Angriest Man In Among Us
This is the greatest character arc of All Time

  • gettreed

    i can't play more than one public lobby by myself without feeling like my brain is melting i have no idea how he does this

  • Scrooge McCuck
    Scrooge McCuck

    “What the fuck has happened to Among Us?” Kids ruined yet another fun game, that’s what happened

  • trOSCAR

    charlie: if you played nothing but pubs you'd be the dumbest man on earth me who has no friends to play with properly: oO

    • Never a frown
      Never a frown

      Your comment actually made me vomit

  • ManiacalMoistMaster

    this guy has such an awsome vocabulary and does not say guys in the first 10 seconds of the vid like most youtubers, his videos are fun to watch more than once


    pubs make me smarter

  • Yolanda Shikers
    Yolanda Shikers

    The ubiquitous helium aetiologically watch because rule quantitatively trip with a near sushi. earthy, noxious waitress

  • GoodBoy The 69th
    GoodBoy The 69th

    RaZzLe dAZzLe!

  • bucket of crab
    bucket of crab

    Charlie complaining about pubs while doing literally 0 tasks is the reason pubs suck

  • Creationator

    “Pee out my butt............well that’s just- that’s just a unsanitary” I was legit sitting here trynna think of some way to express how funny this was to me and nothing came to mind. So just know this was some funny shit.

  • Spring


  • The Cool Kid
    The Cool Kid

    *huh has left the chat*

  • Dusticat

    Charlie: If you played nothing but pubs you would be the dumbest man on earth Me who doesn't have friends who want to play with me: ._.

  • brandon gifford
    brandon gifford

    Idk what this mans talkin bout, I smash in pubs all day. Everyday. I only play pubs. Yeah, you get a little bit of a decrease in your IQ, but ultimately finding a true understanding in the world. You can have your own perspective and also see eye to eye with the common man when you play pubs.

  • p**a*# h***
    p**a*# h***

    I wish I had friends to play this game with

  • aussieparroat

    This is why Minecraft is better than this boring sht.

  • Damon Pono
    Damon Pono

    Started working with ketamine and now he’s breaking ketamine records

  • chloe

    Charlie: if you only played pubs you would be stupid me who only plays pubs:

  • j c
    j c

    among us pubs are so funny. I could kill right in front of someone and they'll blame someone else. Its insane. Idk if they're trolling or just have mental problems

  • Ba Zinga
    Ba Zinga

    like if fingie

  • William Albrecht
    William Albrecht

    Ketamine kill. Ketamine kill. Ketamine kill. Jesus Christ Ketamine just kill.

  • Randomized Things
    Randomized Things

    0:13 I play pubs because I have nobody else to play with. I can't do private because my freinds don't have me in their contacts, and I can't do local because... The same reason.

  • Jamison Hammond
    Jamison Hammond

    Charlie: If you played nothing but pubs, you'd be the dumbest man on Earth Me with no friends: "Maybe I'm the dumbest man on Earth"

  • 4 Years and
    4 Years and

    Charlie can make swearing sound mature

  • put put
    put put

    I’ve only played public lobbies and I still have brain cells or at least enough to act like I’m actually stupid it’s the best cover

  • mme725

    8:30 It's a Rolph-ism from Ed, Edd, and Eddy lol Here's the relevant clip:

  • Flixure

    Little did he know ketamine would soon become his greatest ally.

  • Ale B
    Ale B

    Dude, was the red you reported call 42069? If so, I think I was in one of your games.

  • Ale B
    Ale B

    Dude, I forgot I was in one of my games.

  • Edith Wilharm
    Edith Wilharm

    I’ll give more information Do not vent imfront of someone Do not listen to any one who can’t spell witch is me

  • Dawnelle Carr
    Dawnelle Carr

    I’ve only watched 2 mins of the vid but I feel on a personal level of some of these matches


    Ketamine kill


    2:58 jesus is dissapointed

  • colette tan
    colette tan

    okay but is NO ONE talking about the " vote yellow. shes gay " like seriously, stop- this is so fucking embarrassing - from a fellow lesbian

  • Brendan Fonts
    Brendan Fonts


  • CEO of not asking
    CEO of not asking

    4:38 *This feels like foreshadowing* Edit: This isn't an edit

  • Elena

    01:15 ok

  • Ashleigh Carpenter
    Ashleigh Carpenter

    I disagree with what he said at the beginning of the video. One youtuber is Master over the public lobbies. His name? Call me Kevin

  • Tesrtth

    Lol I host pubs and Ifeel like a pro, but I guess I'm an idiot. 😂

  • 54m lvr
    54m lvr

    'i don't think anyone in pubs is good' me: i beg to differ

  • Tovact

    cmon ketamine, cmon ketamine, kill ketamine, ketamine, kill boy, * kill sound *, good boy

  • MobRlv Sosa
    MobRlv Sosa

    I'ma public player only...I watch u so I don't lose all my intelligence lol..I don't think I'm dumb but I do make dumb plays alot but mostly solid games where I'm doing good

  • X Gator
    X Gator

    4:50 foreshadowing

    • JastPer

      I sorted to newest comments just to exactly find this

  • Arsen Chik
    Arsen Chik

    everyone is angriest when he plays a public lobby

  • EggLord24

    I play nothing but pubs and it’s hard because people are so stupid

  • Rat Kid
    Rat Kid

    "There are no GOOD pub players" excuse me sir may i introduce you to Father/Dr K and GLASHNOK?

