Among Us Imposter Funny Moments
Among Us I Lied to my friends as Imposter and WON! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want more! Watch the last among us tiktok video Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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  • Zoraida O'brien
    Zoraida O'brien

    Lea u made the biggest mistake u did the download data in admin it only starts in cafeteria let's see the rest of the vid and see if Lea got caught 😂

  • hadil ayman
    hadil ayman

    Hey Lia can I play with u plz my username is imposter

  • hadil ayman
    hadil ayman

    I always play among us on my brother's phone without my brother know

  • Sophia Murphy
    Sophia Murphy

    I love this lol.

  • Jehan Lakay
    Jehan Lakay


  • Maci Mitchell
    Maci Mitchell

    Sooooo funny

  • Zoya Malik
    Zoya Malik

    She literally did download after upload 😂😂😂

  • Zaina Irshad
    Zaina Irshad

    Me when im imp: ,(-_-),

  • # Sia
    # Sia

    Sssniperwolf: Gets imposter every single round while I’m screaming my head of saying “noooooo faiiiirrrrr” Me: imposter like in once a lifetime

  • # Sia
    # Sia

    Btw the imposter doesn’t fix sabotages

  • Simi Patel
    Simi Patel

    you and amber: dream team

  • Ayesha Yssabelle Ama
    Ayesha Yssabelle Ama

    Can you bo more among us video games please

  • Ayesha Yssabelle Ama
    Ayesha Yssabelle Ama

    I love your video ok

  • Rosanna Brodtmann
    Rosanna Brodtmann

    How is it always you and amber

  • Amar Boodram
    Amar Boodram

    Among us is awesome

  • Amar Boodram
    Amar Boodram

    I was like so excited omg i was playing with a youtuber and the other day I played with charli and adisson

  • Amar Boodram
    Amar Boodram

    I asked her if she was sssniperwolf and she said yes

  • Amar Boodram
    Amar Boodram

    Lia sssniperwolf I played with u on among us before

  • Roblox Army
    Roblox Army

    Hi sssniperwolf

  • Nazrul Islam
    Nazrul Islam

    Lia 2020: Sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do.

  • Starduxty

    How is it that she always gets Imposter with Amber!? and WINS! LIKE ALWAYS! What kind of sorcery is this!?

  • Razzi ?
    Razzi ?

    Lia is gaming again

  • Brandon Mohammed
    Brandon Mohammed

    hi do you or anyone here know Jesus or would like to ? Salvation is free with Him, He loves you more than anyone else He died and rose again for us

  • rebecca williams
    rebecca williams

    I wanna see u play this again

  • Brooklyn Stringham
    Brooklyn Stringham

    Among us is the best

  • blueberry wolfie -_-
    blueberry wolfie -_-

    I love playing among us btw it's always disconnecting to me when I'm playing

  • Steve Ramnath
    Steve Ramnath

    Leah ash and meow amber

  • Autumn Mullen
    Autumn Mullen

    I kind of want to play with you if only I knew the code

  • patrick auger
    patrick auger

    I love your videos lia mi name is jade

  • patrick auger
    patrick auger

    Hi lia

  • J Legend
    J Legend

    0:00 "Not milktruck :'(

  • Lilbob

    I love this vid freaking funny!

  • •It's Kylie•
    •It's Kylie•

    I love us ss sniper Wolf but I hate Leah Ash I mean I could still tolerate her videos of course

  • Chan Serena
    Chan Serena

    imposter can hide in lots of crew and kill some one

  • Chan Serena
    Chan Serena

    I am egg

  • Chan Serena
    Chan Serena

    pls play with me

  • Itz _alexdang
    Itz _alexdang

    ᓰᙢᗩᘐᓰﬡᙓ ᒪᓰᗩ ᕈᒪᗩᎩᔕ ᙡᓰTᖺ ᑕᗝᖇᕈᔕᙓ ᓰℱ Ꭹᗩᒪᒪ ᘎﬡᖙᙓᖇᔕTᗩﬡᖙ ᙢᎩ ℱᗝﬡT ᑕᗝﬡᘐᖇᗩTᔕ ᒪᗝᒪ ᓰᖙḰ ᖺᗝᙡ Tᗝ ᑕᖺᗩﬡᘐᙓ ᓰT

  • KoreanKiwi 55
    KoreanKiwi 55

    Hi Lia!

