentín Hip Fernández
    Nicolás Felipe Valentín Hip Fernández

    paper towel please!

  • izzy patterson
    izzy patterson

    People who think Kylie is a bad mom 🤡🤡

  • Jade Naomi Díaz Martínez
    Jade Naomi Díaz Martínez


  • Ana Rúbia
    Ana Rúbia

    Esse vídeo é tão fofo 🥰

  • Summy García
    Summy García

    so cute 🥺🤍

  • Maureen Taylor
    Maureen Taylor

    Look at these jealous people in the comments LMAO go sit your broke asses down yes Stormi has a nanny but Kylie spends a lot of time with her.The nanny mainly gets paid to watch her and clean.Kylie has a whole ass playhouse for Stormi at Kylie cosmetics and spends time with her.Y'all just don't want to give her credit for how well spoken Stormi is.If you start from early and train them to saying thank you and stuff they will become very well spoken toddlers. Kylie doesn't really baby talk to Stormi so that's a plus and either way nothing is wrong with a nanny a lot of people have them but when it comes to rich people it's just so wrong.She has money you don't get over it.

  • Fatima Hernandez
    Fatima Hernandez

    So adorable ❤️

  • Flames Roblox
    Flames Roblox

    my mom wont even let me help her cook

  • edith rugolo
    edith rugolo

    Omg she’s a beautiful amazing mom!!! And she’s beautiful 👸🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👸🏼

  • Blueberry Coke
    Blueberry Coke

    Kylie is the best mom that I have ever saw on the APP stop saying she teaches her beautiful ANGEL wrong she is awesome

  • exculsiv3_


  • Hannah Hill
    Hannah Hill

    Please watch my latest video 🤎

  • Alexa Amazon
    Alexa Amazon

    Sooooo adorable lil pumpkin....i meant stormy 😊

  • Bennett Downing
    Bennett Downing

    Stormy is so CUTE

  • Team leo August 11th Leolion
    Team leo August 11th Leolion

    We're the Same

  • official bryan
    official bryan

    Wow. Just received $36,000 into my PayPal through Hackkits,UK the system is safe and untraceable

  • Maria Eugênia Barcellos
    Maria Eugênia Barcellos

    stormi's so cute and very polite for her age, an amazing little girl

  • Yasmin oliveira
    Yasmin oliveira

    Awn a Stormi é muito fofa 🥰

  • justin

    nobody: stormi 7:48



  • maya johnson
    maya johnson

    i did not know she had a chanel but 10/10

  • hannymouraa

    ouuun, torózinha é tudo😍

  • Ruby Jimenez
    Ruby Jimenez

    Ahh Kylie is raising stormy so well

  • Realsrachels •
    Realsrachels •

    Its the “ok mommy” for me

  • Lauren Queen
    Lauren Queen

    Stormi: Look at the camera Mommy Kylie: okay im looking at the camera LMAOO

  • Alejandra palomino
    Alejandra palomino

    No entendi nada Ya tomaron awitta?

  • lucy thaila
    lucy thaila

    i just watched this while video with a smile on my face. she is just too cute. 🥰

  • fenty_slap

    Omg In the Christmas videos storm I dropped the vanilla thing and in this one Kylie dropped the vanilla thing-

  • Lulue

    😂 " i need a towel please"

  • Antonio Hernández
    Antonio Hernández

    Where is travis

  • prettypurplepicklez

    The "okaaay" and look from Kylie to the camera after Stormi's little outro speech was hilarious.

  • Lauren Johnson22
    Lauren Johnson22

    Even though Kylie can be kind of spoiled she raised a polite and smart little girl!!! She is a wonderful mom!!

  • coNstanza

    patience, patience, patience 😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  • Bawi Hnempar
    Bawi Hnempar

    Stormi- *just throws sprinkles on cookies*

  • Qbae Oksana
    Qbae Oksana

    anyone notice how stormi is standing in the drawer

  • sunen rubi parente
    sunen rubi parente

    Alguien que hable español y si hablan español síganme en mi canal de SLtoos que es este 🥺🥰✌🏻

  • sunen rubi parente
    sunen rubi parente

    Alguien que hable español y si hablan español síganme en mi canal de SLtoos que es este 🥺🥰✌🏻

  • Kittenpeeps31

    2:27 when stormi says weee woo woo woo.. It gave me old kylie vibes when she was younger dancing around the pole... LMAO

  • badlaurixx

    Flipo porque se nota muchisimo la iterpretacion, y que esta mirando todo el rato a alguien como perdida, nose pero demasiado forzado todo

  • Roxana Leon
    Roxana Leon

    You are a perfecto mother

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