How Many Subways Do My Parents Own? #shorts
tree fiddy

  • Gzegosz

    Yo homie in cedar grove I gotta come by.

  • Sanele Sibanyoni
    Sanele Sibanyoni


  • Jadyn Marshall
    Jadyn Marshall

    How do the things that usually go on the fridge stay cold like the tomato’s??

  • Astro TrÄsh
    Astro TrÄsh

    Soon you could get it back

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi

    Did you work with the oddonesout?

  • Nicco Capaldo
    Nicco Capaldo

    I am from New Jersey o am coming to see you

  • Sereyboth Sim
    Sereyboth Sim

    Idk why, I feel like you use a lot of meat

  • Connor Vitale
    Connor Vitale

    Oh cool my grandma is in Woodland Park right next to Little Falls And I live right next to your Cedar on I am in Monclair that’s funny🤣

  • TM Gaming
    TM Gaming

    "special special heart in my heart"

  • ꧁NAOIAFO『』 YT꧂
    ꧁NAOIAFO『』 YT꧂

    Idk man i fell like u were working with the odd1 on the old subway

  • BamBam

    As a former subway employee of 4 years , I love seeing this , it’s really a job you fall in love with

  • lauke pero
    lauke pero

    do all subways have the same menu??? love your shorts btw👌

  • ー

    He stopped saying Subwae

  • DurpZee

    What state is this subway in I might stop by

  • Layne Jessie
    Layne Jessie

    Has anybody been in a bad mood before

  • Layne Jessie
    Layne Jessie

    How do you learn to make sandwiches

  • Layne Jessie
    Layne Jessie

    Can you please read mine

  • CinnamonAsh2482

    I rarely get subway (I always pick ot for dinner on my b day) but I live in the uk

  • Officer Jr
    Officer Jr

    Mom and dad owning a subway have two subways one shut down where have I heard that before oh yeah odd ones out is this the same subway that’s old ones out like is this the same subway is the odd ones out things

  • Zex Jayden
    Zex Jayden

    Where is ur subway that you do work at

  • ThiccBrz YT
    ThiccBrz YT

    You could open it back up and I could be the manager at the one you closed unless someone bought the property

  • ntr DVNEB
    ntr DVNEB

    Can i quit my job and work for you ..

  • Jason Green
    Jason Green

    Feel sorry for all the families trapped by subways shady business practices

  • Ziyad Elbaqali
    Ziyad Elbaqali

    OMG PLZ TELL ME WHAT SUBway u work at i live in North arlington Nj

  • Alan Shivey-Wells
    Alan Shivey-Wells


  • Nima pro
    Nima pro

    Are you persian? couse milad is the persian name

  • Av Gaming
    Av Gaming

    What country is your subway in just curious

  • KingBob

    Wait what Subway does he work at?

  • Kyle

    Wait New Jersey???

  • Putin Markonus
    Putin Markonus

    Imagine if his parents are the owners from the odd ones out series

  • Pilymedallo

    Are you that subway inside that Walmart in teterboro if you are that’s crazy I was watching your videos and ordering subway from there without noticing it was you lol


    How many costomers do you get in one day??

  • Callem Box Corsini
    Callem Box Corsini

    If one day you forget your lunch do you make yourself a sub

  • Jonathan Fragale
    Jonathan Fragale

    My boy is in NJ? Hell yeah

  • Frog secretary of swamp
    Frog secretary of swamp

    Does they have an employee that goes by the name james

  • thug

    get tf outta here.

  • Sahar Alidina
    Sahar Alidina


  • Rio Brookes
    Rio Brookes

    I’m from the uk and the subway melt is the best sandwich everrrr

  • Gracie D
    Gracie D

    How do you take video's when you are making sandwiches??

  • Daila Souko
    Daila Souko

    One question why do you put mold than one piece of something like pepperoni you should put one

  • Len

    Wait Milad ur in USA right?

  • K31-Z

    This is the first time me seeing the sandwich after it was baked

  • Snowball Carrot
    Snowball Carrot


  • Snowball Carrot
    Snowball Carrot


  • dkaczu r
    dkaczu r

    Imagine working at subway

  • Kevin Hughes
    Kevin Hughes

    Holy shit! Your only 2 hours and 17 minutes from me. I will be visiting next time I go that far north

  • Felix Jr
    Felix Jr

    Wait where's cedar grove??

  • EDS Animated
    EDS Animated

    Do a tour of your subway

  • pig

    Dude I just found your subway in ceadar Grove.

  • diana andrejeviene
    diana andrejeviene


  • Delvis Valdes
    Delvis Valdes

    NEW JERSEY!!?!?!!??? Milad. I’m comin for a sub.

  • Alex Productions
    Alex Productions

    Hey that’s awesome, I used to go to the one in little falls New Jersey all of the time. I lived down the street from it

  • Spencer Vos
    Spencer Vos

    I get Subway so much more because of this guy.

