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  • James Harris
    James Harris

    It’s funny how Jake has better technique than KSI even when he’s drunk.

    • C_137 Sanchez
      C_137 Sanchez

      Technique? 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 👍👍

    • Berserk Dragon
      Berserk Dragon

      Angel Castillo ummm stfu ksi even said it himself that Jake and joe seller have better technique than him 🤡

    • Silver The god
      Silver The god

      @Angel Castillo I have 1 question. If it’s his opinion why is it wrong.

    • David Mancinas
      David Mancinas

      @Donald Lopez imagine thinking you’re cool beating someone that has never boxed before

    • George Washington
      George Washington

      Imagine being a jake paul fan. HAHAHAH

  • C_137 Sanchez
    C_137 Sanchez

    LOL isn't this the youtuber that acts like he can box? Lmao "Sasa sha sha ha ha ha sasa" How is this guy winning anything? He boxes like the intermediate level kids at my gym. UFC is trully a joke 😂🤣.

  • Elisa Rijkaard
    Elisa Rijkaard


  • Behren Hirtz
    Behren Hirtz

    Some one do the roadblocks oof when Jake Paul says I’m drunk

  • Barnaby Worth
    Barnaby Worth

    Oooooo and this hard fuck will beat connor mc Gregor in an mma ring yea we all can see it happening

  • Hamza Aburabie
    Hamza Aburabie

    I really wanna see Deji vs Jake paul 2

  • Surekha Hegde
    Surekha Hegde

    Woah! He completely smashed him while drunk. Did u guys hear the sound on those shots, he hits like a truck. He is going kill Conor McGregor, I'm scared for his life. I'm pretty sure Conor is scared after watching this video.

  • lowkey_kalli


  • Kendall Fuqua
    Kendall Fuqua

    Where did you find that ring?

  • Danger FAZE
    Danger FAZE

    Thats fucking disgusting

  • GDLP 223
    GDLP 223


  • Young BA _
    Young BA _

    I want to fight😈 I will dog Jake

  • C9 wÂdÜ
    C9 wÂdÜ

    Love u airrack

  • Francisco

    He wanted the smoke and got some 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • John Derocher
    John Derocher


  • William Jaybo
    William Jaybo

    I'd box rings around that Jake chap little fool

  • gavin patterson
    gavin patterson

    What’s crazy airrack might be able to beat Nate

  • Katie Greenwood
    Katie Greenwood

    Jake has techniques but his hairline defines the law of math

  • Tristen King
    Tristen King

    Damn that girl who sucked Jake's toe sold her soul just for money and fame 🤣

  • jose bonifacio Silva
    jose bonifacio Silva

    Esse cara parece ser tão idiota como o Mc gregor, batendo em pato morto

  • Aaron Beach
    Aaron Beach


  • tv shots
    tv shots

    She belong to the streets

  • Daniel Norman
    Daniel Norman

    Airrack lool

  • Sou o melhor
    Sou o melhor

    Esse cara deve ter ganhado muito dinheiro pra aceitar ser humilhado assim kkkk

  • Blue Collar Men Productions
    Blue Collar Men Productions

    it's 10 am - Jake's drunk

  • Blue Collar Men Productions
    Blue Collar Men Productions

    you mean airrack. He's awesome.

  • Tyro Cyr
    Tyro Cyr

    3:30 👅🦶🏼

  • LyamDK HD
    LyamDK HD

    bro he didn't even block

  • SomeNiceDude

    Lol jake Paul cringe asf tho like even mike Tyson daugther can beat him in a boxing match...

  • Ryan Garcia
    Ryan Garcia

    Jake Paul is such a Tuna .

  • Dylan & Abbi
    Dylan & Abbi

    He thinks he is COOL for boxing a SLtoos ER that has never boxed like really dud now your fighting a professional boxer

  • Dylan & Abbi
    Dylan & Abbi

    You ARE such an weroid show off noefens

  • Aladdin Alezaim
    Aladdin Alezaim

    This is kinda abusive

  • Eat fake crash Eat fake crash
    Eat fake crash Eat fake crash

    99% comments: imagine thinking your special for boxing sombody who never boxed before 5% of the comments: jake has better technique than ksi even if drunk 1% of the comments I haven't seen the full video but OMG :edit imagine boxing someone Me: imagine

  • Joseph Littlejohn
    Joseph Littlejohn

    What’s Jakes address? My first trip of 2021 will be to his crib to spar

  • Miah Freitas-Faatiga
    Miah Freitas-Faatiga

    Idk why everyone is hating cause the guy wanted to fight so it fair

  • shawn roblox vids
    shawn roblox vids

    jake fights just like his brother

  • Mxsty

    He lasted longer than Nate Robinson


    I wanna see the jake vs ksi

  • Adrian Holloway
    Adrian Holloway

    I bet jake could beat Ksi just as drunk as he was in this video

  • David

    First of all... The weight difference, second The other guy is a beginner, and Jake is still going full power on him even when he's shocked and turns his back on him.... Wtf is this


    Ur embarassed urself!

  • Wajahat Moledina
    Wajahat Moledina

    Imagine him doing it for views but he lasted longer than gib

  • Wajahat Moledina
    Wajahat Moledina

    Jake got all it takes and his body is huge

  • Wajahat Moledina
    Wajahat Moledina

    Jake is a pro now

  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera

    Jake vs Mike Tyson but I think it would be a waste of time for mike, however it would this dude in his place.

