Join us when we go car shopping and look at the Rolls Royce Phantom III Extended wheel base! Is it the ultimate family car? ;-)
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  • Chillee

    All those cars and you’re looking at, wait, you going into the Wedding Car Hire Business “C’est normal Bridal”. Seriously, we gonna get videos of you play Golf next........psssst there’s a Porsche 918 3 meters away..... The look on the sales people, like “get that kid outta there, it’s not a play pen, buy it, then you’re kid can do what he wants” ......

  • DRIVECLUB-is-timeless

    Why not buy the new S-Class ?? 😎😎😎

  • Frenk De Graaf
    Frenk De Graaf

    John the Rolls

  • Mathys Westra
    Mathys Westra

    Send it to Absolute :)

  • Timmy Schnitzel
    Timmy Schnitzel

    Congratulations Jon! The Pantom EWB looks muscular AF. "Sven" or "Lars" as a name is a no brainer.

  • ThePandaahBear

    Do they speak English or Swedish when they’re not filming?

  • Flipper

    Skip the stars and cut off the roof again....its a very good idea !

  • LiveInBokeh dentist cinematographer
    LiveInBokeh dentist cinematographer

    why Jon? why did you buy this rolls royce boat? why?

  • vgolfoz

    These "should I buy it" videos are so predictable. You never have any intention of buying such an expensive car...unless it's lent on promotion. It'll be you taking it on a test drive. Bla bla...then "we'll see"...and then nothing. EDIT. RINSE. REPEAT

  • Cary Coller
    Cary Coller

    They put the baby in the front seat of a 40 year-old Mustang 😳! Then took him for a ride not ina car seat 😳!

  • Billy Wang
    Billy Wang

    Thats a good looking baby


    I have to say, I miss the Audi RS6 "Leon💔"

  • Chess Divas
    Chess Divas

    Maintaining this car will cost you around 15k-20k in the month , have no clue how much fun is that

  • Matt™

    What a dumb car...

  • Annette S
    Annette S

    Seriously, why would one need this car? Maybe if you want to flaunt your wealth? It's a grandpa car, and Bennie's going to be a chauffeur now.

  • Alex H
    Alex H

    Good family car only if using the Seat Belts in the back, and the Child Seat. It's mandatory in France. In a Phantom EWB too.

  • Freeski Swizzy
    Freeski Swizzy

    Janni doesn't even bother liking the cars anymore. She knows it'll be sold before it's even done 😅

  • midland

    Just buy a Limo Jon.

  • pischelales

    Rich people don't have to fasten seat belt?

  • Matt Owen
    Matt Owen

    The RR Phantom is simply too big, ostentatious and impractical, Jon. The smart move is the New Ghost.

  • Vägen mot skilsmässan
    Vägen mot skilsmässan

    The official "drive all the neighbors kids to soccercamp" car! :)

  • Maurizio Arrivabene
    Maurizio Arrivabene

    Benni, why are you driving with your phone out, while there is someone elses kid on the passengerseat?

  • Adri King
    Adri King

    You should see the rolls Royce phantom tempus collection is sick 😎😎

  • Ivo Schelhaas
    Ivo Schelhaas

    No AMG?😅

  • koekjeerbij007

    Lord Hans was too high for the Monaco garage, so you cut the roof off. Jon are you cutting the back off the Rolls so it fits in one parking spot? 😂

    • koekjeerbij007

      "Rolls Royce phantom EWB hatchback"

  • Ciej

    To be sold a week after finishing the mods. How about getting one car and keeping it, so that Leon wouldn't have to ride on a front seat of an interesting yet dangerous car? You still could play with project cars, just wouldn't need to pretend You are going to keep it

  • DrunkShooter

    I don't think this is the ultimate family car. It's a chauffeur car, I don't think it suits a family or Jon. Bentley Flying Spur, Urus, Bentayga, Cullinan, DBX, RSQ8 or wait for the new Maybach GLS or Urus Performance

  • ova bella
    ova bella

    Those cars with the big gas eaters soon will be history we have to care more about the planet me personaly i stop watching you vlogs i am out

  • Tony

    He will sell it for a profit after a few months anyway 👍

  • Tony

    Could just get an AMG mini-van

  • Fendt1237


  • Marc Kostons
    Marc Kostons


  • Mohammed Uways
    Mohammed Uways

    Why not the panamera 😭

  • Алекс Сенсей
    Алекс Сенсей

    Boring black saloon....😬

  • Michael Russell
    Michael Russell

    #months time will be Jon : we are selling the Roll Royce Phantom

  • Petr Kolarik
    Petr Kolarik

    Jon , talking about the guy’s name for the new Rolls. What about “Phantomas” aka “Fantomas” as per Louis de Funes movie 👌🏻

  • Jihsu Kim
    Jihsu Kim

    wait jannni is pregnant again right??

