What happens at Coachella stays at Coachella.. (EPISODE 4)
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What happens at Coachella stays at Coachella.. (EPISODE 4)
Things got crazy in this weeks episode..
yesterdays video: sltoos.info/for/tXt4vqWFj5Fju2U/video
Drone Credit : Will Smith
Prank footage credit: Nelk Boys
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  • E K
    E K

    Lmao him pretending like he's all pissed bout all the chicks trying to get with him

  • Shanecia Clarke
    Shanecia Clarke

    Am I the only person in 2020

  • Danjel M
    Danjel M

    Whats the girls IG ?

  • Colin Maharaj
    Colin Maharaj

    FBI being invited to the party led me here

  • Sander Van den Bossche
    Sander Van den Bossche

    9:05 they where drunk or whatever i think it wasnt alcohol but someting else

  • Kyle Britt
    Kyle Britt

    I love girls

  • Hannah Money
    Hannah Money

    Is anybody way too young to go to Coachella but watching make them want go👇🏻

  • Leahnna_IsSoCool

    Omg, Jake is *clearly* "On Molly" 😂

  • Martha Gilleece
    Martha Gilleece

    Want the world to know you’re high? Chew gum and carry a water bottle around at a party.

  • Thabiso Kevin
    Thabiso Kevin

    These girls are walking ass out America what good?

  • Demogorgon02

    @ 13:49 he rollin HAAAARDDD lol.. He swayin, eye rollin and lip rubbin.. HAHAHA you on that MOLLY son!

    • Princess consuela Banana hammock
      Princess consuela Banana hammock

      I seen that 😂 he was gurning big time lol

  • Václav Šálek
    Václav Šálek

    instagram thots all around in this video

  • Václav Šálek
    Václav Šálek

    team 10 will never be a good thing, because you cant make a team of leaches

  • chloe sings
    chloe sings

    Exactly I dont know him in person but I know that he has a good heart

  • Dr. Top5
    Dr. Top5


  • Jayda Masters
    Jayda Masters

    Jake is flirting with ever girl😂😂

  • Ahmed Alhashani
    Ahmed Alhashani

    Why did my guy say nigga

  • white tiger gamer
    white tiger gamer

    Jake god made us all to be who we are and i see that you are trying so hard to do that. But sometimes we do the stupidest things ever and all we can do about it is prey to god and ask him to forgive us.

  • Caleb Bishop
    Caleb Bishop

    everyone is twisted haha

  • The Emporer MD
    The Emporer MD

    Is that Chloe Othen ?

  • Gerardo Cabrera
    Gerardo Cabrera


  • Kyri Cates
    Kyri Cates

    Anybody in quarantine!?! Nope ok

  • Vel0city Dray我
    Vel0city Dray我


  • A 2
    A 2

    Incase you kids didnt know jake paul does hard drugs

  • A 2
    A 2

    Jake popped a molly and hes sweating

  • 90's Kid
    90's Kid

    Jake is definitely virgin brah no doubt

  • Tomasz Jurewicz
    Tomasz Jurewicz

    I just wanna know what pills he was on cuz that jaw swinging left and right mad

  • Harvey

    Can somebody f-ing count how many times it has been said ”like” just listen 4:39

  • Elliot Boudreault
    Elliot Boudreault

    Lol they got pranked by the nelk boys

  • Michael Morrison
    Michael Morrison

    Why do millennials say the word "Like" so damn much? I can't stand it!

    • Charles Greenwald
      Charles Greenwald

      cause yo old

  • Brayden Porter
    Brayden Porter

    Did anyone else hear the guns and roses

  • Jackson Briscoe
    Jackson Briscoe

    Jake yo a god

  • fred payne
    fred payne

    Can I join team 10

  • Elaine Gallegos
    Elaine Gallegos

    Jay is beautiful 😍

  • Lil BJW Gaming
    Lil BJW Gaming

    Alexis is so hot

  • Jem Jem
    Jem Jem

    Ur best wife/girl is Erika

    • Kudzie Chiomadzi
      Kudzie Chiomadzi

      Julia Rose


    Those girls were fucking lit🔥

  • Ariel Alexander
    Ariel Alexander

    my 21 year old sister watched you on Disney with me and that's how I started watching you

  • What The Dude
    What The Dude

    These two look good together

  • Escriba 2C
    Escriba 2C

    The way that he hugs him and became very happy when his brother arrives... Is the only thing that matters to my 💗💖 Peace! ✌

  • Keith Ryan
    Keith Ryan

    Y’all in the comments acting like y’all don’t do drugs every day that end in y. This dude pops a little molly for a Coachella video and the internet in complete disarray. Wow

  • Jessie Gifford
    Jessie Gifford

    Plz come to nortcarlina because I live on j street me and my parents need money plz come

  • BlueM

    What’s the intro music?

  • matej jeretina
    matej jeretina

    all the love shit is crazy when u done molly you know how they feel lol

  • Ebby804


  • saj27

    Tydus took over the younger audience biz

  • saj27

    Is anyone still hear after jake and tana breakup

  • Yer Da
    Yer Da

    Your all pricks


    Jerika paulers Mike is Such a Hater...


    Bro more footage less conference room chat

  • Michelle Weigele
    Michelle Weigele

    Is it just me or does everyone one of these girls look exactly the same? Bleach blonde hair, huge boobs hanging out, crop tops, lip injections

  • jason clark
    jason clark

    Douche bags, molly, thirsty ig models and yes men. Welcome to team 10 uncut.