  • Kid vs Mom play
    Kid vs Mom play

    I have among us

  • Rasengan Blazer
    Rasengan Blazer

    she do be throwing hands

  • snow girl
    snow girl

    I like your movie i'm so big fan of you so really big fun

  • snow girl
    snow girl

    You play among us me too remember me i think you don't remember me my name is rainbow

  • It’s Kails
    It’s Kails

    it’s always amber and lia

  • Anita Dino
    Anita Dino

    The Fact That SSSniperwolf Was Lucky most of the time she was imposter i really love being an impostor

  • Bhupender singh
    Bhupender singh

    You should join corpse in among us sometime

  • izzy Kitty
    izzy Kitty


  • Deborah McNac
    Deborah McNac

    Lia you are so beautiful and funny

  • random memes
    random memes

    Lia: gets impostor Punches air

  • Rachel Smith
    Rachel Smith

    Sssniperwolf your videos are the best I really love your videos you are one of my favorite SLtoosrs

  • Jazzelle Sosa
    Jazzelle Sosa

    I have among us but I really don't know how to play it

  • Jocelyn Hoch
    Jocelyn Hoch

    WTH how did she get imposter like almost every round

  • Ta'Ziyah Strum
    Ta'Ziyah Strum

    Go lia go

  • tammy nichols
    tammy nichols

    I love among us it’s my favorite game 🤩🤩🤩

  • Macy Nelson
    Macy Nelson

    i love sssniperwolfs vidoes

  • Barwin Zada
    Barwin Zada

    How do you keep being imposter

  • Amber Nantz
    Amber Nantz

    Hi Lia aka SSSniperwolf love the vids

  • Lexis Sheriff
    Lexis Sheriff


  • Ivy Coursey
    Ivy Coursey

    i paused it in the right time it had the huge eyes on it :)

  • Ivy Coursey
    Ivy Coursey

    i love her soooooo much she is the best

  • Sarah Grant
    Sarah Grant

    I love her

  • Monkeyloid

    I like sssniperwolf

  • Monkeyloid

    jelly is a youtuber

  • Erwin Chatto
    Erwin Chatto

    Lol My Freind's Posted a Video In Tiktok By The Way

  • Its Da Youtuber!
    Its Da Youtuber!

    its sssniperwolf

  • Its Da Youtuber!
    Its Da Youtuber!

    who knows the name in among us Da Yutuber

  • Kersten Vinson
    Kersten Vinson

    SSSniperwolf i was playing among us and my name is Sniperwolf someone believes me that i sm true sniperwolf i ask if they subscribe to your channel and someone says that ''i already did''.

  • Kersten Vinson
    Kersten Vinson

    SSSniperwolf i was playing among us and my name is Sniperwolf someone believes me that i sm true sniperwolf i ask if they subscribe to your channel and someone says that ''i already did''.

  • AryanPeram

    How to become impostor all the time: Become SSSniperWolf

  • Yağmur

    Can you please do Brawl Stars???

  • Uini LOLOHEA
    Uini LOLOHEA

    So lucky that you were imposter 5 times in a row

  • Gwen Burley
    Gwen Burley


  • Manjinder Dhaliwal
    Manjinder Dhaliwal

    How are u always imppster

  • Rafa V
    Rafa V

    the point of this video was....

  • Laila Ahmed
    Laila Ahmed


  • It’s me Chloe
    It’s me Chloe

    You should play more among us


    Nooo my whole child hood is ruined I thought it wes next but it wes x 😭😭😭



  • Dakota Wyatt
    Dakota Wyatt

    Lol I tried to click the play agin button out of habit

  • Aaron Leavitt
    Aaron Leavitt

    Because when you are new you get im

  • Shaylee Kitzmiller
    Shaylee Kitzmiller

    Omg you are sooooooooo lucky I never get imposter and I'm usually always the first one killed 😅 😂

  • j rowe
    j rowe

    I love your videos they are really good

  • Sadi Xiong
    Sadi Xiong

    Its always u and amber

  • Lisa Kim
    Lisa Kim

    Lia playing she kills me she goes me why not vent or does she know how to vent?

    • Lisa Kim
      Lisa Kim

      Wait I am not in there

  • james moreno
    james moreno


  • Magic moon cat YT
    Magic moon cat YT

    She’s imp every time

  • Grace's Channel
    Grace's Channel

    I have watched this 1trillion times

  • Reece Loftus
    Reece Loftus

    Hwos baby

  • Min Kyaw Htin
    Min Kyaw Htin

    Why are you the imposter the whole game?

  • Megan Perez
    Megan Perez

    A sniper Wolf I love him I have no tablet but my sister and my my mom had it broke it but I did not it was my sister

  • Megan Perez
    Megan Perez

    Hi sniper Wolf I was wondering if I can play Minecraft with you?

  • Arelle Dome
    Arelle Dome

    will you play among us more often plz

  • green glitter
    green glitter

    You want to download then upload

  • Jenny G.
    Jenny G.

    When Dgital gonna get you a dimond


    man, you have 999 IQ good job

  • Kimberly Dominguez
    Kimberly Dominguez

    Dude the way sssniperwolf dances when she’s impostor New dance=Lia impostor dance

  • Adrian Gordon
    Adrian Gordon

    So funny tell me when your playing and give me the code

  • Gibson Bailey
    Gibson Bailey

    0:02 Anyone else notice she said "NUT" instead of what Like if you see it no 👇

  • Ale Tel
    Ale Tel

    I am adiccdit ti amongus

  • Dheck 2448
    Dheck 2448

    Lia ur good

  • Wendolyn Lansdown
    Wendolyn Lansdown

    You should have a baby