Are We Having TWINS???
Surprising Josh with the craziest news!!!
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ABOUT US: Hi guys! We are Josh & Abbie Herbert! You might know us from our viral TikTok videos. We are known as that TikTok couple that is always doing the latest trends. We are so excited to have you on this journey with us.
Finding out I'm PREGNANT!​​​​​​​​
Asking My Husband **JUICY** Questions Girls Are Afraid Too Afraid To Ask:​​​​​​​​
Asking My Wife *JUICY* Questions Guys Are Too Afraid To Ask​​​​​​​​
#TheHerberts​​​​​​​​ #Pregnancy #Pregnant

  • rogelyn estrada
    rogelyn estrada

    josh happy birthday

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    Rebecca - Jolyane Chaput - Brisebois

    Happy Birthday Josh☺️🍾💐✨

  • Connie Moran
    Connie Moran

    Happy birthday to you

  • Maisha’s Adventures 101
    Maisha’s Adventures 101

    I loveee how Abbie always has a beautiful smile on her face on every video she makes she’s such a happy person I love it ik Abbie isn’t reading this but still it could be possible

  • Grnt Canoe
    Grnt Canoe

    Hi I'm Evalyn and you said she was so post to be born in may I hope she's born on the 24th

  • Caroline Monaco
    Caroline Monaco

    yay! happy birthday josh! I'm so happy for y'all! 💛

  • Karen Balchin
    Karen Balchin

    Happy Birthday Josh

  • Gabby I
    Gabby I

    Happy bday

  • Jacqueline Højer
    Jacqueline Højer

    I can’t stop thinking about when Josh’s mom was pregnant and her water broke that his dad would think it was April fools

  • sienna heaps
    sienna heaps

    I saw the title and I went on famous birthdays and did Josh's birthday and I new it

  • Maya Rakovsky
    Maya Rakovsky

    Wow He was born at April fools name

  • Caroline Jones
    Caroline Jones

    i was like omg really then i looked at the date

  • Maisy Truelove
    Maisy Truelove

    Happy birthday Josh!!🥳

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    Tommo 919


  • Pam Conco
    Pam Conco

    Is it just me who sings along to their intro song

  • Alyssas Vlog channel
    Alyssas Vlog channel

    You should do an Unedited video

  • G l o s s y x
    G l o s s y x


  • Roisin Murray
    Roisin Murray

    Happy birthday josh have an amazing day sass King

  • Toxic Donut44
    Toxic Donut44

    And I thought he was gonna faint😭

  • Alya Hasan
    Alya Hasan

    I know you are having just one girl

  • Angelina Lujan
    Angelina Lujan

    Lol happy birthday

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    Kadence Ayers


  • Kaylee Parker
    Kaylee Parker

    Happy birthday josh

  • Patrick Mc Laughlin
    Patrick Mc Laughlin

    Happy birthday

  • Delia Bacgalang
    Delia Bacgalang

    I'm gonna support you till the end

  • JoGina Williamson
    JoGina Williamson

    Happy birthday Josh!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

  • Shannon Valiando
    Shannon Valiando

    When is the due date

  • Chloé Gumy
    Chloé Gumy

    Ok I’m at the beginning of the video I hope juste that is not an April fool🐟

    • Chloé Gumy
      Chloé Gumy

      Ok I’m totally sad 😢

  • Anna Dana
    Anna Dana


  • Alessandra Ayala Chavez
    Alessandra Ayala Chavez

    Me and josh having the same birthday-day except I’m 17 years younger than him. ( And just because people born on the first we are not jokes)

  • Charil Dixie
    Charil Dixie

    Happy birthday josh

  • Britney Gutierrez
    Britney Gutierrez

    I love you abby

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    Leia Heddle

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    lucas haas


  • Lisa Cicconi
    Lisa Cicconi

    Happy belated birthday josh

  • Lillie Zacek
    Lillie Zacek

    I watched the end some many times!! You guys are so funny 😂😂

  • poisson ivy4
    poisson ivy4

    Happy late birthday

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    audrey johnston

    i wish i could’ve seen the rest of abby laughing and joshes reaction😂

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    Michael Wiser

    Today is my birthday

  • Fatima Ali
    Fatima Ali

    April fools

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    Suria Mander

    Happy birthday Josh

  • Maryjoe Sanico
    Maryjoe Sanico

    Omg congratssss

  • Sanaa Mallik
    Sanaa Mallik

    Abbie bought those so many clothes now they can come in use

  • Riley Sue
    Riley Sue

    With your PCOS, did you have irregular periods??

  • CruseGirlz

    I came from tiktok

  • Janelle Dayao
    Janelle Dayao

    watching from philippines! loveyouuuuu abie 🤗

  • Lily Morara
    Lily Morara

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  • no yeah
    no yeah



    انتي جميلة 💚

  • lou la boss
    lou la boss

    But wat is the gender of the 2 one ???