  • Aryiia Creator
    Aryiia Creator

    Jake when Coachella starts: going fuckin’ crazy Me: *sitting at home eating food all day*

  • Campbell Cunningham
    Campbell Cunningham

    this whole group is so out of touch with reality

  • MBproductions

    This is how many times they said "Like" In this video 👇🏾

  • Robbie Zeller
    Robbie Zeller


  • Birham Biro
    Birham Biro

    Jake you hato gat lav

  • Micah and Malachi Mann and Strain
    Micah and Malachi Mann and Strain

    What’s the song at 27:36?

    • Invictus Theory
      Invictus Theory

      @Micah and Malachi Mann and Strain that's a vibey music 😣😥 love that

    • Micah and Malachi Mann and Strain
      Micah and Malachi Mann and Strain

      Invictus Theory I didn’t find it😭 Jake might have produced it just for the video you never know lol

    • Invictus Theory
      Invictus Theory

      If u found...text it

  • Taylor Painter
    Taylor Painter

    love jake paul

  • Tretch

    Anyone who has taken molly before knows those conversations you have at 12:38 with your friends 😂 talking about all this deep shit... those are honestly some of the best moment tbh

  • cena gamer
    cena gamer

    يلي من قافلة باري لايك

  • aed thekidd
    aed thekidd

    13-14 so much molly 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jeniffer Smith
    Jeniffer Smith


  • Alpha Wolf_god
    Alpha Wolf_god


  • Kendra Thompson
    Kendra Thompson

    As someone who takes MDMA this is the funniest shit ive ever seen HAHAHAHAHA

  • Nick Garrett
    Nick Garrett

    This shit is actually content

  • Brianna Land
    Brianna Land

    How come all the girls are blonde

  • Leah Smith
    Leah Smith

    Jake looks like a son from the incredibles haha

  • Miguel García
    Miguel García

    Jake paul is dumb and Stupid

  • Donnie Freidman
    Donnie Freidman

    Amanda cerny needs to watch this. She needs to fix her friendship with lele pons...

  • Fundiswa Hlanjwa
    Fundiswa Hlanjwa

    So wanna go to Coachella 🔥

  • Baby Kay
    Baby Kay


  • Mona Baruah
    Mona Baruah

    Tana be chillin with her ex back then" The JB lookalike "😂😁

  • Jameira Te’anna
    Jameira Te’anna

    Cole wtf

  • Tenelle Tate
    Tenelle Tate

    Brandon.... marry me

  • siah

    cole is a dude

  • It’s me boo Boi
    It’s me boo Boi

    I hade to use that stuff for my toe

  • qpoisedb V.
    qpoisedb V.

    All the girls look exactly the same

  • Simply Christina
    Simply Christina

    He has a thing for blondes or something lol.

  • Decrypted Jay
    Decrypted Jay

    5:28 titties 😉

  • Aliyah Marie
    Aliyah Marie

    Arie is literally high shit 🤣

  • Glock Babe
    Glock Babe

    "and like"

  • Jake I love you Arroyo
    Jake I love you Arroyo

    Hi I love you 💕💕

  • Jil Bo
    Jil Bo

    "I gotta roll with the boys if you know what I mean"

  • Royce the King
    Royce the King

    OO O UU

  • Brookeiful

    Damn how bad did Jake's jaw hurt the next day ? lmfao you think since hes so rich he could get better mdma that doesnt give you lock jaw lolololol

  • Autumn Johnson
    Autumn Johnson

    ITS HYDROGEN PEROXIDE the drama oh my good god i was pouring that shit on open wounds as a reckless child lol

  • Sophia Chenoy
    Sophia Chenoy

    To be honest they all look so south and I just want to ban this SLtoos channel 😪

    • Donnie Freidman
      Donnie Freidman

      Sophia Chenoy good thing u cant, they awsome

  • pegs on
    pegs on

    lmao imagine still fucking watching jake paul

    • Donnie Freidman
      Donnie Freidman

      pegs on the normal awsome ones watch jake

  • Aidan Bryant
    Aidan Bryant

    Arie: he’s no longer in a love triangle he’s in love trapezoid or some shit Me: A trapezoid is only one more side than a triangle

  • kinghasi_1 gaming
    kinghasi_1 gaming


  • Zae Da Goat
    Zae Da Goat

    He said nigga 2x

    • Zae Da Goat
      Zae Da Goat

      Get a life

    • Donnie Freidman
      Donnie Freidman

      Faded Shooter so? Just a word

  • Ayaka Morikawa
    Ayaka Morikawa

    wheres tana

  • Anime Nerd
    Anime Nerd

    I love Lauren your beautiful inside and out stay awesome !!!

  • Mayra Carrillo
    Mayra Carrillo

    Never watch this heard Jake and tana is engage and watching I’m like ooh alexis and Jake I thought it was Tana and Jake

  • Shania Motilal
    Shania Motilal

    Anyone else confuse with who is which girl......they all look the same

  • Jordyn Speaks
    Jordyn Speaks

    7:47 Ron is that you!?

  • charlotte

    Jake and his friends invited girl that Jake has hooked up with in the past, but then shamed them for wanting to hook up again? Wtf. So the team 10 message is that it's okay for a guy to use women & damage their self image. Okay

  • Gabyteaa K
    Gabyteaa K

    Is Jake t-shirt is dirty or it's what???😂😂😂😂

  • Christina Gross
    Christina Gross

    I love the nelk guys!!!!!

10 mio.