  • manuel aguiar
    manuel aguiar

    Its good to begin luisten again or voice and blogs,very good luck id a new car... Nice and beautiful family.. Hugs and kiss

  • Mersudin Kovacevic
    Mersudin Kovacevic

    The monster of car should be named Thanos

  • TheLife OfXan
    TheLife OfXan

    Congrats Jon beautiful vehicle choice! Hello from Australia! 🇦🇺 ❤️

  • Quattrings

    I work in an exclusive car dealership in Belgium, usually when kids are touching everything i get so cringe, but if i'd make one exception it would be for Leon, he's so adorable! Would love to sell a car to Jon & Janni one day!

  • Manuel Bures
    Manuel Bures

    selling it in 5,4,3,2,1.... :D?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Jack W
    Jack W

    Lol vroom vroom time. I hope my child loves horsepower just a fraction of Leon

  • Gökhan Ayar
    Gökhan Ayar

    show us some renders

  • alibout

    Remember when being self absorbed was a sign of poor chatacter

  • Johnny Buss
    Johnny Buss

    As a result, there will be larger and longer garages 🙄

  • Victoria Tiblom
    Victoria Tiblom

    No seatbelts? No car seat for the baby? How irresponsible. Bad parenthood on a completely new level!

  • Drifting Squirrel
    Drifting Squirrel

    Where’s the Carrera GT b-roll??? Benny!!! 🙁

  • Nickolay Yakov
    Nickolay Yakov

    Congratulation!!!!))) Take Five) Its a good family car for 5 persons.

  • Lucamar Pro
    Lucamar Pro

    Jon wants to protect his son, for that reason he wants that kind of cars. A car of 6 meters long that costs 500,000 euros to use it in Monaco, is a f... stupidity. RSQ8 is a perfect family car! :)

    • DRIVECLUB-is-timeless

      Yeah I'd love to see him modify an SUV, or just get the RSQ8, it's awesome

  • Extra Oproep
    Extra Oproep

    Wederom very good edit work Aron 👍

  • Louis Simmonds
    Louis Simmonds

    A very well priced object😂

  • Veikra

    You can have the same amount of rear legroom in LWB audi mercedes and bmw. Passenger are always surprised when they sit in mine

  • Raj R
    Raj R

    Jon has come along way. Congrats to your success

  • Polskey

    Pls a Camera gear update miss TEAM OVERKILL'S setup and gear video its a perfect video in corona times👌

  • Jontus

    Leon looks like a "mini Jon" !!! hahaha ( but cuter )

  • Michael

    Jon, driving your baby around in a Rolls Royce without him in a car seat was extremely dangerous. Not cool.

  • Elijah M
    Elijah M

    I get anxiety as a parent with Leon in the front seat. Each to their own but that's super dangerous

  • Heather Thompson
    Heather Thompson

    Duuuuude, that is a boat of a car.

  • Eddie Garcia
    Eddie Garcia

    I really want ome of those hoodies you are wearing in 2XL where can I get one

  • Niklas K
    Niklas K

    How about calling it Arthur

  • alisa mann
    alisa mann

    Love Bennys car. I suggest a Tesla model X plaid.

  • James Schug
    James Schug


  • Who Me
    Who Me

    Hmmm, problem is every time you drive it yourself you just look like a chauffeur! Personally I would take a bonkers RS6 over this any day! Each to their own though.

  • Pearson Escapes
    Pearson Escapes

    Jon is the only person on earth that can make a vlog about buying a Rolls and still come off as a genuinely humble person.

  • Maja C. Johansson
    Maja C. Johansson

    The name of the car should be "Alpha". Both of you said it was an Alpha so why not?

  • yur yer
    yur yer

    no way you coped

  • Johan K Holmström
    Johan K Holmström

    Du borde ge han namnet Rulle, för i baksätet kan man äta frulle... ;-)

  • b888cky

    Call it Victor. :)

  • Tommy Backlund
    Tommy Backlund

    Kom igen Jon .. Ingen stol för Leon när ni prov åker? Big nono...

  • Mitch Smith
    Mitch Smith

    Spending rickards money for sure

    • Mitch Smith
      Mitch Smith

      @Jontus youre right, could be crypto money

    • Jontus

      That was a really stupid comment !!!

