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  • James Harris
    James Harris

    It’s funny how Jake has better technique than KSI even when he’s drunk.

    • George Washington
      George Washington

      Imagine being a jake paul fan. HAHAHAH

    • Damian Roche
      Damian Roche

      Jake that's really f upped

    • Super Fire 64 Gaming
      Super Fire 64 Gaming

      Funny, I thought KSI won

    • Tanner Peterson
      Tanner Peterson

      It’s even more funny how Ksi is going to fuck Jake up

    • Super koopa Bros
      Super koopa Bros

      Nahhhhhhhhhhhhh ksi is gonna knock jake out even sigh his eyes closed

  • Brian Melesio
    Brian Melesio

    He said he lasted longer than gib I bet they gived him a long ass break so he can get in the ring with some energy

  • S Lo
    S Lo

    Airrack LOL

  • Reymer Reambonanza
    Reymer Reambonanza

    Jake paul you're the strongest boxer fight with many

  • Rey Palma
    Rey Palma

    Your trash at boxing pig i wanna see this clown fight against connor mcgregor hahaha gonna fail

  • Landon Brown
    Landon Brown

    Is it just me or did jake lose subs

  • iChill Pogba
    iChill Pogba

    0:55 this is what we thought what was gonna happen to deji

  • Squidward Dabs
    Squidward Dabs

    Literally the whole comment section imagine beating up a skinny guy when the guy was ward

  • Sonic PlayZ Among Us
    Sonic PlayZ Among Us

    he's gay

  • Jerome Hearne
    Jerome Hearne

    SLtoos needs to ban this idiot and his brother.

  • Jesus Colmenares
    Jesus Colmenares

    Dam u didnt had to hit hem that hard

  • Mochiii Bunz
    Mochiii Bunz

    What's the point of this video?

  • Close

    Trying to punch a dude who clearly had enough... weak trash of a man.

  • Tyler Knox
    Tyler Knox

    I really only like Jakes boxing matches and stuff

  • YTD Mana
    YTD Mana

    *Pus*** *FIGHT*

  • The real lone wolf xD
    The real lone wolf xD

    No cap what weight class are you in

  • Troy Hacker
    Troy Hacker

    Jake defeated someone while he is drunk

  • Trey H. Mendel
    Trey H. Mendel

    Okay !

  • Rule Muhammad
    Rule Muhammad

    He change

  • Harry Jakob
    Harry Jakob

    The guy never boxed in his life and jake went all out. Such a douche bag

  • OP.editz_YT

    Cmon now we all know certain white boys can fight so we known Jake takin tht dub

  • Lev

    Imagine getting angry for Jake fighting someone who called him out, ya’ll are just haters.

  • chill meilodas
    chill meilodas

    That guy that he was boxing has a youtube

  • Johan On pc
    Johan On pc

    Bro jake swing them hands tho

  • ItscrackinTJ

    Keep up the great work my boy. I see you! @wwe should be signing you!

  • Boop Bop
    Boop Bop

    Instead of having a good time and just mess with him he tries so hard to knock him out... what a waste of time smh

  • TTWITCH Masemola
    TTWITCH Masemola

    He lasted longer than gib how embarrassing😂😂

  • Benjamin Hannon
    Benjamin Hannon

    Fakest fight I’ve ever seen in my life

  • Mete TEMEL
    Mete TEMEL

    Sory ass men beating up a stickmam

  • Mixho

    Bro when ur drunk u hit harder

  • Arjun Singadia
    Arjun Singadia

    Did Jake mention he was drunk?

  • EVE Productions
    EVE Productions

    Why am i watching A Trash can Fighting this is wired.

  • Karson Lusi
    Karson Lusi

    when he said, "Aye, You lasted longer than Gib".

  • nico

    Muay thai hahaha come on one elbow man you hospital coma you are no fighters stupid me no fear you

  • Valentino

    Jake Paul Can box, as long as it’s people who have non or barley any experience, his hands are down this entire fight, in a real boxing fight with an experienced boxer he will just get knocked the fuck out

  • YellowBow

    3:00 did he say the n word?

  • Ben Layers
    Ben Layers

    that was brutal. Like shit get this guy out of there he can't protect himself.

  • Crustzy

    You dont even have to be a boxer to know. That boxing junk is fun.

  • DΛ snoozy
    DΛ snoozy

    jake: knocks out someone who has probably never thrown a punch in their life his fans: JaKe Is ThE gOaT

  • Arbiter727

    I want to fight him so bad I would beat the shit outta him

  • Fillip Bjerke
    Fillip Bjerke

    lets go Jake

  • Lewis Nightingale
    Lewis Nightingale

    I wood box jake TMZ get me in ther

  • Julius Dulos
    Julius Dulos

    That was airrack

  • kayla sanchez
    kayla sanchez

    It's funny how Jake Paul only fights skinny people that are beginners 🤣

  • Flori

    RIP Ryan burton

  • Hussain Beats
    Hussain Beats

    Why jake beating a dude that never box and his fans are going crazy

  • Wilfred William
    Wilfred William

    Hello this is Wilfred

  • M Sb
    M Sb

    Imagine calling yourself a professional boxer lmaooo.. you an amateur stop it

  • Thehumanshotgun710 TTV
    Thehumanshotgun710 TTV

    Jake has NO knockout power i think this video shows that.

