Jake Paul Sparring Footage (LEAKED)
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Jake Paul Sparring Footage (LEAKED)
I can't believe I'm showing you this...
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  • Lane Waite
    Lane Waite

    “He’s a pro boxer 2-0” stfu ur a manipulator

  • Blake Anderson
    Blake Anderson

    Jake: this guy is like gib he’s fighting with pressure and rush, * shows dude that’s just sitting there *


    That's my birthday jan 30th

  • DipSus GT
    DipSus GT

    This dude so stupid/childish! just like his brother who cant respond to losing a fight like an adult man xD

  • Rage

    I wonder who leaked this

  • Johnsxn

    My man was jakes punching bag tf the "Pro" boxers footwork Is terrible and he has no sense of range and he knows he can hit back right 😂 Tf outta here

    • kevy2j28

      What would you know Gaming Geek Rent boy you have no sense of nothing what do you mean by my man are you in a homosexual relationship with that person

  • Madz The Star Wars Girl
    Madz The Star Wars Girl

    Yes because it’s possible to leak your own footage

  • miru Garza
    miru Garza

    Jake you have to go with Thai this because there's something creepy going on they're moving out Victor this creepy guy that's just creeping them and need Knox Titus is basement

    • K.I.N.G 666
      K.I.N.G 666


  • Haytchdon

    Oh I wonder who leaked this

  • adam winsters
    adam winsters

    Jake: I leaked this guys sparring footage also Jake I have a confession to make Im retarted

  • Derp Guy
    Derp Guy

    "Leak" Alright bud...you just tryna show off....bum

  • Areesh The Great
    Areesh The Great

    Apart from Jake Paul being a douche bag and all, I'm gonna have to give him props to actually sparring. Deji didn't do shit.

  • Ghetto Arabino
    Ghetto Arabino

    Wow he has been preparing for this fight before he even fights DEJI... Makes total sense!

  • Dollar Master
    Dollar Master

    He saying "that’s an old footage" he has the same blue pants, sparring the same guy and the same people around. Yeah buddy "old footage"

  • Charles Apelo
    Charles Apelo

    Serpiusly leaking ur own foiatge

  • LifewithChloe1702

    are you on whatsapp

  • Mr.Chicken99

    Casually leaks own footage

  • leOX

    I’m just watching this bc I wanna see the difference between Jake Then and Now.Any1 else?

  • Dominic Seybert
    Dominic Seybert

    How do you leak you open footage

  • SafeGaming

    I do boxing. None of these dudes are experienced, at all. Like if I had to compare these fighters from a 1 to 100 as where a 1 is someone who has never seen or tried boxing and a 100 is the level of floyd, or tyson fury. first guy - solid 6. Second guy - weak 9. Jake paul - sunday boxer 20. I would you need to be atleast 50 to be a amateur or proffesional boxer.

    • kevy2j28

      Hello dude how are you doing can you send me some footage of you some I grade you thanks

  • Playboi Jr
    Playboi Jr

    All jake needs to do is work on his defense

  • Tommaso SCHISANO
    Tommaso SCHISANO

    All of the less than 2 million people that watched this

  • Jamie Adair
    Jamie Adair

    Bruh imagine leaking ur own sparing footage

  • Among Us Gang
    Among Us Gang

    Am I the only one thinking this views on his videos is from haters to see what this trash is up to lmoa , bcs there is 0 good coments and almost 35k dislikes xd

  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus

    So you leaked your own footage, *hmm yes*

  • P Pizzi
    P Pizzi

    Jake at 20:19 “kids don’t smoke weed” also Jake at 20:24 “ gimme just a lil bit of weed”

