Mars Rover Landing Overview- NOW SAFE ON MARS!!!
This will be cooler than the Super Bowl. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Read the 2021 Annual Letter, here:
Watch the live stream-
Main rover landing page-
Cool rover interactive animation of the 7 mins of terror-
Spin the rover around in 3D-
Here is the video about why we should explore space even with problems here on Earth-
Music for the montage-
Explosions in the Sky
(Post-rock, four-member band from Texas.)
First Breath After Coma
Your Hand In Mine
Song at 11:21- Bottles by A Shell in the Pit-

  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober

    TOUCHDOWN CONFIRMED!! WE ARE SAFE ON MARS! Congratulations to @NASA and humanity.

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      @Bavnoop D Hmmmm

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      Potato Man


  • Mohammed Nurhusien
    Mohammed Nurhusien

    I’m 8 how am I going to mars

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    Oliver Lawrence

    Awesome video, sorry for your loss Mark.

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    Bilal Luddin

    I'm so fascinating by your videos

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    Harrison F

    you should do the worlds biggest vortex

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    Siddharth minz Class of 6 F

    bro did you stop making youtube If you didn't so release new video

  • Miles Waugh
    Miles Waugh

    10:04 me who just watched Veritasium's video about the speed of light

  • FireWolf Gaming
    FireWolf Gaming

    2:43 I’m 14 and I don’t think nasa would let a 14 year old go to Mars

  • Miles Waugh
    Miles Waugh

    9:45 imagine if the entire photorealistic animation was only 30,306 tris and made in version 2.77 of Blender 😂

    • Miles Waugh
      Miles Waugh

      And only 300 frames with sparse hardcoded keyframes, lol

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    Seven Jackson

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    Micah Bronson

    Hey Mark love your vids but there is something I've been thinking about for a while.If you had one way mirrors around a light (with mirrors facing in) would it magnify the light and hold it in that spot?Like a ball of light?🤔

  • Mr. Air
    Mr. Air

    Mark, got a great project idea for you. Using water electrolysis, you can separate the oxygen and hydrogen in ordinary water. Try making a vehicle (plane or car) that is powered by the burning of the oxygen and hydrogen using a sort of jet/rocket engine.

  • Vaughn Jedrek Aquino
    Vaughn Jedrek Aquino

    That's why mark rober is a complete genius he was working at nasa

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    Dayala Singh

    13:25 oh hey I do that too!



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    John Mansfield

    6:43 is that Rhett on the right?!

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    Wade Garrison

    I hope I get a job there

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    Peter Foley

    Say this 5 times fast mark rober makes Mars rovers

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    War Alex

    Mark you are my favorite SLtoosr

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    You've gone such a long way Mark! As someone who also lost his mom a few years back, I'm sure she would be so proud of what you've done. Stay wonderful and keep those videos coming!

  • Fishy Cat
    Fishy Cat

    Imagine being the first person on Mars and then you die because of low gravity there. *just floating to death*

  • Adveroy

    This guy should work at NASA.

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    Sezuin _

    Alright boys now for venus

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    Marcus Vinícius Medeiros Oliveira

    Man, how can someone deslike this kind of video?

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    Scott Humphreys

    Worst placed commercial ever, Mark :D

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    Tazmanian Devil_91

    I don't know how I came across this channel....but i'm blessed I did. Incredible content brother

  • Jimmy Codaga
    Jimmy Codaga

    5:52 i wish i had that monitor 😫

  • Jimmy Codaga
    Jimmy Codaga

    5:52 i wish i had that monitor

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    Dylan Evans

    K Mark Rober, the Mars Rover... How did we not see this.

  • Jimmy Codaga
    Jimmy Codaga

    5:52 he sounds high lol 😂

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    Janir R

    lol Mark why did i have to do homework based on your science video XD. And also my teacher is watching more of your videos and giving us homework on it. LOL

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    Aydan Croft

    7:24 The Lorax makes sense now



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    Max & Milly

    Fun fact: mark rober joined SLtoos the day I was born

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    Chase Cook

    Who is watching this for school?

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  • Nunkie

    Mark is a huge inspiration for me and one of the big reasons I got into engineering in the first place. Super pumped that my chemistry professor is allowing me to do my project on a famous Chemist about the man that influenced me to pursue the field I am going for today.

  • God's Grace
    God's Grace

    2 Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

  • Klaas Turnhout
    Klaas Turnhout

    anyone know the song of 8:26?

  • J. G. Goedtke
    J. G. Goedtke

    It would be very interesting to see you do a video on the most effective way to vacuum carpet. Kind of strange, I know, but I always get hung up on my speed and number of times going over same spot.

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    Joel Gameros-guzman

    Mark we be learning about the perseverance landing at my school today

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    Nishana Chakkittammal

    Mark rober is a less noticed version of bill gates.

