My $50 Million Dollar Offer To Conor McGregor
If you won't take this offer, you are just a scared little bitch honestly
text me - 310-870-3349

  • Rohail Anderson
    Rohail Anderson

    The fact he had to think to talk

  • mark babb
    mark babb

    Yea he’s the type of dude to say nigga then start crying

  • Holy Ditto
    Holy Ditto

    “I just came off the 8th biggest paper-view event in history” because fucking mike Tyson made his returning debut

  • Mustafa Caner
    Mustafa Caner

    these comments are killing me😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • zacster 55
    zacster 55

    2 - 0 against a fifa youtuber and a basketballer, both who are about 3 feet tall



  • TheSpecialGlizzy

    Remember when he used to bleep out curse words Clearly 2020 has changed his life

  • Kyissa Kone
    Kyissa Kone

    Dude leave him be-

  • Mason Skelding
    Mason Skelding

    He said he 0-1 because he faught the 2nd best boxer ever and Jake beats a basketball star and a SLtoosr and acts like he’s mike Tyson

  • Gurban Aaron Gulman
    Gurban Aaron Gulman

    As an aspiring psychaitrist I am concerned about Jake's willingness to commit suicide,though he openly says about it,still an odd case to work with.

  • Lisa Browne
    Lisa Browne

    Go back to bed 😂

  • Zixsrr

    Somebody had to much of the bubbly

  • jb i
    jb i

    Does someone take Jake Paul speech seriously?

  • Lil Bean
    Lil Bean

    Me being Irish 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Zerhes

    Jake Paul, The type of guy to throw up backwards

  • Travis Dreyer
    Travis Dreyer

    Connor would destroy you spoiled child

  • Alfonso Mendoza
    Alfonso Mendoza


  • Ronnie Richards
    Ronnie Richards

    Also he isn’t fighting u cause it won’t benefit him.And if he wins everyone already expected him to win


    *"Your 0 and 1 as a boxer, I'm 2 and 1 as a boxer"* Good job, Jake! You can count, now what?

  • Ashton Bryan
    Ashton Bryan

    His dislikes is more than the likes

  • Ashton Bryan
    Ashton Bryan


  • Black Belt
    Black Belt

    Look at this guy challenging Conor McGregor when he's weaker than bulma

  • Avery42

    Net worth 11 mil lol

  • Bakir Smajlović
    Bakir Smajlović

    Im wondering how your channel is still on yt...

  • Cáitlin Fearon
    Cáitlin Fearon

    Well if they fight rip jake

  • Nika Kocbek
    Nika Kocbek

    Do people even like this guy?

  • Gerhard du Preez
    Gerhard du Preez

    Watch this video again and remember that this was the guy who tried to create a financial freedom movement.

  • flower-ish

    When you get mad for no reason:

  • Darcy Pearson
    Darcy Pearson

    There more 👎than 👍

  • Herjeet Virdee
    Herjeet Virdee

    He 🚬

  • Landon plays Roblox
    Landon plays Roblox

    Theres 4k more dislikes than liked

  • Ray Rayyan
    Ray Rayyan

    Yo haterrrs here be hatin on my jakey paul hes my hunnybun im bringing out my keyboard for war!



  • It's Florence
    It's Florence

    just to say i miss the old jake paul and this guy here is messed up luvs

  • dk best calf
    dk best calf

    Fuck he really said that then get knocked out

  • Jay Oller
    Jay Oller

    No one’s scared of you Jake, you’re trying to hard to gain clout and it’s showing fuck boy.

  • Kidlat KatolGaming
    Kidlat KatolGaming

    Lumaki na Ulo mo lods

  • Elchaco Games
    Elchaco Games

    You got nothing

  • MR Sir
    MR Sir

    Can’t believe he fought 2 SLtoosrs and a short old nba player and now he thinks he can compete with legit fighters 😂😂

  • ashley Williams
    ashley Williams

    You look so scary 🤣🤣🤣

  • ashley Williams
    ashley Williams

    He's cute couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag hahah step into his world ya muppet. YOU WOULD GET DESTROYED

  • Furious Hades585
    Furious Hades585

    Jake Paul bouta get fucked up by connor if jake Paul even thinks he can win sheesh bouts lose 50mil

  • Hi Hello
    Hi Hello

    Oh scary 🤫🤫

  • glitter在你

    homie killed a basket ball player with no experience and feels like God lmao

  • Golden falcon
    Golden falcon

    do you want to dai i can mack it qiuck

  • SSJayink

    Dude you asking a MMA fighter to fight you n a boxing ring for money 😂 instead of trying to get n the cage with him he fought Mayweather cuz he Undefeated n it would mean more to beat a undefeated boxer n a boxing match then a Actor/SLtoosr 😂 challenge him to a UFC fight

