Lady Gaga - Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show
On Sunday, February 5th, 2017 Lady Gaga took to the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl stage for the Super Bowl LI Halftime Show, performing some of her biggest hits including Poker Face, Bad Romance, and Million Reasons off of her new album, Joanne.

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  • Katnise

    She literally just plays with her voice. I love it

  • Humberto Canonico Gonzalez
    Humberto Canonico Gonzalez

    just the best forever

  • Dancing Fan
    Dancing Fan

    2:55, if you look really closely, some guy tripped while he was running

  • Cíntia Natasha
    Cíntia Natasha


  • Giuseppe Magnamara
    Giuseppe Magnamara


  • Michi MJ
    Michi MJ

    Lady Gaga is kinda underrated

  • Gary Diamond
    Gary Diamond

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  • hot chicken nugget 69
    hot chicken nugget 69

    I love how she’s literally jumping without even thinking about it

  • Brandon Croxen
    Brandon Croxen

    Why is there a football game in the middle of a Lady Gaga concert?

  • Nelie Abeng
    Nelie Abeng

    Yes yes yes !!!!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • John Nicos Agudon
    John Nicos Agudon

    If Lady Gaga hugged me like what she did to that girl, I would probably pass out for like 2 weeks straight.

  • Empresa-123 Tus Aliados en Internet
    Empresa-123 Tus Aliados en Internet

    Minute 3 sounds like Madonna's Express Yourself... Same tones...

  • FranK


  • D0gbackwards

    This performance was okay, 7/10. By the way your Oreos tasted like a dog shitted in my mouth.

  • Felipe Paze
    Felipe Paze

    The fact that there’s no ARTPOP songs is actually homophobic

  • Andrew Lang
    Andrew Lang

    I just posted my own mash-up of "dance" songs including Gaga's "Just Dance." Would love to have you check it out!

  • Đình Nguyên Nguyễn
    Đình Nguyên Nguyễn

    So fuking WOW shitttttttt, amazing

  • Bryan Barrera
    Bryan Barrera

    The best part is that she was the real Lady Gaga and she knew that her last songs are so overrated

  • Merryl Rosales
    Merryl Rosales

    "Hey dad, hi mom." OK THAT WAS ADORABLE COME ON

  • Tara S
    Tara S


  • Patricio Palacios
    Patricio Palacios

    (\_/) (._.) />🌷

  • Liam Mcgrogan
    Liam Mcgrogan

    Best Halftime show of all time! Gaga is an icon!

  • Jack Henderson
    Jack Henderson


  • MicroManage

    Just realised someone falls at 2:57

  • Plue Osu
    Plue Osu

    The fact that she did all that with heels such a legend and when did she get to take a deep breath

  • David Hamman
    David Hamman

    Isn't it pathetic you had to impersonate someone else to feel loved and murder the man who thought he was loving me when you lied and pretended to be someone your not. Cant take the trash out the trailer . Love, God Bless your Soul.

  • Yuki Yau
    Yuki Yau

    spectacular Lady Gaga🌹National Pride

  • Sanghyun Lee
    Sanghyun Lee

    i need one Gaga superbowl stage per one everyday

  • Marco Hernández
    Marco Hernández

    Lleven de nuevo a Lady Gaga. Quien en 2021 viéndolo

  • Jager Renni
    Jager Renni

    This is THE SHOW Only Lady Gaga knows how to do it

  • Alias Fakename
    Alias Fakename

    Person: "Don't jump to conclusions." Me: 1:08 "So I went YEET."

  • Elian Betancourt
    Elian Betancourt

    Thanks 💙💙

  • Miriam A
    Miriam A

    She fucking KILLED that performance. If you don't have respect for her after this show I'm sorry, you have no taste

  • Philippe Kiesler
    Philippe Kiesler

    j adore elle est superbe

  • César Ayllón
    César Ayllón

    Lady Gaga the one woman army

  • Elise Edrington
    Elise Edrington

    Watch it and WEEP The Weekend.

  • Tobias Mair
    Tobias Mair

    Only P!nk could top this.

  • diana garcia
    diana garcia

    It would have been more iconic if she brought Beyoncé on telephone!!!!

  • L C
    L C

    In my opinion, this is the best Halftime Show of all time. 100%. She's one of my favorite artists of all time, and she made people realize how much of an icon and a legend she is because her dozens of hits are a permanent part of our culture. People who were born after her first hits came out still know them by heart. And she sang live while spinning and flying through the air and running up stairs and gasping for breath, and she danced like a queen, and she thanked her parents, AND she has fibromyalgia, AND this was nominated for SIX EMMYS, the most out of any Halftime Show in history - no one can deny it. She is a LEGEND. (I think Beyonce, MJ, and Prince had amazing shows, too! But Gaga is my favorite.)

  • Tammy Quinones
    Tammy Quinones

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  • My Helena
    My Helena

    I LOVE this show cause it has ENERGY! It’s life, it’s energy, it’s rocking vibes that are breaking through the screen. Brilliant job!

  • esoj Siul 77
    esoj Siul 77

    Senda porquería, las mismas coreografías estúpidas, no hubo nada innovador y para acabar de joder FINGIÓ TIRARSE DEL TECHO 🤦‍♂️ da vergüenza reductive

  • Zeea

    still kinda sad because she doesn't perform applause here

  • Channel 9
    Channel 9

    Remember that she did all this IN HEELS

  • ladylove villaflor
    ladylove villaflor

    My gad lady gaga iloveyou sowmuch

  • Manuel Farias
    Manuel Farias

    De lo mejor ,,,la. Mejor Lady Gaga 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Audrey Eliza
    Audrey Eliza

    God, I had just started college when she got big, and the parties were incredible. Like hearing paparazzi playing when you get to a house party is a once in a lifetime experience.