  • the real kong
    the real kong

    When u so despret for views you leak ur own stuff

  • Lewis_melv 10
    Lewis_melv 10

    Imagine leaking your own footage

  • Erin McCormack
    Erin McCormack

    Yo why are you’s all coming for Jake


    He need to sparr a real boxer like triple g get his ass moped

    • kevy2j28

      Someone rides the yellow bus

  • Lee Fulton
    Lee Fulton

    Logen or Jake

  • Jimmi Johnson
    Jimmi Johnson

    5:59 jumping back and moving away isn’t always a bad thing🤦‍♂️

  • Jonathan Palomino
    Jonathan Palomino

    In order for jake to beat ksi, he gotta have more discipline, more technique then he already had

  • Cat lover Buchanan
    Cat lover Buchanan

    I really want The fight you but I know I can’t because I’m 10

  • Honey And Blu
    Honey And Blu

    You literally “leaked” your own footage dude

  • Lewis Taylor
    Lewis Taylor


  • GamerboyAli

    Imagine having such a big brain that you leak your own footage. *This post was made by Jake Paul.*

  • vhai russell
    vhai russell


  • DeadPool PlaysYT
    DeadPool PlaysYT

    Oh leaking your own footage. I have no hope for humans anymore

  • AUS10TOYO2008

    I think this guy has a problem in his head (or stupid) because he leaked his own video

  • Lil Queeve
    Lil Queeve


  • HMD-Instructors

    How tf do you leak your own footage

  • Ryland Chisholm
    Ryland Chisholm

    How tf are you going to leak your own sparring footage. Your desperate for views so you make videos that make no sense

  • Noel Cleary
    Noel Cleary

    lol, he leaked his own footage

  • Kalle Halme
    Kalle Halme

    okay so you leaked your own footage...

  • epicgamer cloudycaptain269
    epicgamer cloudycaptain269


  • Mohamed Mia
    Mohamed Mia

    Why did he like his own footage?

  • Maria Edris
    Maria Edris

    Jake asked for it after “leaking” his own footage and leaving the comments turned out like 🤔🤭😬😬🥱🥱 is he in his senses

  • Maria Edris
    Maria Edris

    Imagine being that desperate for views you “leak” your own footage

  • grizzylife yeeyee
    grizzylife yeeyee

    I bhet nun of yall hates can box him an win facts

  • Dan Hickson
    Dan Hickson

    I Don't think that u can leak ur own footage

  • JAMES Gaming LV2
    JAMES Gaming LV2

    Jake Paul leakes his own footage for views

  • pra_mai

    He leaked his own footage.

  • adam glover
    adam glover

    "interestingly enough" this guy happens to fight like Gib??! Duh that's what you bring sparring partners in for...to mimic your opponent...smh

  • Sanad Alfadala
    Sanad Alfadala

    How tf ur leak ur own footage wtf

  • Jose Outta Space
    Jose Outta Space

    Yo jake u should do boxing for professional

  • Jason Chrisnady
    Jason Chrisnady

    I like how there is a lot of dumb people in this world... But there is no one this dumb i have ever seen before (leaked own footage)

  • Mr. Bacon
    Mr. Bacon

    You (leaked) your own footage

  • Josh Yokleley
    Josh Yokleley


  • Christina Foster
    Christina Foster

    Ksi is on Tito

  • Lily Everhart
    Lily Everhart

    I remember when he was young and actually nice and cool🥺

  • FaZewow 1
    FaZewow 1

    What's up Jake paulers just leaked my own footage

  • L1minal

    Why the hell are you leaking your own footage you Literally have low IQ

  • willie g
    willie g

    Keep your hands up

  • Julia Roubis
    Julia Roubis

    I called you and I am so sorry I said my but is wet my Dr.pepper spiled 😞

  • Esteban Nemo
    Esteban Nemo

    "exchanging"? 😝😝😝

  • Tsl_stephen

    Why would you leak your own footage?

  • Chisand gaming YT!
    Chisand gaming YT!

    Don’t like the beard

  • solitario 77
    solitario 77

    Why does It seem like they move super slow. And they both telegraph their punches

  • solitario 77
    solitario 77

    Jake fights better then his brother. But he fought a guy that really doesn't fig hgt well. And also ksi has his number

  • MsQueenie Clem
    MsQueenie Clem

    Does anyone realize that this is Jake's 666th vlog on this channel?

