Minecraft, But There Are Custom Portals...
Minecraft, But There Are Custom Portals... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, there are CUSTOM PORTALS AND WORLDS! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This was absolutely insane.
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  • Aakanksha Mishra
    Aakanksha Mishra

    A video of wisp without woooooaoaoaoaoaoah is incomplete



  • Mark Cressey
    Mark Cressey

    Imagine creating a portal out of end stuff..

  • Muntder Najaf
    Muntder Najaf

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    • Muntder Najaf
      Muntder Najaf


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    Oliver Krause

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    prime gaming house

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    angiela asis

    Chest dimension

  • Corona cat
    Corona cat

    Me subbed rn

  • Ryeo

    10:10 All those fake speedruns on SLtoos be like:

  • Alicia Owen
    Alicia Owen

    How are you able to get the portal because I tried it it didn’t work

  • ꧁Carolpinsan ꧂
    ꧁Carolpinsan ꧂

    What's the mod's name?


    there one thing ,what about a quartz and emerald portal?have you forgot wisp?

  • Jamil Nguyen
    Jamil Nguyen

    You passed the red stone 4:45

  • X._I234S9

    I wanted him to spam the endless enchanting 😭

  • KatianEmina GAYAPANAO
    KatianEmina GAYAPANAO

    wisp just made my childhood better, he actually made a diamond portal. NOT CLICKBAIT. FINALLY A PERSON WHO KNOWS HOW TO MAKE A VIDEO THATS NOT CLICKBAIT-

  • Alexander Grice
    Alexander Grice

    I can’t believe I’ve been watching sense 30k

  • venom let there be carnage
    venom let there be carnage


  • Deebronx7 Playz
    Deebronx7 Playz

    this is so over powered

  • Game Player ICY
    Game Player ICY

    is there a emrald one?

  • angelo gerena
    angelo gerena

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    Buddy Buddies

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  • S.W.A.T Piggy
    S.W.A.T Piggy

    Imagine if there was a bedrock portal lol

  • JackAttack and Friends!
    JackAttack and Friends!

    Imagine crafting a nether portal portal

  • Kat Playz
    Kat Playz

    * instert sadge Emerald and quarts noises *

  • Anime meme God
    Anime meme God

    Wisp trough the whole vid oh I forgot

  • Jeovani Paj
    Jeovani Paj

    Your gonna need looting 10 when you killed the blazes

  • Ps4 Gamer
    Ps4 Gamer

    This was worth the sub.

  • Anderson and Norbert
    Anderson and Norbert


  • Unicorn rainbow
    Unicorn rainbow

    Whoa calm down of digging in the wall

  • Kitty Gamer
    Kitty Gamer

    “Infinity in the last 20+ days”

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    Abeer Fathi


  • Zachy

    Bruh, this looks like one of those fake speedruns lol

  • Rasha Amoor
    Rasha Amoor

    You are a best minecraft youtober

  • Rasha Amoor
    Rasha Amoor

    Emerald diamond are my favorite

  • casey navanjo
    casey navanjo

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  • Dark Plxque
    Dark Plxque

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  • Cheese Burger
    Cheese Burger

    what about emeralds

  • Nikhil Saini
    Nikhil Saini

    One thing is so much weird we can get unlimited diamond in creative mode 😐😐😑😑

  • Kian Land
    Kian Land


  • Hammyaro

    How did he place a crafting table on a barrel???? How did he mlg water bucket on a smithing table

  • XAlex_GamerX

    I like how wisp tells WHAAAAA- after he sees something soo cool

  • Melvin M
    Melvin M

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  • Saskia Bankhead
    Saskia Bankhead

    Netherite Quartz and emeralds ?

  • almeer iqbal
    almeer iqbal

    Dont scream

  • scance gaming
    scance gaming

    I thought you forgot the ancient debri portal

  • Collin Isakson
    Collin Isakson

    Here straight from tik tok

  • Tyler Caleb
    Tyler Caleb

    16:36why does that look like. Bionic spawn for 1 his videos???

  • 🖤 𝒹𝒶𝓇𝓀 𝓌🏵𝓁𝒻 l г𝕠βᒪ𝐨𝕩 ×🐺
    🖤 𝒹𝒶𝓇𝓀 𝓌🏵𝓁𝒻 l г𝕠βᒪ𝐨𝕩 ×🐺

    and someone said gold is useless

    • 🖤 𝒹𝒶𝓇𝓀 𝓌🏵𝓁𝒻 l г𝕠βᒪ𝐨𝕩 ×🐺
      🖤 𝒹𝒶𝓇𝓀 𝓌🏵𝓁𝒻 l г𝕠βᒪ𝐨𝕩 ×🐺

      it is but then it isnt

  • Beckett Arnold
    Beckett Arnold

    The crafting recipe for ores is actually really smart. I could see it being in vanilla Minecraft.

