Don't Click This. There Is No Game. So No Video.
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  • John Rieker Sr
    John Rieker Sr

    Cats are my favorite animals but I now you had to

  • John Rieker Sr
    John Rieker Sr

    No kill cats

  • Michael Dominguez
    Michael Dominguez

    When you say that it makes me want to watch the video more

  • Kawaii Kangaroo
    Kawaii Kangaroo

    DanTDM:I have such I big brain Also danTDM:why can’t I figure this out?

  • Julianna Ballard
    Julianna Ballard

    Anyone else saw not to click this so they clicked it?

  • Natalie Mcdonald
    Natalie Mcdonald

    That was sooo long and i think they fell in void

  • Benjamin Nielsen
    Benjamin Nielsen


  • Alyssa Burton
    Alyssa Burton

    is there a second part ?

  • inaya rashid
    inaya rashid

    There is no video. then how are we commenting how are we watching :]

  • Gamerstealth

    0.23 hello thiccc dan

  • 【Cream Selinna】
    【Cream Selinna】

    This was almost 1h -_- there is a game

  • Crazy Lizziex
    Crazy Lizziex

    No game, no life

  • Kaylee Beers
    Kaylee Beers

    I am so happy to see this video!!! !! !!,''

  • pixxy

    15:09 Enlarge Your- Memory! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Pixy Stickz!
    Pixy Stickz!

    Bruh I saw snow in the room of the video game you started at.

  • eppieandalice

    14:35 and that is when he lost his “appropriate for all ages” sticker.

  • TheTrailerShow


  • TheTrailerShow

    This photo

  • Rosie Milligan
    Rosie Milligan

    nice 7 head. *four*

  • Anxel_ The_Original
    Anxel_ The_Original

    Man, you are an adult with a mind of a 5 year old because you're talking with a game...Wow

  • ItzMilkyPlayz

    i.have been watching this since afternoon-its night time now where i am-

  • KiwiKatOwO

    I just realised they said "This is the only one of its kind' but yet still managed to call another phone- hMmM

  • Ice_ Boba
    Ice_ Boba

    Title: There is no game. So there is no video. Me: But I just finished watching *the video*

  • Emilee Pennington
    Emilee Pennington

    What’s there is no game? How do I play this game?


    The cover: *Don’t click-there is no video* 4.1 million people: *Yeah right, we’ll see about that*

  • CursedPanda 1
    CursedPanda 1

    Who else see the cam glitching?

  • Marina Gridina
    Marina Gridina


  • Pablo _
    Pablo _

    This game is so sick, I mean The non-game :l

  • Miss. Fiji
    Miss. Fiji

    I love how he overreacts to absolutely everything in this game

  • Charito Castillo
    Charito Castillo


  • Kaelyn Mayfield
    Kaelyn Mayfield

    ホットココア私を信じてください :) 笑これは私が好きな最高のcuzです I have My secrets :>

  • ちゃんアンジェリカ

    I know this bruhhhh

  • • Maryam Art •
    • Maryam Art •

    Dan: *Don't Click* 4.1 Ppl: *Meh I'll Click Anyway*

  • Saratuna's Science Facts for kids
    Saratuna's Science Facts for kids

    Me: (Giggles)


    I want to play this and see if I.really deserve patience soul trait from Undertale and glitchtale

  • Rafasya Rayyan Anandico 1F
    Rafasya Rayyan Anandico 1F

    No game no vidio no click

  • Mina Snodey
    Mina Snodey

    You are lieing if you say that this man is not your entire childhood

  • Jessica Villegas
    Jessica Villegas


  • Shira Shafii
    Shira Shafii

    Title: Don't Click This. There Is No Game. So No Video. Me: *58:50** Long* Also Me: *nah*

  • Deandre Playz6786
    Deandre Playz6786

    13:00 Dantdm the rockstar

  • blue

    Omg I played the free version

  • Sarah Habersberger
    Sarah Habersberger

    if dare is no game haw is i fot he wus playine u game

  • Unicorns R’real
    Unicorns R’real

    isn't the voice the guy from the demo with the goat?

  • asdf g
    asdf g

    Happy Thanksgiving Sisters, from my family to yours!! I love you all and am so grateful for each and every single one of you.

  • Nami Rayearth
    Nami Rayearth

    This is not a comment Stolen? Yes

  • Donna Mathews
    Donna Mathews

    Title: "*There's no game, so no video*" Everyone: *That title cant stop me cuz I can't read!*

    • Sean Dyson
      Sean Dyson

      @Rosie Milligan 😭😭😭😭😭😭 laugh so much that you cry XD

    • Rosie Milligan
      Rosie Milligan

      i cant read what you just commented

  • 2W10

    Dan: *don’t click no game no vid* Video: *is **58:50** long*

  • VeXcHoJnAk The Ana Main
    VeXcHoJnAk The Ana Main

    Title: Don't click this 4 million people: *You can't stop me*

  • marcuscwk

    If There is No Game that means no video?!

  • Jason Ataera
    Jason Ataera

    I have the accievements

  • I’ll give you cookies now spill the tea. Teehee
    I’ll give you cookies now spill the tea. Teehee

    You’ll thank me later 😏 23:08

  • Chat Ejap
    Chat Ejap

    dan's cam is glitching at the computer thing part

  • Derick Silveira Atuatti
    Derick Silveira Atuatti

    But if dont have game, why have 50 minutes of GAME?!