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    This is the guy who makes science look fun


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    Sofian Ali

    Rip to that guy who waited 7 years to say touchdown confirmed

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    Super Sam The incredible

    “Plus 19 cameras” Sounds like iPhone 13

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    bloxy bacon

    make a video with the other youtuber michael reaves

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    Let's get mark to 20mil!!!

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    I’m not crying your crying.

  • you can name me eni thing ?
    you can name me eni thing ?

    I have a question Is a Banana a three

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    thibo beke

    I feel sorry for your mom

  • Villads Nørløv
    Villads Nørløv

    Am i the only one just now realising that Mark Rober rhymes with Mars Rover

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    Is anyone else sad at 9:26

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    essa uddin

    how is mark so clever that i dont just get lol

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    Imagine that one day nasa makes 2 tp pads one on mars one in nasa lab

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    Lisa Roner

    Mark , you have changed so much through these years... Yesterday I watched the roadkill experiment man u sounded way different...

  • Nextik

    On Mars is not air how the drone can fly ???

    • Klaas Turnhout
      Klaas Turnhout

      also the drone lookin like it got some thruster going.

    • Captainzoom

      There's other gasses that work like air

  • Brandon Reynoso
    Brandon Reynoso

    Rip to marks mom❤️❤️

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    tony quihuis

    All footage of Mars is CGI. You must be a wack job to think the footage of mars is real.

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    Alan A.

    10:19 well... that's schrödinger's rover...

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    Rookie Rockhounding

    This is so beyond inspirational thank you

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    Anthony Cash

    Real life big bang theory cast

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    Jonathan Verwey

    that is so epic

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    A long time ago... In a galaxy not so far away.

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    Sam Stockli

    Did you know that by the time it leaves earth it will be the cleanest thing to ever leave earth.

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    Amanda Hill

    Hey mark, I’ve just been confused and scared lately, am I gonna die when the fields switch, I’m really scared and don’t know and I thought If anyone knew it would be u😔

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    Your Mom

    Mark Rober might be the coolest person ever


    space pog

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    Yusuf Gaming

    The video in the when is Mars rover touchdown is exactly the same video as in 8 years ago and that's not a problem is still in Mars :)

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    Mark, Your videos are amazing! Thank you for doing this, our whole family loves to watch you explain the science behind everything! Our condolence to you for the loss of your mother.

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    You know... Mark Rober does sound awfully a lot like Mars Rover...

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    Mark needs to make a video with Elon musk or like interview him

  • Mario's Meth Lab Adventures
    Mario's Meth Lab Adventures

    Im ngl the first photo from the rover wasn't as thrilling as I was anticipating

    • Adveroy

      Well, it was from the navigation camera

  • William Lin
    William Lin

    Mark Rober more like Mars Rover.

  • Daniel Wang
    Daniel Wang

    FRICTION - isn't what causes the heat shield to glow that brightly. That's mostly from compression of the atmosphere, which is an effect that can be predicted quite accurately using the Ideal Gas Law alone.

  • أمادو

    three miles per hour ! .. how much is that in hamburgers ?

  • Eli Fear
    Eli Fear

    Mark Im a big fan, I just saw a video on boomerangs can you do a video on the science of a boomerang?

  • Devin Sanghvi
    Devin Sanghvi

    The rover kinds looks like Johnny 5 from Short Circut.

    • opzz xsin
      opzz xsin

      there is a feat all on its own BUT, would be nice if the engineers took into consideration marking where to pick up the leftover debris.

  • Emmanuel Urbina Aguilar
    Emmanuel Urbina Aguilar

    Plan A - Tesla/Clean Energy Plan B - Mars

  • I just Upload
    I just Upload

    Who also noticed that Mark Rober sounds like Mars Rover

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    One day can you try to blow the world's biggest bubble?

  • Golden Freddy 1756
    Golden Freddy 1756

    without O2 the drone cannot fly

    • Klaas Turnhout
      Klaas Turnhout

      drone lookin like it got some thruters going so it dont need O2

    • Golden Freddy 1756
      Golden Freddy 1756


    • Captainzoom

      It can because of other gasses they tested it at jpl

  • Mr. Derp
    Mr. Derp

    hmm hmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmm k

  • Mr. Void
    Mr. Void

    I’m crying over Mark because on how his mom died and how he had motivation to start a SLtoos career and worked on NASA helping the world

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    Alex Power

    Mark Rober the one and only, could you please help me make my idea or at least calculate if it will work

  • tyler peloquin
    tyler peloquin

    Mark Rober I've seen a lot of people ask why we can make it all the way to Mars multiple times but we have a hard time making it to the bottom of the ocean. Is this a common misconception and its just not as talked about like going to Mars or, is it a real problem? Like funding or technology?