  • paneithazin 114
    paneithazin 114

    Wow that is a lot of gems

  • ARᎥส

    Name mod

  • Abhinav Malla
    Abhinav Malla

    Nobody: Wisp:Gets a stack of crafting table becuse.

  • bukan Attar
    bukan Attar

    199k like Go 200k

  • Lolbit_lol-lol-lol-totaly_LoL

    Custom mobs if you haven’t done it yet plz 😋

    • Lolbit_lol-lol-lol-totaly_LoL

      Or broken mobs. For example: zombie has the creeper design and creeper has zombie design

  • Haram zahra
    Haram zahra

    Wisp pro oppppppppppppppppppppppp

  • Galaxigamergacha :3
    Galaxigamergacha :3


  • Ben James Bernades
    Ben James Bernades

    Every time Wisp says, "living the dream", i would think about Wilbur: From back when we were 17

  • INKK

    9:01 “I don’t even need to mine diamonds for diamond armor” 10:03

  • INKK

    That’s a lot of overreaction


    Is there a Bedrock portal???

  • shahzaib Yousuf zai
    shahzaib Yousuf zai

    When I watch your video first time my hands can't stop to subscribe you

  • Sonia Prastika
    Sonia Prastika

    I love how the begining

  • avdiablo

    Do you remember that villagers has him a lot of chanted armor do you remember that

  • Paris Handsome
    Paris Handsome


  • Jorge Mendoza
    Jorge Mendoza

    Why not emeralds

  • Hager Boy
    Hager Boy

    Please give me link to download.

  • HackerGX

    ... me thinking if y have enough diamonds who make a diamond portal what's the point of going there just to flex I guss

  • Ghotz zero ツ
    Ghotz zero ツ

    I will give a random person 100$ when wisp does not do an intro with a WAIT WHAT!!!??? and a scream

  • matthew abarca
    matthew abarca


  • Butterfly Queen
    Butterfly Queen

    u have to understand some people on SLtoos use SLtoos sighed out and can’t sub because they do not have a account but people that do have a account subribe

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    DOOM AM I Doom

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  • Benjamin Martin
    Benjamin Martin

    Am I the only one who crafts an axe the opposite direction it looks like

  • Tiger Lim
    Tiger Lim

    Wisps signature: AHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • mellohi

    You know everyone's hungry when they start smelting food.

  • Aiden10Doc

    My favorite was the bunny portal

  • Dark Enzo
    Dark Enzo

    Minecraft but Its sooooo op

  • Child Of The Wind
    Child Of The Wind

    you can make it to 4m wisp belive in you!!! great vid btw

  • Carmon Galloway
    Carmon Galloway

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  • mindy martin
    mindy martin

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  • Charley Weisiger
    Charley Weisiger

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  • Tony Franks
    Tony Franks

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  • Chef Cook
    Chef Cook

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  • Emory Haines
    Emory Haines

    What's a game that's not among us that you can chat

  • Zlatomir Zaprianov
    Zlatomir Zaprianov

    How can i add this to my worlds and can i add it in a smp server?

  • Imaan Arend
    Imaan Arend

    Why didn't u change your weapons to netherite

  • Exo MCPE
    Exo MCPE

    Idk the thumbnail words is too weird it says Diamond World The portal is FOR DIAMOND world how mnay times he say it???

  • Aiden Brooks
    Aiden Brooks

    69 nice

  • Muhammad Kalary
    Muhammad Kalary

    mod name

  • Orhan Kemal
    Orhan Kemal

    Everyportal is gangsta till Netherite exists

  • Luka Coleman
    Luka Coleman

    Didn't work

    • Nadja

      Wow its a mod

  • Crispy

    imagine crafting a portal out of dirt B R U H

  • Mark Elvin Mandap
    Mark Elvin Mandap


  • how do you do that how did you download Minecrafe
    how do you do that how did you download Minecrafe

    You look like a pro

  • cookie_pie

    Hey ur face aint stupid

  • Irma Jukniene
    Irma Jukniene

    Is good game

  • Super Sky3D
    Super Sky3D

    What about quartz

  • Elieson Tecson
    Elieson Tecson

    What's the name of the mod? Is it allowed on MCPE on android phone?

  • Bastian Ronquillo
    Bastian Ronquillo

    Wisp: has the ability to get stacks and stacks of gold blocks and is able to get tons of tons of apples from trees to get soooooo many notch apples Me: 😎😏🤭 Wisp: makes his gold blocks into gold ore and uses his apples to make regular golden apples Me: Bruh 😐😑😐😬