My wife TANA moved in without telling me?!?
My wife TANA moved in without telling me?!?
that was unexpected...
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  • Kar’vel Braswell
    Kar’vel Braswell

    Paul fight KSI

  • FaithSkie Gaming
    FaithSkie Gaming


  • Zara Shabbir
    Zara Shabbir

    Awesome sauce

  • Thaarrun Vadivelu
    Thaarrun Vadivelu


  • Anwar Mohammad
    Anwar Mohammad

    Shout out karma

  • Dzeina Becirbasic
    Dzeina Becirbasic

    If he was trying to look hot when he took the shower, hes stupid, he has a WIFE

  • CLXPS Playzz
    CLXPS Playzz

    11:20 when yo friend says something dumb

  • Red

    That's what do you want 12:09

  • Gurnur SpyNinja
    Gurnur SpyNinja




  • belle ame
    belle ame

    yoooo tana saying "tana is the only one in love"' and " in bed with another bitch"' is hitting diffrent now knowing how toxic the relationship was for her and that he was basically cheating the whole time and she was allowing it bc she didnt wanna lose him :(bruh

  • Madison Is a person
    Madison Is a person

    Bruh y’all tripping

  • kermit *
    kermit *

    12:14 ,_, : (

  • Mildred Connor
    Mildred Connor

    What the fok

  • Vinesh Hira
    Vinesh Hira

    Ur mask looks frickin crazy on u bruh

  • : D
    : D

    This channel used to be kid friendly now it’s sexual wow tana really changed him

  • Aayushi Kaundal
    Aayushi Kaundal

    Actually jake and tana were so cute m obsessed , i wish they were real.

  • vlogswithmatti

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  • matt

    Lymph nodes

  • LincolnLOUD Lincoln
    LincolnLOUD Lincoln


  • Cupxeen

    How does this guy have 20M subs

    • Cupxeen

      @Black Mamba makes more sense.

    • Black Mamba
      Black Mamba

      Go scroll to 2017 vid when he was cool

  • Fweago SWAY
    Fweago SWAY


  • İCE S.W.A.T
    İCE S.W.A.T


  • İCE S.W.A.T
    İCE S.W.A.T

    Yuo drink bear

  • snowy LF Zaya
    snowy LF Zaya


  • Jaxon Emberton
    Jaxon Emberton

    Tana is sexy let’s fight for her

  • B G
    B G

    What sad, sad human beings

  • Shean-Pierre Henriquez
    Shean-Pierre Henriquez

    Wai ju hef put jor dik owt

  • Natalia Gist
    Natalia Gist

    the face of DISOPPOINTMENT lol

  • Mikaiya Hall
    Mikaiya Hall

    What if Erika watches this😱

  • Sanmoesnawi Veagan
    Sanmoesnawi Veagan

    Way did you broke up white jerika

  • Benjamin Olayo
    Benjamin Olayo


  • Lisa Martinez
    Lisa Martinez

    Oh yeah I'm a boy but this is my mom's phone

  • Lisa Martinez
    Lisa Martinez

    Because every video you make she's never in there

  • Oliverpandabear Paul
    Oliverpandabear Paul

    My face was like this 😅🐱then to this 🤯🙄☠️🙀💀 and then after it comes to the face masks and I'm like this 👁️👄👁️

  • Ely Carrillo
    Ely Carrillo

    Still waiting for drunk and high video.

  • Kiss jordin Lozare
    Kiss jordin Lozare

    Wasnt tana vlogging i cant seem to find it

  • YellowBow

    This man came from kid content to sexual 18 year old content

  • Jayson Bibb
    Jayson Bibb

    I have do you talk to Erica about cheating on her what did she say

  • Mary Esquivel
    Mary Esquivel

    was that an x did jake paul xxx

  • Nicole Wood
    Nicole Wood


  • Iris Guzman
    Iris Guzman


  • Princess consuela Banana hammock
    Princess consuela Banana hammock

    When Jake had that face mask on all i could think of was how he looked like mrs doubtfire when she puts her face in the pie 😂😂

  • Princess consuela Banana hammock
    Princess consuela Banana hammock

    Anyone else find tana cringe?? If i was around her she’d drive me nuts 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Donna Kiernan
    Donna Kiernan

