Among Us But SUPER IMPOSTER VS 7 Crewmates (mods)
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A new Among Us mod! This time the Imposter is a SUPER IMPOSTER because he can Quantum Tunnel AKA walk through walls. This completely changes the game. You'll see when I'm Imposter how I use this power to 1v7 and win...

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    ZMDE Animations

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    • Lisa Barker
      Lisa Barker

      @ANTsus I love your channel

    • Ira:D

      Its expensive

    • Aaron Lam
      Aaron Lam

      Brown brown green brown brown orange brown brown green brown brown orange brown brown green brown brown orange brown brown green

    • Aaron Lam
      Aaron Lam

      Brown brown green brown brown orange brown brown green brown brown orange brown brown green brown brown orange brown brown

    • Aaron Lam
      Aaron Lam

      Brown brown green brown brown orange brown brown green brown brown orange brown brown green brown brown

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    Gaming With the cool kids

    Oh your face

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    Dibyasony Roy

    In game 2 lime said -body in o3 Me- but their is no o3

  • Dibyasony Roy
    Dibyasony Roy

    Zmde-. Come to the dark side anakin Me-um exeuse me his name is bogi right not anakin

  • Dibyasony Roy
    Dibyasony Roy

    You are the best among us player ever

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    Just Leo


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    Donald Trump Dad of Jesus

    I never buy cheap stuff I got robux boi

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    Pink be a copycat 👄

  • Meowshake

    1:17 Piper: Are ya winning son? i heard as: are you innocent? 😂

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    Jessie Castañeda

    Do real Life Face reavel

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    Larisa SeeSide

    This is one of the best vidios ZMDE has made⚘😇💖👌

  • Xx da cringey gurl Xx
    Xx da cringey gurl Xx

    I laughed when ZMDE said “ quantum tunneling

  • Rama Viswanathan
    Rama Viswanathan

    very nice channel zmde

  • Rama Viswanathan
    Rama Viswanathan

    i love zmde animations play 10 games in 1 video of among us

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    Lucas Andrei Baillo

    Among sus sounds great

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    tamera mathis

    I love your views so much

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    i hope you do a video of litle amongus

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    Mayle the Hedgehog

    Sometimes I hate you Zmde fans be smart lol Srry if it triggers u lol

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    Jihae Yun

    0:24 dada

  • You MAD OR SUS
    You MAD OR SUS

    When you get banned for noclip lol

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    Jahangir Hossain

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    6:10 it shouldn't be snowing in the office....

  • Leah Reddiar
    Leah Reddiar


  • Hmoob Thoj
    Hmoob Thoj

    Stop with puns that what papyrus says

  • Burke DC
    Burke DC

    It gets crazy.

  • Possible Girl
    Possible Girl

    7:03 He may not be innocent but HeS cLeArR - ZMDE 2021

  • Jinan Fahad
    Jinan Fahad

    it gets carzyy

  • Alyzza Viloria
    Alyzza Viloria


  • Zul Slam
    Zul Slam

    He may not be innocent what I don’t understand if innocent means there not an imposter in among us then Swavy cleared then ZMDE said he might. Not be innocent what is ZMDE saying???😔

  • Keynes Ho
    Keynes Ho

    your videos about among us are so good!!!

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    艾斯Blood Horns

    I somehow really like Quantum and Pijper lmao, they're just tooo funny

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    boruto Gaming

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    leny handayani

    0:20 it gets crazy b r u h

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    Tarsha Rolling


  • Tarsha Rolling
    Tarsha Rolling

    A boii

  • Maria Mercedes Sendoya
    Maria Mercedes Sendoya

    I think pink is a good idea for the imposter to vote

  • Nicole & Jax Shaw
    Nicole & Jax Shaw

    I really like your voice

  • Devansh Raval
    Devansh Raval

    4:29 Phil Swift: “that’s a lot of damage” ZMDE: Oh I don’t think so. Me: How is it a lot of damage by closing a door on red?