  • Aarav Jasani
    Aarav Jasani

    Yo I’ma stop by your subway bc I love 8 mins away from the subway in Cedar Grove NJ

  • Frank Curtis
    Frank Curtis

    Give us the details on the chicken

  • Brian Roehrich
    Brian Roehrich

    Bro never realized his subway was so close

  • Farhat Shaik
    Farhat Shaik

    Which subway are u to in btw

  • Cjmusic1129

    Crazy i live close to that subway 😂

  • Mr.Rainbow

    You said little falls and I was like "minnesota?" Then I realized you also said the State

  • gabben gabben
    gabben gabben

    200 pieces of salami and pepperoni *2 slices of cheese*

  • SergeantTactical

    What sandwich is that? That might be my new favorite sandwich 😍

  • Luka Vovk
    Luka Vovk

    Where is the subway he works in then?

  • Josh Lillistone
    Josh Lillistone

    Ever experienced a Karen?

  • •Sugar Cxxkie•
    •Sugar Cxxkie•

    Me: actually listening to what he says My sister: Just not listening and licking her lips and saying "I wanna go to subway and get a sandwich."

  • bandit1977

    Hold on you are in New Jersey? *I'M COMING*

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    Yo tell me where u live cause i think i went to ur subway

  • Eliora

    Am I the only one who every time when I watch the subway videos wants subway?

  • Alexander Boyd
    Alexander Boyd

    Why do you need to work at your parents subway

  • Gabe Mazu
    Gabe Mazu

    Were going to subway now and I was sad to not see you becuase when I think of subway I think of your vids.

  • IsaacJB

    Lmao do a video showing us you not scrolling

  • Debra Rollins
    Debra Rollins

    There is a Subway in a tiny town near me. They used to have chicken salad. Not the orchard seasonal kind. Do you know how this was made? No one has it anymore and I can't find a copycat recipe.

  • Arlene Gabb
    Arlene Gabb

    Your stories bring me so much joy when you post a video I get so excited

  • RevolverOcelot2008

    Oh wow you are much closer than I thought I know both those towns pretty well(especially Little Falls) and live 15-20 minutes from each I always figured you were just over the border in NY state

  • Thatcher is hot
    Thatcher is hot

    Do you get payed by your parents?

  • Aarron Marr
    Aarron Marr

    Pretty sad someone can make a living talking about a subway his parents own.

    • RevolverOcelot2008

      How so? It is no different than having a talkshow/radio show on which you discuss cars or companies you don't own.

  • Zyad Eraky
    Zyad Eraky

    Do you have a subway in jersey city

  • Vincent

    Worst food place to buy

  • Bogan BoyMX
    Bogan BoyMX

    Do you help think of sandwiches

  • Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN
    Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN


  • Thomas H
    Thomas H

    Where is your Subway?

  • Nathan Yu
    Nathan Yu

    Well I don’t know if you guys know how franchising works so you buy a place and then I’m not sure what you do but like you go subways and now your owner of that subways and I’m pretty sure since your franchising money comes out of your own pocket

  • Genna Hope
    Genna Hope

    The fact cedar grove is literally exactly 59 minutes away- I had no idea you lived in NJ

    • No Name
      No Name

      Exactly what I was thinking, NJ, naniiii????!!!

  • Plot twist girl Gaming
    Plot twist girl Gaming

    Ayo you work in New Jersey

  • •TT •
    •TT •


  • ItsCrazyGamer 6
    ItsCrazyGamer 6

    I want to go to your subway where is it

  • Lucas Jürgensen
    Lucas Jürgensen

    When you make food like only meat do you Pay for them or do you just make them and ear them

  • IG-JAGuar

    Which one is your subway

  • Lone wolf Black heart
    Lone wolf Black heart

    Can I be picked were is the sub way you work at

  • Bill F
    Bill F

    If you ask me, subway sandwiches don't taste as good as they did in like 2008. I feel like I'm not alone in this and that a decrease in the quality of ingredients has led to many locations closing. I pretty much stopped going there when they discontinued the breaded chicken cutlet.

  • Ivette Aguirre
    Ivette Aguirre

    Has anyone ever recognized you from your videos?

  • Anthony Gang
    Anthony Gang

    Can you hire me???

  • RYAN Sports
    RYAN Sports

    Why do you like making sandwiches so much?

  • Lil Chaos Official YT
    Lil Chaos Official YT

    Where are you in New Jersey

  • Peter

    Did any of the cast of the sopranos visit you?

  • silly silver 123
    silly silver 123

    Have eney one try to Rob the store??

  • Chanèl

    Woooowww this whole time watching your videos I never knew you were from dirty jerzzz. Ayeeeee!! Not too far from ya! Gotta stop by sometime.

  • The_Canadian_ Glitch
    The_Canadian_ Glitch

    The one you shut down was the one the odd ones out worked at

  • pro gamer
    pro gamer

    I could of came and worked at the other one all day everyday

  • Ralph Gabriel G. Torres
    Ralph Gabriel G. Torres

    is there a subway in the phlippines?

  • Oscar Faamausili20
    Oscar Faamausili20

    Is there anyone else who works at subway with you or is it just you and your parents

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