  • Will Matkins
    Will Matkins

    Call it Leo! Leon in the Leo the Rolls 😍

  • Anette Kristina Ekelund
    Anette Kristina Ekelund

    Allvar??? Man måste ha munskydd men varken bilbälte eller bilbarnstol??? Jag förstår mig inte på er!!! Gäller plötsligt inte vanligt säkerhetstänk när man åker utanför Sveriges gränser??? Men herregud - bara fortsätt som ni gör! Sätt er och ert barns liv i fara genom att ignorera EN enda simpel åtgärd! Herregud - är inte Janni gravid också??? Vad tänker ni??? Och nej - det hjälper inte att pudla! Detta är uppenbarligen hur ni gör varje dag! Det är såhär ni lever!!! Ni väljer bort enkel säkerhet för era barn! I Sverige blir barn omhändertagna för mindre - och med all rätt! Oförsvarbart!!!

  • Math.

    Belgian custom number plate on the car? (Phantom EWB)

  • René K
    René K

    Why did they remove their masks?

  • Pratik Vyas
    Pratik Vyas

    DUUUDEEEE THAT IS ACTUALLY THE MOST AWESOME LOOKING RR!! IT LOOKS PERFECTLY PROPORTIONED MUCH BETTER THAN A REGULAR LENGTH. In the regular length one, the hood looks slightly thinner or less in height because of the sudden break in the gradual design line from the rear. but in this EWB one it ascends and graduates into the design contours so perfect. Its like this is perfectly shaped no bumps or breaks in the lines. JUST AWESOME, JUST EPIC!

  • nz/x

    the car is only good for showing that you're wealthy nothing more.. :(( go back to RS6

  • nz/x

    stupid useless car :\\

    • Jontus

      Stupid useless comment, I can feel your envy coming thru !!!

  • Maria Beretin
    Maria Beretin

    Waste of money.... no-one needs a car that costs the same as a home

    • Jontus

      Jon & Janni's home in Marbella is worth ca. 5 000 000 € and the Rolls costs maybe 350 000 € ( I guess ) !!!

  • TheNumberSEvan

    Just name it "vroom vroom"

  • wojak

    Jon in a truck looks weird for some reason.

  • Peter Tinubu
    Peter Tinubu

    Look at the new Mercedes S class

  • Mike ImAwesome
    Mike ImAwesome

    7:40 ' I love it from the back' ok, bend over, pal

  • schubioncars

    Can‘t wait to see Jon Ice Drifting it 😂😂😂😂

  • Antonio Zamboni
    Antonio Zamboni

    thats car too luxury for you ...... i think myb audi rs6 for you or rs q8 ! what did you thinking ?

  • Tomas Ericsson
    Tomas Ericsson

    Hur går det med Lombok? Det huset kommer bli brutalt. Hoppas på svar.

  • Mark Slippens
    Mark Slippens

    Since Janni wants a girls name for the Rolls. But it has to be an Alpha thing. Let’s call her: The Matriarch

  • Jonas Nilsson
    Jonas Nilsson

    Yeah childseats are overrated, like how often do you really have en accident?

  • christian eder
    christian eder

    Name it Uncle R, Uncle RR or Uncle Ben 😉 i thing the car looks like an old fat uncle 😅

    • Kimberly Head
      Kimberly Head

      Me too.

  • Grey

    Bentley is nicer than RR...

  • Dakota Schuetz
    Dakota Schuetz


  • Rob Buser
    Rob Buser

    Wowww...congrats guyszzz... *1000% right choice* - I'll follow! See you soon...

  • Mark

    Give to the needy

  • FIT met VALK
    FIT met VALK

    Congretzz....with your rolls

  • Boxxer

    Congrats to your new car! I am sure its going to be awesome! Family wise, the black interior is superior, as once you have kids on board, any other color will be messed up sooner or later, except you forbid your kid to eat and play. But let me be honest. My concern is that once you have your second child, both the kids will be in the back. And as you went for the EWB, from the front seats it is going to be hard to reach them sitting in the front. How many times me and my wife have to reach to our son, giving him something to drink, to eat, or just to pick up a toy. I Wonder how you gonna do that if the kids are so far in the back... and believe me, I really think that might be a reason sooner or later to change the car again... Remember my words. Until then, have fun with it, you went for the champions league of cars! ;-)

    • Boxxer

      @Jontus the phantom is big. yes. but sitting in between two full sized child seats wont be fun after all. whats the point of a RR then, if you still squeez yourself

    • Jontus

      Jon or Janni will sit in the middle between the two kids' seats in the back seat! It's a perfect solution !!!

  • - WeeezarD -
    - WeeezarD -

    1000th comment

  • Jpson67

    Jesus what an ugly car, for old men :)

  • Steve Cooper
    Steve Cooper

    A great car for rumpty pumpty in the back 😜

  • Juricom21

    Why don’t you get the new ghost?

  • José Castro
    José Castro

    How old are you? 85...? Ok you are included in the RR type of customers 😁😁