  • John Elouafki
    John Elouafki

    او سائلا المولى عز وجل 😫 بالصحة والعافية وان شاء الله في كل الاحوال لا يمكن لنا جميعا

  • Julia Christian
    Julia Christian

    Stop stop stop you’re going to take someone’s eye out. Besides you’re spelling it wrong! It’s impostOR not impostER

  • ælo Dynasty
    ælo Dynasty

    LC said bodys at o3 but it’s o2 7:29

  • Josh Kobe
    Josh Kobe

    I love how he is like come to the dark side

  • Sarah Aldag
    Sarah Aldag

    Among Us is my last name Among Us is my mama's name Among Us I don't have a lot of time

  • Emelia Friesen
    Emelia Friesen

    ZMDE:almost like...u quantum tunneled Me:BA DUM CHING LOL

  • Itz_Alemon

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  • Fatima Safi
    Fatima Safi


  • kia lor
    kia lor

    "'%€"_!/; €;/€%"¥.$7¥_^£("&"€ Bubble Boy?舍不得了一些的工作思路*/%_('£_/_€($£_%/7£%$=6$_=$_/($%_(=£_/_%£(÷€#64#

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    kia lor

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  • KM Vamosy
    KM Vamosy

    So ZMDE was emperor palpatine and he was convincing bogi/anakin to join the dark side

  • JoyNatics


  • Elif Unlusoy
    Elif Unlusoy

    I think the people are just going easy on you

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    Gavril Seet


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    Jebril Sadek


  • Fire Tiger Playz
    Fire Tiger Playz

    When zmde is imposter : Let’s Go When zmde is innocent: lets go When zmde is medic : LET’S GO

  • aella Daya
    aella Daya

    Hi zmde i'm your friend i'm usa captain

  • imtiaz akhtar
    imtiaz akhtar

    This is how many times he said Quantum 👇

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    ItsYzzy Galang

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    Jake Fielder

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    you make so much amazing mods!!

  • Typical Unity
    Typical Unity

    In public, I say this is the most intelligent game ever played.

  • Lixia Pan
    Lixia Pan

    ZMDE, you should not light out because you can frame others

  • Liz Zie
    Liz Zie

    Bogey there’s only a 10% chance that you’re reading this comment but why would you vote white you’re not even getting anything out of it but OK

  • iifrxggyii

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  • Mars

    If a Super Impostor was more OP. It could add an Infinite Kill Range. A 0 second kill cooldown. Even teleporting everywhere instead if quantum tunneling.

  • Natasha Chow
    Natasha Chow


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    Mark Akopian

    Whata fuck

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    Aman Narula

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    Chufeng Xiong

    What is a Quantum tunnel when his name is quantum that was pretty funny

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    nnenna ik

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    Hakima Elhamdaoui


  • Hakima Elhamdaoui
    Hakima Elhamdaoui


  • Metallica Fan
    Metallica Fan

    Dark green is probably one of the most polite among us players.!

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    Kaithon Miers

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    PROBOY Gaming 120

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    Sherine Mary George

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  • {starlight} [idits]ʕ•ع•ʔ
    {starlight} [idits]ʕ•ع•ʔ

    Me if i'm a crewmate:*....* Me if i'm imposter:*yazzz reeeeee yeeeeeeeeeet*

  • Maritza Portillo
    Maritza Portillo

    Imposters are good guy in Poluos

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    Maritza Portillo

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    「 ᴇʀᴜsʜɪ 」

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    Leaf Mayflower


  • Unicorn Banani
    Unicorn Banani

    I think ZMDE was a detective before he was on SLtoos 🤣❤️

    • S.Vidhyadharan Pratap
      S.Vidhyadharan Pratap

      Yes, he was

    • DK - 05BA 847443 Dunrankin Drive PS
      DK - 05BA 847443 Dunrankin Drive PS

      He was

  • Chanel Fuller
    Chanel Fuller

    zmde send a pic a nino

  • Ziad Bichou
    Ziad Bichou

    Make sure you watch the whole video because IT GETS CRAZY!

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    •UWU Gamer•

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