  • Sweet Tea
    Sweet Tea

    i am a good pub player :(

  • milk

    the impostor at 5:00 predicted his future

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez

    Bruh I got both the imposter and no one believed me and we lost

  • DylanSucks

    Charlie:"Playing pubs all the time makes you stupid People with no friends:Guess im dumb

  • MAXY WAXY199
    MAXY WAXY199

    Shud have said orang and he would have got orange out instantly

  • Talon Seymour
    Talon Seymour

    His name was Ketamine and by the time I watched this video you got the world record on Mr Krabs Overdoses on Ketamine and dies this is so good !

  • Snocrab

    4:50 grease and ketamine are quite the dynamic duo

  • Kaleb Jenkins
    Kaleb Jenkins

    I am sure your iq drops by playing with your stupid friends its not like they're any smarter

  • Santiago Salcedo
    Santiago Salcedo

    I want charile to be my lawyer

  • Ooliver5 5
    Ooliver5 5

    Gigi do you love me

  • General 71
    General 71

    Charlie's humour is great.😂 the poshest humour. "Pee out my butt" Charlie: "that's not sanitary"

  • Joshua Trotter
    Joshua Trotter

    0:15 Zmde

    • Joshua Trotter
      Joshua Trotter

      @Fantasia 42 zmde is a amoug us SLtoosr and is good

    • Fantasia 42
      Fantasia 42

      Who even is zmde

  • CaptainCustard

    pubs are a$$ but i don't have friends so its all i can play and yes my IQ has dropped

  • Jay Nixon
    Jay Nixon

    5:51 When you're Mr.Krabs

  • Tub

    “Pee out my Butt” words from a rude but wise man

  • Shardz _
    Shardz _


  • Flinguine


  • Anshu Shrestha
    Anshu Shrestha

    4:45 yellow predicted the future

  • D o n u t
    D o n u t

    Idk why but I absolutely lost it at 3:17

  • Catgod


  • lila tu
    lila tu

    lime ain’t no snitch😩

  • Killer Sol
    Killer Sol

    5:51 lmao he locked them up like it was a parent trying to make their child face their fears 😂

  • Quentin Harris
    Quentin Harris


  • 25Trey S
    25Trey S

    Netflix: "Are you still watching?" Somebody's daughter: 1:29

  • Action Jackson
    Action Jackson

    OK who knew so yeah even though he’s a stupid cartoon my emails

    • 25Trey S
      25Trey S

      * W H A T ?*

  • SuperBloodWolf 25
    SuperBloodWolf 25

    I play public lobbies alot... everyone is fucking dumb

  • Kr3spY Dxm1n1c
    Kr3spY Dxm1n1c

    5:55 That Blood Splatter described ketamine

  • Eric Cartman982
    Eric Cartman982

    I have no friends

  • Lonely Weeb
    Lonely Weeb

    Charlie can figure out who the imposter is just by the way they run and it's amazing

  • super ninja
    super ninja

    I play pubs :/

  • Thu Noi
    Thu Noi

    Very nice….

  • KBS -117
    KBS -117

    I don’t understand why he doesn’t do his tasks, why

  • [Insert good name here]
    [Insert good name here]

    Sometimes in public lobbies I feel like the only smart person. For example there were only 5 people left, I was in a group with two other colors, Dark green and Blue we all did reactor since there was a meltdown. So we all go to cafe together and we all go to different places, I go down to storage and then see a body. It was cyan so I said it has to be orange since he was the only one not with us the entire round. Then I was voted out because orange said I self reported. And we lost, pain.

  • Mohammed jawad play’s
    Mohammed jawad play’s

    I dunno if he said “pup” or “pug”

  • andrew Mossman
    andrew Mossman

    I play only pubs(:

  • lord meme
    lord meme

    orang strat ALWAYS works wtf

  • FBI

    2:27 “I’ll stay so they can praise me” Chat: *Fuck you Grease*

  • A Tiny Horse
    A Tiny Horse


  • Maowkat


  • Adele Dazeem
    Adele Dazeem

    Anyone else think this would be about xQc? 😂😂

  • DinosAre VeryEpic
    DinosAre VeryEpic

    Yoo i just started watching this youtube channel and I'm already getting entertained i have good feelings of this channel

  • Bruins Gaming
    Bruins Gaming

    “Ketamine kill” Yes it does

  • Evan Purcell
    Evan Purcell

    Charlie the funniest guy on earth


    You should have just said orang

  • FireSonicYT

    Charlie fell for the strat lol

  • Remy The rat no lie this is my name
    Remy The rat no lie this is my name

    I tried the orang strat and got called stupid because i was wrong

  • ツbiytxh

    Hmhm *LeatFingies* hmhmhmhm 🤭

  • The Cipher Goddess
    The Cipher Goddess

    He's evolving so quickly, he might just make the teeth all the way in the back of his mouth useful somehow.

  • Redstone Active
    Redstone Active

    It makes me sad that I can only play pubs cuz I’m on mobile but that’s the only thing I can play 😔

  • Eddie Aguilar
    Eddie Aguilar

    8:06 there is segregation among us

  • Mads.Music

    Dude, my friend was in that lobby 😂 that's so cool. She was I forgot I

    • Mads.Music

      @Omshree Bade I know! And she doesn't even watch among us videos so she doesn't know just how cool that is

    • Omshree Bade
      Omshree Bade


  • X_x normal boii x_X
    X_x normal boii x_X

    charlie: sometimes its a burden to be so smart me: then play more pub lobbies

  • Andy Bee
    Andy Bee

    Why does grease act like a father, he disciplines children on among us.

  • Blue Williams
    Blue Williams

    Love pub lobbies

  • Alessandro Mangiarotti
    Alessandro Mangiarotti

    You were try harding on that damn keyboard