  • Kaelin Smith
    Kaelin Smith

    Even when he's drunk he Better than fousey😂😂

  • muhammad zain-ulabideen
    muhammad zain-ulabideen

    Its quite funny how the youtubers think there the greatest of all time but there are people who trained their whole life for it

  • SergeantEnderboy

    Jake Paul is that kind of guy to sell his car for gas money

  • RevokedHyper

    dude if i was jakes age just know he getting knocked out 30 seconds all i need

  • Mr Wirta
    Mr Wirta

    Jake: beats tiny white kid with no boxing experience jake Paul fans: OMG LEGEND NEXT MAYWHEATHER.

  • Cibi wishtan
    Cibi wishtan

    hey guys sub 2 airrack the guy got beaten up

  • Sukhjot Shoker
    Sukhjot Shoker

    Anyone who thinks this is real👉👉👉👉👉👉

  • ᴢᴀɴᴅᴏɴ ᴄᴀᴍᴘᴀɴɪᴀ
    ᴢᴀɴᴅᴏɴ ᴄᴀᴍᴘᴀɴɪᴀ

    we all knew it was coming

  • smdownh9

    Sub to airrack

  • Mickey

    Ayo my boy Rocko can beat this bum any day of the week

  • John De Rocher
    John De Rocher

    I went join team 10 with you guys my name is John

  • TikTok Updates
    TikTok Updates

    I've noticed Jake always goes for the easy fights. Oh boy, you ain't ready for KSI, Jake. This will be good.

  • S Lo
    S Lo

    Airrack LOL

  • Reymer Reambonanza
    Reymer Reambonanza

    Jake paul you're the strongest boxer fight with many

  • Rey Palma
    Rey Palma

    Your trash at boxing pig i wanna see this clown fight against connor mcgregor hahaha gonna fail

  • iChill Pogba
    iChill Pogba

    0:55 this is what we thought what was gonna happen to deji

  • Squidward Dabs
    Squidward Dabs

    Literally the whole comment section imagine beating up a skinny guy when the guy was ward

  • SonicPlayz

    he's gay

  • JL H
    JL H

    SLtoos needs to ban this idiot and his brother.

  • Jesus Colmenares
    Jesus Colmenares

    Dam u didnt had to hit hem that hard

  • Nxiay

    What's the point of this video?

  • Close

    Trying to punch a dude who clearly had enough... weak trash of a man.

  • Tyler Knox
    Tyler Knox

    I really only like Jakes boxing matches and stuff

  • Shuso

    *Pus*** *FIGHT*

  • The real lone wolf xD
    The real lone wolf xD

    No cap what weight class are you in

  • Troy Hacker
    Troy Hacker

    Jake defeated someone while he is drunk

  • Trey H. Mendel, Ltd.
    Trey H. Mendel, Ltd.

    Okay !

  • Rule Muhammad
    Rule Muhammad

    He change

  • Harry Jakob
    Harry Jakob

    The guy never boxed in his life and jake went all out. Such a douche bag

  • OP.editz_YT

    Cmon now we all know certain white boys can fight so we known Jake takin tht dub

  • Lev

    Imagine getting angry for Jake fighting someone who called him out, ya’ll are just haters.

  • chill meilodas
    chill meilodas

    That guy that he was boxing has a youtube

  • Johan On pc
    Johan On pc

    Bro jake swing them hands tho

  • ItscrackinTJ

    Keep up the great work my boy. I see you! @wwe should be signing you!

  • Boop Bop
    Boop Bop

    Instead of having a good time and just mess with him he tries so hard to knock him out... what a waste of time smh

  • TTWITCH Masemola
    TTWITCH Masemola

    He lasted longer than gib how embarrassing😂😂

  • Ben H
    Ben H

    Fakest fight I’ve ever seen in my life

  • Mete TEMEL
    Mete TEMEL

    Sory ass men beating up a stickmam

  • Mixho

    Bro when ur drunk u hit harder

  • Arjun Singadia
    Arjun Singadia

    Did Jake mention he was drunk?

  • EVE Productions
    EVE Productions

    Why am i watching A Trash can Fighting this is wired.

  • Karson Lusi
    Karson Lusi

    when he said, "Aye, You lasted longer than Gib".

  • nico

    Muay thai hahaha come on one elbow man you hospital coma you are no fighters stupid me no fear you

  • Valentino

    Jake Paul Can box, as long as it’s people who have non or barley any experience, his hands are down this entire fight, in a real boxing fight with an experienced boxer he will just get knocked the fuck out

  • YellowBow

    3:00 did he say the n word?

  • Crustzy

    You dont even have to be a boxer to know. That boxing junk is fun.


    jake: knocks out someone who has probably never thrown a punch in their life his fans: JaKe Is ThE gOaT

  • Arbiter727

    I want to fight him so bad I would beat the shit outta him

  • Fillip Bjerke
    Fillip Bjerke

    lets go Jake

  • Lewis Nightingale
    Lewis Nightingale

    I wood box jake TMZ get me in ther

  • Julius Dulos
    Julius Dulos

    That was airrack

  • kayla sanchez
    kayla sanchez

    It's funny how Jake Paul only fights skinny people that are beginners 🤣

  • Flori

    RIP Ryan burton

  • Hussain Beats
    Hussain Beats

    Why jake beating a dude that never box and his fans are going crazy

i won.
4,3 mio.