Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event Trailer
Can you believe it’s been two years? Mirage worked really hard on this slide show for you. x.ea.com/67416
We’re celebrating two years of Apex Legends. Jump in for free rewards, a special Collection Event featuring the return of fan-favorite looks, and the return of Locked and Loaded as a playlist Takeover. As a thank you for dropping with us, we’re loading up the Reward Track with 22 earnable items, including two Event Packs and ten Apex Packs. Get all the Collection Event items to unlock an Heirloom of your choice!
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Origin and Steam. Apex Legends is also coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 9, 2021.
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  • ильяс швец
    ильяс швец

    It would be a good theme if the third year did all the blue

  • maxinq

    Fix your freaking game

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment

    I wish el Tigre was change by xlr8 or clocktane recolor imagine how cool will that look but el Tigre still looks amazing

  • Angel FS
    Angel FS

    Interesting modes and skins in packs, but this is all that the developers do, I am saddened by a huge number of cheaters, from the very first seasons, apart from pulling money from players, what are you doing there ???

  • crypto , joon park
    crypto , joon park

    god, mirage is annoying

  • little friend
    little friend

    i hate red i like blue more

  • Bearded_Z0mbie Gaming
    Bearded_Z0mbie Gaming

    Got me a sexy mirage n crypto skin. Wanted Wattson... 😭😭😭

  • T4CO G4M3
    T4CO G4M3

    truth is, crypto is a better video editor

  • obito

    damn I wish that event was still here 😭

  • Jfx_lix

    Why does mirage sound so funny in all these makes me feel a bit bad for his mum

  • Maximiliano Romero
    Maximiliano Romero

    Can you guys give me my 25 levels because I could not play apex because of the lobby login glitch

  • RJay Gaming
    RJay Gaming

    WE STILL CANT PLAY APEX LEGENDS...the update today was totally useless...Like if you have the same feeling

  • Young PupVEVO
    Young PupVEVO

    I want to be a voice actor when I for apex when I grow up that would be crazy fun

  • Julho-_- Black
    Julho-_- Black

    0:26 🥺🥺

  • Brandon Whitehouse
    Brandon Whitehouse

    Hey are you guys going to fix Lobas completely unusable jump drive?

  • TSS_gameer Yeet
    TSS_gameer Yeet

    I started playing I Ng during the event so the only thing I relate to is no freinds

  • KaYdI CaInE
    KaYdI CaInE

    Respawn please see this comment as a committed day 1 player I ask can you change the button configuration settings to be able to unbind a button as from the beginning I’ve always had the havoc melee on me whilst shooting and I can’t handle it no more I thought that the button settings might of changed at some point to be able to unbind a button but you have to change a button only I beg you please change this as I’ve been killed countless time just for using the havoc please see this comment fingers crossed 🤞

  • Mahbano ali
    Mahbano ali

    awesome event

  • TheLastShin

    2 free event packs: Me: I cant wait to get these legendary event skins Also me: Gets 2 epics and not even a non event legendary :(

  • Jonathon King
    Jonathon King

    0:08 Mirage: We're a big happy family *A family that shoots each other with Guns* American dad the Smiths: Let's be friends

  • Seaden - Deniz Turan
    Seaden - Deniz Turan

    0:37 cryptos show

  • Balázs Fényes
    Balázs Fényes

    10 Free Apex Packs and 2 free Collection Packs. What did I get? Cannot login to account from login screen. That's what I got(any many others). After event ended they repaired the loggin issues.They said they give 25 battlepass levels to those who got this, but i didn't get anything. Every time I look at the icon of Apex, i get full of rage for the scamming this company is doing.

  • Fedewarrior 97
    Fedewarrior 97

    Too bad i returned playng apex too late

  • J. S.
    J. S.

    Ok the event finished and loot is shit again Also support is worst than ever

    • ChillyMcFrosty

      And yours telling us this because

  • Last Note
    Last Note

    R.i.p. anniversary year 2

  • Ethanplayz

    I feel most alive when rapidlyapproaching my free rewards 👑💎

  • Legendary King
    Legendary King

    fix the report player button.

  • Mohamed A. Hussein
    Mohamed A. Hussein

    Hey apex can you add auto open Door

  • Che Ramous
    Che Ramous

    still can't believe it been two years

  • Memobro1709

    Happy Anniversary to Apex Legends community and family..