  • Robo Bagel
    Robo Bagel

    Jake the "joke" paul the kinda guy to "leak" his own footage and find the worst guy in the gym and call him a "pro" fighter.

    • Robo Bagel
      Robo Bagel

      @kevy2j28 if you are talking about my last name you know making fun of it thats fine i get it all the time

    • kevy2j28

      Masons adventures Conticello more like No CAN DO

    • Robo Bagel
      Robo Bagel

      @kevy2j28 im in a Koreanself defence martial arts called kajukenbo or hopkido ive been doing it for seven years.

    • kevy2j28

      Masons adventures Conticello kid really black belt at 11 doing what

    • Robo Bagel
      Robo Bagel

      @kevy2j28 acually im 11 and im a black belt in a Korean self defence martial arts called kajukenbo a.k.a hopkido and at the gym where i train there is a boxing ring which i have been in before in fact i tested in that ring for my black belt.

  • Aa Adad
    Aa Adad

    ThIs GUy Is a Pro FiGhter, He hAd onE or tWo fiGhTs Thats how you call yourself a pro

  • Tara McDermott
    Tara McDermott

    how thr freak do you leak your own footage im dyinggg

  • Julia

    yea totally "leaked"

  • xd Shdws
    xd Shdws

    Funny how he came from bazarkvard

  • 1211 Wolf
    1211 Wolf

    Imagine having no fam that you say you have, to then “leak” your own footage...

  • Reposting till I get famous
    Reposting till I get famous

    I know his address 23590 calabasas California USA

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee

    90% of y’all are some jealous

  • Daniel hornell
    Daniel hornell

    Y did u leak ur own footage

  • El dragonsito Hostym
    El dragonsito Hostym

    Jake you ar gana won brooooooooooooo

  • Daramax

    Jake Paul: Fine, I'll do it myself

  • GamingGodJon - Roblox
    GamingGodJon - Roblox

    dang why so many dislikes idk what they say about you I wasn't really a fan until now

  • Jade M.T
    Jade M.T

    Hey jake I went your fight yesterday

  • Bad Boys Hub
    Bad Boys Hub

    I love Jake Paul so much, he’s such a go getter, he worked his butt off, and now he gets to do whatever he wants

    • Pedro Flores
      Pedro Flores

      Imagine liking ur own comment

  • Bad Boys Hub
    Bad Boys Hub

    Imagine being so low that you have to comment about him posting a video about leaking his own footage, like we all get it, you didn’t have to say anything, I mean your sitting on your couch doing nothing commenting hateful comments, while he’s making money, working hard, bunch of losers.

    • Pedro Flores
      Pedro Flores

      Wat r u 2?

  • Bad Boys Hub
    Bad Boys Hub

    Shane’s taught him so much

  • Brett West
    Brett West

    This dude is the worst

  • Brett West
    Brett West

    (Leaked) on jake Paul’s official SLtoos lol

  • skfoxjrxzz

    Is this guy really a pro fighter? He punches like a beginner

  • Pete Knag
    Pete Knag

    He is a joke

  • Blaze Osborn
    Blaze Osborn

    The great Paul brothers sparring footage coming soon?!

  • Yer Da
    Yer Da

    Your a twat but u did win too fair play


    Told you jabs and hooking over the right hand

  • Jordan Seymour
    Jordan Seymour

    you didn't throw one combo

  • Nxne

    You are a trash SLtoosr gib should have won.

  • Michael Adams
    Michael Adams

    Gib didn’t really lose he woke up fight day with the corona virus.

  • João Setmaier
    João Setmaier

    You you tubers are disrespectful to boxing

  • Kski

    You know you have an ego when you leak your own sparring footage

  • Pr!nt Wingman Andy
    Pr!nt Wingman Andy

    1 question did anybody see a kidney or body shot by any of these “pros”

    • kevy2j28

      Yer first guy loads of them shows what you know you mug

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