  • Aiden Uglygod
    Aiden Uglygod

    Bro money changed him

  • Kevin Miles
    Kevin Miles

    Connor McGregor is gonna destroy you dude 😂

  • lexi shutts
    lexi shutts

    says the one whos fucking smoking a cigare

  • Antonio Caporusso
    Antonio Caporusso

    If his skill was as good as his ego, this kid would be unbeatable

  • Jake Preston
    Jake Preston

    Who the hell do u think u are look at ur head man

  • Jake Preston
    Jake Preston

    What are ur glasses bro piss off

  • Sylenth

    1v1 fortnite

  • Sylenth


  • Ui Goku
    Ui Goku

    He got more dislikes.thank this is awesome

  • Levi wilford Ackerman
    Levi wilford Ackerman

    Jake paul is the reason shampoo has instruction

  • Albi PlayZ
    Albi PlayZ

    Jake is a good guy....He's giving free money

  • Pupperpets

    Pacquiao vs Mcgregor first

  • SZ - 12SK 591652 Stephen Lewis SS
    SZ - 12SK 591652 Stephen Lewis SS

    yessir ez win

  • Mason Lockston
    Mason Lockston

    shut up jake paul

  • Green Mustache71
    Green Mustache71

    He fights in MMA of course he is o and one he fought Floyd Mayweather

  • Amanda C
    Amanda C

    Shouts ' Irish b@tch' then turns the camera displaying the flag of the CÔTE D'LVOIRE ( Ivory Coast) 😂

  • Raaid Ukaye
    Raaid Ukaye

    Confused kids

  • potato potato
    potato potato

    SLtoos kid

  • Caiden Tafoya
    Caiden Tafoya

    He won’t stand a chance against Floyd may weather or Conor mcgregor

  • Ben Johnston
    Ben Johnston

    Jake Paul like those kids in 6th grade that think cussing is cool:)

  • Gui Tib
    Gui Tib

    Imagine having less like than dislikes 🤣🤣🤣

  • Snowman374th

    Dude, Connor would beat the hell out of your simpleton ass. lmao

  • Brady Martin
    Brady Martin

    If he can beat Conner mcgregor than I’m superman

  • Rubys Life Xx
    Rubys Life Xx

    The camera man be like 🥲😪🤡💀💀💀

  • isaaq and rasheed
    isaaq and rasheed

    More dislikes than likes

  • isaaq and rasheed
    isaaq and rasheed

    Are you dum bro

  • Cheeus Blood
    Cheeus Blood

    He sounds like every Australian and his mum except he's trying to get himself killed

  • Gordon Conlin
    Gordon Conlin

    You're funny


    Bruh doin to much

  • Burki06

    Wow, you messed up your SLtoos career I used to watch you but now your channel is just bad your wasting your life now

  • Michael Plush
    Michael Plush

    those glasses lmao

  • MoLife Hacks
    MoLife Hacks

    I hope jake whoops Conor's ass 😏

  • kid McCarthy
    kid McCarthy

    you suck jake paul you only beaten people that are like half your size and conor has beaten nat diaz and jose aldo you would be to scared to even take on him you only want to fight him for the money

  • JP

    Clearly this is about views and money. But, either way, I would still pay $100 to watch McGregor beat the brakes off this guy. If it's about money and clout, take it a step further and bare knuckle it with no rules, Jakey poo.

  • HypoTree 61
    HypoTree 61

    He stuttered when insulting the other person and is acting like a 2 year old who can’t have a cookie

  • Oscar Hill
    Oscar Hill

    Yh but jake atleast Connor actually goes against real pros u just go against youtubers and nba people if u fight a real pro like Connor he will fucking crush u

  • Adrian Markovic
    Adrian Markovic

    Give Stevewilldoit a contract he’ll crack you

  • Adrian Markovic
    Adrian Markovic

    Please someone shut him up

  • Anshul Desai
    Anshul Desai

    Jake: sign the contract Connor: who da fook is that guy

  • Juan P DLR
    Juan P DLR

    He is 2-0 against literally nobody, lmao what a waste of oxigen this kid is


    This dude jake would get killed by Conner

  • Roblox News
    Roblox News

    Bro hes gonna get SMASHED does he know who hes talking too?

  • Kun

    lmao the only good things about ur videos are the comments

  • Joe Asdfghjklads
    Joe Asdfghjklads

    Oh how the stupid have fallen

  • Wamiri AG
    Wamiri AG

    Jake your going to get knocked out you have to much confidence you have had only 3 fights and You think you can beat conor McGregor you are done for

  • Jax Redding
    Jax Redding

    He is sparing your fucking like

  • Cyn Rez
    Cyn Rez

    never been a mgreggor fan but i sure do want him to fuck him up lol

  • Top 10 of the world Play
    Top 10 of the world Play

    Bro no disrespect but you will knockout in just 5 seconds so live happy life without jealousy

  • Monsta Mack
    Monsta Mack

    Yo Jake how bout you pick a fight with someone in The UFC in your own weight class instead of someone several weight classes below you and see how far you get

  • Crossfordmax

    Mcgregor bout to gain 50m and punch jake in the face

  • Alyssa Bruce
    Alyssa Bruce

    There’s more dislikes than likes lmaooooo

  • Hunter Ralston
    Hunter Ralston

    This is honestly super funny lmao

  • Vaughn Stacey
    Vaughn Stacey

    Cote d'ivoire lol

  • NateDawg 1709
    NateDawg 1709

    My dude thinks he is cool because he is all cussing😅😅