  • Bobby Green
    Bobby Green

    The recolor skins are SUPER cheap not worth getting the shards only like 1 or 2 skins are good in the anniversary event

  • Benruxx

    al final mirage pudo haber dicho algo bonito para todos pero le gano su vanidad jajajajaxd

  • 郭かくかく

    To those who may concerns: My APEX Account was banned about 01/23~01/24. I was warned using an illegal program in APEX. Thus my account was banned. However, I never used any kind of cheat software, and I even didn't login APEX during 01/23~01/24! I check my RANK point was got up for no reasoon, so I think my account was hacked. I report this case to EA chinese and provide all of my information, such as APEX Account and IP Location in 01/24 afternonn, Hoping that EA will help me to prove my innocence and give back my EA Account and APEX uesr service. However from 24th, Jan. until today, I have already sent lots of mails and never got a reply. Oops, sorry, there's still a reply, saying that I report the same problem so "cancel" other case for me. Wow, that is so kind, for EA still not fixing my problem. All money I spent on APEX SKIN was WASTED simply because EA IGNORE their customer and their TERRIBLE customer service!!! Had EA ever care about their user, I already contact Judiciary in Taiwan to get back my money. I will NEVER concern EA anymore and suggest all the other users to do so: Do not spend any money on EA, who consider consumer rights b.s.!!

  • Mike

    Solos please

    • Yombo

      It didn't work out

  • Chicken nugs
    Chicken nugs

    Get rid of locked and loaded already I'm sick of getting dying every 5 seconds by a Mozambique

  • Ronan O'Malley
    Ronan O'Malley

    Today marks my 2 year anniversary on Apex.

  • hallabilkhamis 69
    hallabilkhamis 69

    Will the point rewards also extend?

    • Elijah Mangure
      Elijah Mangure


  • Den bast
    Den bast

    I love this game!!!! 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • امین عباس کاشی
    امین عباس کاشی


  • Yoons DC
    Yoons DC

    I wish I was able to play it.....

  • Dog Dog
    Dog Dog

    Awwww friendship familie and murder

  • Run fast Win fast
    Run fast Win fast

    The sun was in my eyes

  • Genericjoke

    Ight but what is the story about the shower i need too know

  • Elinoor


  • `Luciara 2.0 ;
    `Luciara 2.0 ;

    Happy Birthday!! ♡☆ Omg,finally so.

  • IburnStuff

    Thank you. I was going to miss the last pack and skin by one day

    • ItzFlowy

      @Hendrix Simmons HAH! Never

    • Hendrix Simmons
      Hendrix Simmons

      Omg, I know! This event EA has been so generous, free packs, reduced cost, any heirloom you want, and an extension to the end date. Maybe they changed

  • Shu Kurenai
    Shu Kurenai

    Mirage lives matter

  • omega toast
    omega toast

    Why u do this?

  • Ozieplayz2020

    Happy anniversary Apex. Cheers to the best Battle Royal.🍻

  • rickyloco 234
    rickyloco 234

    Did ya fix when you get the lifeline skin you can't buy the lifeline bundle?

  • The real EnyAlex2
    The real EnyAlex2

    End it

  • Rubikz ಠ_ಠ
    Rubikz ಠ_ಠ

    My rewards are broken

  • papito_ gamerPRO
    papito_ gamerPRO

    No BUFF Caustic, Happy Anniversary Crazy Apex.

  • Class 115
    Class 115

    Sad part about this I missed most of the events on this game Jeez I feel dumb and stupid

    • Da GingerBreadMan
      Da GingerBreadMan

      You’re not

  • kachu my
    kachu my

    未だに未完成品。 シーズン8になってもPS4でプレイ中にエラーしてます。

  • しソ、

    1:39 lol voice

  • Piko Piko Pikuško Figura
    Piko Piko Pikuško Figura

    Guys quick help please should i buy revenants skin or nah?

    • Yombo

      @Elijah Mangure This aged well

    • Elijah Mangure
      Elijah Mangure

      @Piko Piko Pikuško Figura you should wait there should be a collection event in 1-3 weeks and im sure it will have a revenant skin

    • Piko Piko Pikuško Figura
      Piko Piko Pikuško Figura

      @Elijah Mangure idk man i love it but idk if i should spend 20 bucks on that or wait for a better one currently im running the unholy beast

    • Elijah Mangure
      Elijah Mangure

      no it looks like shit imo

  • Game 5278
    Game 5278

    Can you guys make it 4 days then I can get a heirloom if you guys don’t want to it’s OK

    • Elijah Mangure
      Elijah Mangure

      they did

  • DYLAN Ouerdi
    DYLAN Ouerdi

    DYLAN. WRATH.😘👍👍Apex. 🎮

  • R Franks
    R Franks

    Yo can y'all add a pack counter. And happy anniversary and y'all voice actors y'all r good keep up the work u legends and you to apex.

  • Debbie Brewer
    Debbie Brewer

    Guys crypto didn’t die this time

  • rilex light
    rilex light

    Am so happy right now because *calebtools* 0n Instagram help me to unbanned my account that was ban for no reason.

  • rilex light
    rilex light

    Am so happy right now because *calebtools* 0n Instagram help me to unbanned my account that was ban for no reason.

  • DimaA

    Give us Solos back.