    Why is there like 5 ppl watching him

  • Afonso Sousa
    Afonso Sousa


  • kura grg
    kura grg


  • akatsuki pancake
    akatsuki pancake

    I sm@sh my sister 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

  • Kahla Burbidge
    Kahla Burbidge


  • Kyle Britt
    Kyle Britt

    Tana moved in I’m so excited and for Jake will be pissed off

  • kate Jackson
    kate Jackson

    Did anyone notice Tana had shoe's on in the bed

  • Big Rigs Tiktok
    Big Rigs Tiktok


  • stella morganti
    stella morganti


  • BasketBall is Amazing
    BasketBall is Amazing

    Listen to them talking about how she wanted them to hit them but close your eyes and let your imagination think

  • Rhet Harris
    Rhet Harris

    wy was tana bouta go to bed with shoes on

  • Rhet Harris
    Rhet Harris

    Tana is so annoying with the whole "im pregnant" bs and Jakes rap makes me cringe

  • hannah s
    hannah s

    tana adding to the song kills me 😭😭🤣

  • Tharris

    Every video it is sexual with tana

  • dog squad
    dog squad

    Why do say ur pregnant all the time

  • Philo Hanna
    Philo Hanna

    Who the f*ck sleeps with shoes

  • Jacob The beast
    Jacob The beast

    Jake stop cussing

  • Carrie Davis
    Carrie Davis

    After 2 years I come back to this

  • Chris McCarthy
    Chris McCarthy

    No offence to tana but when I watched this vid my parent thought I was watching something else.

  • elise nicole
    elise nicole

    tana beautiful af but damn she so annoying 😐

  • Stephanie Cooper
    Stephanie Cooper


  • Stephanie Cooper
    Stephanie Cooper


  • cece hars
    cece hars

    Why u break up with her?hmmmm,iam watching this video again and again🍂

  • Addison Risch
    Addison Risch

    I miss JEarik 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • leena Ramsaran
    leena Ramsaran

    This vidoe was so disgusting

  • gamer boy
    gamer boy


  • Jerry Lee
    Jerry Lee

    Jana can ship Jake tana ship


    Bro he has changed so much

  • Javier Marrufo
    Javier Marrufo


  • Javier Marrufo
    Javier Marrufo

    You are my dream job

  • Javier Marrufo
    Javier Marrufo

    You are my dream❤️

  • Javier Marrufo
    Javier Marrufo

    I love you I love you ❤️ 💕 Jake Paul and I’m your girlfriend

    • Laila's Art
      Laila's Art

      Ew kid gtfo of the comments

  • Tom Shortt
    Tom Shortt

    Im a big fan jake

  • Sydney Gonzalez
    Sydney Gonzalez

    2008 subscribers

  • Dominykas Jankauskas
    Dominykas Jankauskas


  • Juju Nuts
    Juju Nuts

    Is it just me but every boxing mach he has a new girl friend

  • Erika Iraheta
    Erika Iraheta

    Jake higo un hombre sabio Abu Dhabi nada

  • CLXPS Playzz
    CLXPS Playzz

    3:58 when your teacher says you have a test

  • Mayra Herrera Chairez
    Mayra Herrera Chairez

    Sexual Paul ?

  • Kelly Quiglwy
    Kelly Quiglwy

    I'm wachting in 2020 in quarantine

  • Rachel Lewers
    Rachel Lewers

    Why was Tana “”sleeping with her shoes on

  • Areya Pongsak
    Areya Pongsak

    You are the weirdest person in the whole world

  • Jade Greenwood
    Jade Greenwood

    Shes such an attention seeker lol its cringe

  • Karoshi bing
    Karoshi bing


  • Stormed

    look at tana 3:58

  • Dakota Tunnicliff
    Dakota Tunnicliff

    hi jake can you get me a yz 65 motrbike

  • Ryan Crowder
    Ryan Crowder

    10:15 Evil Laugh

  • John Barber
    John Barber

    What’s with Tana being “pregnant”

  • Angelique Horvath
    Angelique Horvath

    Tana has toooo much energy

  • bts is my safe place
    bts is my safe place

    First pranks next sexual things

  • Mdnoor Osman
    Mdnoor Osman

    I don't want jake to have another girlfriend it suppose to be jerika

  • Charlotte Toms
    Charlotte Toms


  • lochansingh lochansingh
    lochansingh lochansingh


  • Addie a White
    Addie a White


  • ZI-FLASH Games
    ZI-FLASH Games

    He looks like justin bieber with the hoodie and hat on

  • Kerry Dearing
    Kerry Dearing

    Love u jake love all ur vedios