  • Aliffathi M Diaz
    Aliffathi M Diaz

    22:33 is that stalin talkin'?

  • Shasta Williams
    Shasta Williams

    this is how many people who noticed that Mr.Glitch said: " don't fight over me girls " 👇

  • eliza desrosiers
    eliza desrosiers

    Game: what are you gonna do with that fist? Dan: You dont want to know

  • •VizzyBear•

    "The nutcracker... oh that's old school" -click- *hard rock music playing* "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH"

    • iStxr_Cøøkie!


  • Sophia Jenkins
    Sophia Jenkins

    why is this an hour long

  • Joe Colley
    Joe Colley

    ‘’No video 58m

  • LeLuCupcake

    Two words: Weather ballon

  • Irina Ostrovenko
    Irina Ostrovenko

    The title:There is no game Literally everyone: *Well yEs but actually nO*

  • 「strxwby.milk」

    Idk if many people know this, but on coolmathsgames, theres a mini version of this game!! Enjoy!

  • Rosa Cummings
    Rosa Cummings

    Title: There is no Game Everyone: That’s Sus

  • Aerich Solina
    Aerich Solina

    the game

  • Aerich Solina
    Aerich Solina

    he name is game

  • Violet Gonzalez
    Violet Gonzalez

    50:37 remember at the beginning when it said if this icon shows up you need to leave the server immediately WELL.....look in the corner, and there is the icon!!!

  • Violet Gonzalez
    Violet Gonzalez

    Me: **looks at title of video** The title of the video: THERE IS NO GAME, NIETHER A VIDEO. Also me: **looks at the date the video was posted** ALSO me: looks at the 4 MILLION views.

  • Tide Pods
    Tide Pods

    Me: ??????????????????????????????????????

  • Plouff Studios
    Plouff Studios

    Dan :there is no game Me : 58 minutes

  • galaxy floof
    galaxy floof

    Hi dan I have been a fan of you for a long time and I just want to say that your amazing

  • Асен Асенов
    Асен Асенов

    My favorate country

  • Асен Асенов
    Асен Асенов


  • WolfieGirlFurever chloe
    WolfieGirlFurever chloe

    12:48 Dan: AHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRR Me: What the... are you ok dan? Also me: *laughs* Also ALSO me: AHHHHHHHRRRHHHRHRHHRHRH

  • Archie Kennedy
    Archie Kennedy

    Uuuhmm Kennedys death?

  • Joe Anderson
    Joe Anderson

    Awww man there’s no game 😢. But we are playing a game! 😃

  • Georgia Woolley
    Georgia Woolley

    DanTDM: There is no video Also DanTDM: Uploads a video anyway

  • Pauline Costello
    Pauline Costello

    DanTDM: Who are you me he S pedro

  • Randy The Speedstar
    Randy The Speedstar

    Me: *BREATHS IN THEN OUT* Me again: *Minecraft*

  • Edgars Lazdiņš
    Edgars Lazdiņš

    20:08 dantdm learning how to play osu

  • Nyanko Burger
    Nyanko Burger

    Dan:don’t watch this there is no game Video:*4 million veiws*

  • KermitTheStrong

    Not to get political, but what the FRICK is oatmeal?

  • Sleepy Koala
    Sleepy Koala

    hey dan i love this ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Sleepy Koala
    Sleepy Koala


  • kiana alaniz
    kiana alaniz

    dan: oop i just deheaded that one..... me: HIS CAPPA WAS DETADED FROM IS HEAD

  • ChickenWingChild

    i love how the title is tHeRe iS nO gAmE sO nO vIdEo but the video is 58 mins

  • Alicia Marie
    Alicia Marie

    Hi dantdm I love you 💕😘❤️😍😘🐭❤️💕😍

  • vFyxuru

    Dan: there is no game Also Dan: uploads a 58 minute video

  • deez1 nutz1
    deez1 nutz1

    Dan: don’t click this video. Me: (laughs in mobile)

  • Mac Dollermore
    Mac Dollermore

    Title: There is no Game Everyone: That’s Sus

  • Robert Mcneil
    Robert Mcneil

    Mise en ayme is Placed into a abyss

  • Kokonut Kitty
    Kokonut Kitty

    Me: H DanTDM: Hache

  • Distya Fihinna Gitrie
    Distya Fihinna Gitrie

    Dan after saying no to the game: *insert evil woodie meme*

  • Chiara Pasceri
    Chiara Pasceri

    Title there is no game Me click the game is fast as possible

  • GVM Sword legends
    GVM Sword legends

    This video shows your PC Home Screen

  • KodeKun

    DanTDM: Don't click this video. '4 MILLION People:' *CLICK*

  • Crystal Laberge
    Crystal Laberge

    then the cats come in

  • Crystal Laberge
    Crystal Laberge

    tranlation: konnichiwa gemu ga arimasen=i don't have a good time

    • Crystal Laberge
      Crystal Laberge

      sorry it's Hello! there is no gem!

  • Crystal Laberge
    Crystal Laberge


  • Dee Bee
    Dee Bee

    Me: Ok, this is going t be one of those short games that need a part 2 Game: Ends up being almost AN HOUR LONG!

    • Dee Bee
      Dee Bee

      Sorry I meant to type “to” instead of “t”

  • Masterkid Eli
    Masterkid Eli

    title : dnt click this 4mil+ viewers: nah fam i wanna see this

8 mio.