  • emma ellingsen
    emma ellingsen


  • Jorge Galvez
    Jorge Galvez

    Lmaooo aww poor josh😂


    Hi Lovebirds watching here in the Philippines Hope you Notice so much love you both couples Happy Birthday Josh 🎉

  • Cricketstar 101
    Cricketstar 101

    I know I’m late but Happy Belated Birthday🥳

  • Elaiza Leanne Mendoza
    Elaiza Leanne Mendoza

    When is your due date? Love ur vids!

  • Lenny and mia Lenny and mia
    Lenny and mia Lenny and mia

    April fools

  • Aity Mothey
    Aity Mothey

    Happy birthday I hope that you have a beautiful day and have a happy baby

  • Lilian Barrios
    Lilian Barrios

    When is your due date?

  • hannah

    lol my dad’s birthday is on April 1st so he can probably relate. 😂

  • Ealiya Yafe
    Ealiya Yafe

    Who else thinks that the little baby is gonna have the most amazing eyes??🥺❤️

  • Colleen Podina
    Colleen Podina

    Happy b day

  • Deanna Fisher
    Deanna Fisher

    Come on I was getting excited for them.

  • Deanna Fisher
    Deanna Fisher

    7:14 my heart 🥰

  • Sara Blackburn
    Sara Blackburn


  • Amanda sanchez
    Amanda sanchez

    My moms birthday is April 1st also. I love playing pranks on her!

  • Isabella Salinas
    Isabella Salinas

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    Simply Bobas


  • GalaxyGirlGaming 2021
    GalaxyGirlGaming 2021

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    Michelle Nziki

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    Hfcbtssxhh Gfdfx

    😒 but still love ya

  • heidi romero
    heidi romero

    Did anyone else have a black screen almost throughout the whole vid💕

  • heidi romero
    heidi romero

    Happy late birthday!!

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    MaryAnn Gaffney

    Happy birthday Josh!

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    Aubree Ward

    Happy 31st birthday 🎉!!!

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    Tee Tee Williams

    Happy birthday

  • Chené Goosen
    Chené Goosen

    I wish I could have a baby, so I didn't really appreciate the joke.

  • Erin Bull
    Erin Bull

    Its good they bought all of the baby crocs then 😂

  • Naomi Attard
    Naomi Attard

    Happy Birthday josh the sass king

  • Lane King
    Lane King

    Happy birthday josh hope it is a great one

  • miguel pereira
    miguel pereira

    Bruh I saw her saying she was having twins in TikTok and I came rushing, and this is what I get? BRUHHH, but cool video 😎

    • Nora K
      Nora K


    • Meghan Lara
      Meghan Lara

      Yeah same.

    • Dee Bartleman
      Dee Bartleman

      bruh fr i was so excited

  • Ruby & Cat
    Ruby & Cat

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🥳🥳. (Ik I’m 3 days late 😂 hope u had a great day)

  • Kiressa Sealy
    Kiressa Sealy

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    Happy birthday love you guys so much 🎂🎂🎉🎊😍❤️

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    Shubhan K

    Boy she be glowing 😍 with life these days.❤️❤️

  • Jaddy Gaming
    Jaddy Gaming

    He said “arnt I supposed to do the April fooling since I’m the April fool” I ab died

  • Lynn Brooks
    Lynn Brooks

    Happy belated birthday. (Mine is the 4th) Go team Aries

  • Coley Bear219
    Coley Bear219

    Happy birthday

  • Kaelen Fabry
    Kaelen Fabry

    anyone else tired of clickbait?

  • Allyana Ruiz
    Allyana Ruiz

    I'm late ik but I was at the beginning and I watched and read the comments and y'all be spoiling it

  • Allyana Ruiz
    Allyana Ruiz

    I'm late ik but I was at the beginning and I watched and read the comments and y'all be spoiling it

  • Allyana Ruiz
    Allyana Ruiz

    I'm late ik but I was at the beginning and I watched and read the comments and y'all be spoiling it

  • Angeli Carmela Ferrer
    Angeli Carmela Ferrer

    Happy Birthday Sass King!!

  • Erica Luft
    Erica Luft

    April fools

  • Mariel Balver
    Mariel Balver

    The funny part is on famous birthdays is says you guys are having twins lol

  • Marianne

    Happy birsday josh!!!!

  • Kaitlyn Anderson
    Kaitlyn Anderson

    I'm cracking up so badly rn😅 Question: Did you start trying or was it just slowly? Abbie's answer: We went full force 🥴 Josh's answer: We gave it a whirl 🤣

  • McCall Morquecho
    McCall Morquecho


  • Atang May
    Atang May

    Happy birthday Josh

  • Ash Es
    Ash Es

    omg my BF is 31 this year too. and I'm 23. idk why but it feel funny.

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