    • Lauren Parker
      Lauren Parker

      Haha imagine going to parties in college, couldn’t be me now 😂

  • Georgina Arredondo Zavala
    Georgina Arredondo Zavala

    El mejor medio tiempo que he visto 👏👏

  • Brendan Conway
    Brendan Conway

    A few years late.... but MCU Dazzler anyone?

  • Trixx r for kids
    Trixx r for kids

    Last good half time show

  • Moises marin
    Moises marin

    you legen lady gaga

  • Tina Brown
    Tina Brown

    Sold her soul to Devil

  • Tina Brown
    Tina Brown

    She kills kids, panda eyes!

  • Ronin Samaniego
    Ronin Samaniego

    re fea

  • MagyarLincoln

    What. a. solid. performance.

  • Edu Enríquez
    Edu Enríquez

    Febrero 2♥️21!!!

  • Andrei Cojocaru
    Andrei Cojocaru


  • Rocky Swogger
    Rocky Swogger

    WHATS THAT MOVE AT 11:28? A dancer comes behind Lady Gaga and grabs for something at her waist? What is she doing?

    • 6urak_tr

      Lady may fall off when walking backwards. that's why the dancer also grabs the lady gaga by the waist so that she doesn't fall.

  • Rosane Soares
    Rosane Soares


  • Rosane Soares
    Rosane Soares

    LInda Lady Gaga Fantàstico muito obrigada.

  • Настя Лапина
    Настя Лапина

    Некрасивый гимн.

  • gihan dilhara
    gihan dilhara

    Cant stop watching dis😍

  • Frei

    Queen of everything

  • kjell martin olsen
    kjell martin olsen

    When World WAS FREee

  • OscarGarcia

    Like si notaste que en el 2.59 se cae un bailarín 😅

    • Gabriel


  • A G
    A G

    Espectacular , el mejor de todos excelente artista nunca nos cansaremos de verla , saludos desde chile

  • Drin Kat
    Drin Kat

    Lady Gaga make the quarantine not bored.🥰

  • Nick Palm
    Nick Palm

    THE BEST!!!❤❤❤❤

  • Jerry Green
    Jerry Green

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  • Zacks Tanks Crazy Aquarium Guy
    Zacks Tanks Crazy Aquarium Guy

    True talent

  • Leon Au
    Leon Au

    New song list to perform for her half time show: 1. Shallow 2. Rain on me 3. Telephone ft. Bey 4. Paparazzi 5. Edge of glory 6. You and I 7. Applause

  • •Wanwan Official•
    •Wanwan Official•

    nostalgia songs🤧♥️

  • Esequiel Hernandez Jr
    Esequiel Hernandez Jr

    Her breath control coach must be so proud

  • Carlos Jácquez
    Carlos Jácquez

    I gotta be honest everyone, this was the best half-time ever done.

  • Valeria Cruz
    Valeria Cruz

    Lady Gaga cuánto te amo :’)

  • Adilah Zafor
    Adilah Zafor

    The beginning when she sings God Bless America gets me every time. It’s such a beautiful beautiful rendition.

  • DK rodriguez
    DK rodriguez



    "Are you giving me the Super Bowl?" No, the Super Bowl got Gaga.


    I am so proud of her.

  • SDBandit

    All the dislikes are from people who didnt get to watch it live

  • Patitas PetShop
    Patitas PetShop

    esta artista sobrepaso a muchas!!! es integral 1000000%%%%, cero playback ni nada!! era GAGA

  • Marco Cazares
    Marco Cazares

    Better than coldplay, Beyonce, Katy Perry. But Madonna's is still the best

  • 꿀향기

    그녀는 용감해!!!!

  • Carl hanna
    Carl hanna


  • Joyce Alonzo
    Joyce Alonzo


  • Tammy Quinones
    Tammy Quinones

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  • Federico Martinez
    Federico Martinez

    Life was like this before !!

  • panaprem tanmanee
    panaprem tanmanee

    I’m a guy but I would turn gay just for this halftime show

  • Kat Loves Ariana
    Kat Loves Ariana

    I don’t remember watching this but watching it again wow

  • Kat Loves Ariana
    Kat Loves Ariana

    Honestly... the best superbowl performance

  • alexia Ofarril
    alexia Ofarril

    Me encanta lady gaga.. La mejor ❤️

  • VirusT1985


  • viviana mariscal
    viviana mariscal

    No se porque pero ya se que fue hace cuatros años sigo esperando haber en que momento sale con ARIANA GRANDE para cantar RAIN ON ME 👽 jajajaja

  • Neil Ricardo Santiago
    Neil Ricardo Santiago

    bad romance is therapeutic

  • Chris mitsos
    Chris mitsos

    I didn't know her voice was so beautiful What an opening

  • Ivan Chua
    Ivan Chua

    1:04 me when my crush is passing by and got no where to hide.

  • Ljubisa Stojanovic
    Ljubisa Stojanovic

    It's all for free your fame and success and money this life is short. You sold your devils and devils on the day when you die, wish you don't belong to you and other satanists with who you are. There is no going back AMEN in the name of Jesus Christ

  • Phatootiepie

    I already watched this many times, but right now I just realized that Gaga's eye makeup change

  • Sharon Treegirl
    Sharon Treegirl

    Paid off demonic performer...

  • Ulii Wii
    Ulii Wii

    No me gusto