  • Joshua Cummings
    Joshua Cummings

    They're in a different Fucking weight class but dope stuff Jake he's really good with his foot work and arms.... That distant Left hook as well as the compact upper right. Flawless. Can't h8 on progress

  • Julius Mosquera
    Julius Mosquera

    These SLtoosrs b having them leechin thots do anything to keep gettin bread😭😂💯

  • Šlick J
    Šlick J

    I love ksi but jake is gonna win He’s more athletic and he has a background in wrestling

  • savage beast
    savage beast


  • Bobby Vuksanovich
    Bobby Vuksanovich

    Dude was tough tbf

  • sam chippett
    sam chippett

    Love how people be saying ah it’s fine he’s drunk 🤦🏻‍♂️ he clearly ain’t considering how much he says he’s drunk like he says it way to much 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ he really ain’t just an Excuse to beat the fuck out of someone and look good

  • RiØ

    weak sauce

  • Mitchell Schultz
    Mitchell Schultz

    WHAT THE HELL When was licking a foot at 00:1

    • Mitchell Schultz
      Mitchell Schultz


  • Květoslav Lízlořech
    Květoslav Lízlořech

    KSI is just dancing

  • Jorge Bass
    Jorge Bass

    Why is he acting like he beat up Mike Tyson

  • martha cisneros
    martha cisneros

    Love yOu

  • Wahab Mughal
    Wahab Mughal

    Bro when the black guys Idk his name started humping the wall 😂😂😂

  • Reema Ashraf
    Reema Ashraf

    Is lit

  • Reema Ashraf
    Reema Ashraf

    .....bruh jake is.....


    Way don’t you fight canelo

  • Doreathia Thomas
    Doreathia Thomas

    Jake I'm sorry blah blah Erica

  • British gt fan
    British gt fan

    3:48 your welcome

    • Christian Flores
      Christian Flores


  • Kurt Sigmund
    Kurt Sigmund

    I'll box you for 500,000

    • Christian Flores
      Christian Flores

      Ouuu jake needs to see this Comment

  • Connor g
    Connor g

    Charlie Zelenoff vibes 🤣 but na on a serious note jake paul vs charlie zelenoff would be fun to watch.

  • David hshsbdh
    David hshsbdh

    He's using his head as defence

  • Sam.Senpai

    Is this really the content you should be showing to 10 year olds?🤡

  • Summer Wilson
    Summer Wilson

    Just a tip don’t start boxing anytime soon just stick to been a SLtoosr😂😂

  • Dark Eagle Games
    Dark Eagle Games

    This how I know jake will lose to ksi even if he was drunk you can still fight he beat up someone with no experience and he left him self open and us still missing some of them shots all ksi has to do is throw a huge haymaker on the jaw and its gameover

  • Lemon Animation
    Lemon Animation

    He lasted longer than gib because you paid him to 😂😂😂😂

  • Lee Kaylor
    Lee Kaylor

    Boss Baby could lamp you in a fight

  • Jay T
    Jay T

    It was staged lol

  • Nyrie Purumian
    Nyrie Purumian

    That’s just mean

  • EmotionX

    Imagine fighting people that can’t fight sad

  • F4 Kids Football
    F4 Kids Football

    Jake Paul kinder fight better when his drunk

  • Fire Head
    Fire Head

    Imagine beating up a 12 pound kid

  • zico.zc6 Z.x.Z
    zico.zc6 Z.x.Z

    This guy is the most cringe person in the world bro & he doesn't realise that he's girlfriend is using his money & clout

  • Hamburber xdd
    Hamburber xdd

    Is that Addison ray

  • Manna levey
    Manna levey

    This’d be impressive if the guy he fought wasn’t shit

  • :3 E
    :3 E

    ZHC is a REALLY GOOD artist but Jake Is THE ABSOLUTE BEST

    • Manna levey
      Manna levey


  • Mari & Jay Games
    Mari & Jay Games


  • Ariana v
    Ariana v

    You so cut Jake

  • Bandits Plazys
    Bandits Plazys

    Ur vlogs are still baaaddd

  • The Untalented Gamer
    The Untalented Gamer

    Fight someone that dosent look malnurished.................................Like KSI

  • La-Retro []
    La-Retro []

    Get rekt kid B)

  • Omar Ramos
    Omar Ramos

    Jake the first half of the vid iM drUNk

  • Gavin Wallace
    Gavin Wallace

    Literally the guy wanted to box so you can’t feel bad for him he jumped in and wanted to do it don’t give Jake shit about it

  • Chase Melusky
    Chase Melusky

    Omg this guy should fight gib

  • Rdogg Vlogs
    Rdogg Vlogs

    Ksi will beat his ass

  • ToeJam445

    Why so many snowflakes in the comments hating because this dude boxed a dude who literally signed a contract and wanted to box smh

  • Inderjit

    I don't know what thf is wrong with her girlfriend, I don't know man that if she really love Or him is in for money only, but whoever is reading this comment don't get offended

  • Inderjit

    I don't know what thf is wrong with her girlfriend, I don't know man that if she really love Or him is in for money only, but whoever is reading this comment don't get offended

  • Mirella Moreno
    Mirella Moreno

    Jake is the boss

    • Manna levey
      Manna levey


    • Rdogg Vlogs
      Rdogg Vlogs


  • Alex Ruiz
    Alex Ruiz

    Could u beat Ryan Garcia in a fight🤷‍♂️

  • Isaacgaming

    I could take him

  • Rose moxley
    Rose moxley

    Damn he got slumped🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • not D I E G O
    not D I E G O

    Why u always fighting people that cant fight

    • Rdogg Vlogs
      Rdogg Vlogs


i won.
4,1 mio.