    • Jaevhon Douglas
      Jaevhon Douglas

      @Elijah Mangure Yes

    • Elijah Mangure
      Elijah Mangure


  • Elegro United
    Elegro United

    You stingers eat money just like ea, you give good items, if we don't spend money, you give epic wraith and prowler skin which is just like rare skin because I didn't spend money, right? How many seasons you did not give free event packages, it is an event that has not been dealt with less than others.For example, you are recoloring the previous event skins, nothing else.

  • ForbidScarab 996
    ForbidScarab 996

    nerf the fuckiung spitfire

  • Ashton Knight
    Ashton Knight

    Apex should make a game mode called raining gold where every gun is fully kitted

  • Allison Stone
    Allison Stone

    crypto i want you to get rid of that moustache and the gray hair, NOW

  • Waldina Alarcon
    Waldina Alarcon

    Con gran tristeza voy a tener que desinstalar Apex porque va muy mal que digo, va pésimo ya no es jugable, y en lugar de ser un juego para desestresar ocurre todo lo contrario, me estresa lo mal que va. Como dice la canción nada es eterno

  • Llamafinder #0256
    Llamafinder #0256

    ha ha, cryptage go brrrrr


    Still no friends though" Felt that

  • Doge Cheese
    Doge Cheese

    The Hunters moon bloodhound skin is glitched for me anyone else?

  • Not Pucci
    Not Pucci

    Gimme my money back got no legendary after buying 6packs wasted a load of money

    • Not Pucci
      Not Pucci


    • Saber Hg
      Saber Hg

      @Not Pucci You didn't specify that they were even packs and it's not bad, u just got unlucky

    • Not Pucci
      Not Pucci

      @Saber Hg the packs i bought are 700coins each and from the normal pack u get 1 legendary every 30packs so get some common sense

    • Saber Hg
      Saber Hg

      6 packs. I bought 30 and got 1 legendary frame. Stop complaining

    • Elijah Mangure
      Elijah Mangure

      thats just ur luck

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex Reyes

    0:31 i will be your freind

  • Not Pucci
    Not Pucci

    I want my money back respawn i bought 5packs didnt get any legendarys scam Edit : am on 7packs and still havent got a single legendary REALLY 7 PACKS

    • Elijah Mangure
      Elijah Mangure

      to bad they warned you that it was based of luck

  • S Lucero
    S Lucero

    0:25 octane. ;im out;

  • Not Pucci
    Not Pucci

    I want my money back i opened 4 pacjs and only got epics

  • Naruto Namikaze
    Naruto Namikaze

    Should respawn add keyboard and mouse on console?

  • 해랑아이

    에이펙스 흥해라

  • Albert Alberto
    Albert Alberto

    Thank you Apex, i got no legendary in my Free event packs!

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith

    I feel most alive when rapidly killing my wallet!

  • Shaun Jackson
    Shaun Jackson

    Bro in the event all I got was epics, like why couldn't I get a Legendary all I wanted was wraith hellcat skin 😔😭

  • DuSk Ronin
    DuSk Ronin

    Okay so has anyone actually got these free apex packs? Because I didn't

  • Mr Someone
    Mr Someone


  • Mr. AdvocateSeal
    Mr. AdvocateSeal

    Still waiting for Bangalore heirloom

  • Le1vis

    So EA gives out free packs? I think thry drank alot xd

  • I'm A Duck btw
    I'm A Duck btw

    Pathfinder can kill you easy Mirage

  • HeDo ScootDoe
    HeDo ScootDoe

    I was thinking about getting the heirloom from the event for days now and finally decided to pay up, if u play the game a lot I recommend it without a doubt because after this event there will be no other way to get cheaper guaranteed heirloom shards for months maybe even seasons ahead!

  • Alfie Ormesher
    Alfie Ormesher

    I'm excited for the free anniversary packs how genorous

  • Montoya

    Remove kings canyon from the game already! It is ruining the game!

  • Montoya

    Remove Kings canyon. It is ruining the game.

  • Tyler Hawley
    Tyler Hawley


  • NepaliBotz

    wtf subscribers only 1 million and player more then that really :/ come on guys guys :D its anniversary guys they will not block ur account even if. ur using aim bot guys :D

  • Tj Caly
    Tj Caly

    The only reason why I do not play apex anymore because I play on ps4 and I can not play keyboard and mouse

  • Sarvarjon Solijonov
    Sarvarjon Solijonov

    how to play on the phone

  • Mr Tree
    Mr Tree

    My wallet’s not gonna like this

  • Sivangamesnl

    I got out of my first free box the crypto skin im so happy tomorrow i have enough points by grinding the game to get crypto

  • Daddy Diesel
    Daddy Diesel

    Bro I just got a 2k game on gibby but I didn’t get the badge

    • mhmm

      Maybe u already got it

  • 안옥분

    입닥쳐 개어색하네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Rice Crispy Man
    Rice Crispy Man

    Can we just make Locked and Loaded permanent?

    • Saber Hg
      Saber Hg

      It really is better because its less luck based

    • Elijah Mangure
      Elijah Mangure


7 mio.