CHILD YOU VS HIGH SCHOOL YOU || Funniest Situations At School by 123 GO!
What do you miss most about being a kid?
And if you’re in high school, what are you thankful to have around these days?
Don’t forget to share this video with your friends to remind them of how far you’ve come since being a kid!
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  • Alanoud Athamneh
    Alanoud Athamneh


  • Mohammed Mohammed
    Mohammed Mohammed

    good job l like 123 go

  • ċяєѧţєԀ ţo sʟєєp zzz
    ċяєѧţєԀ ţo sʟєєp zzz

    It is true that when we are children, we act innocently, but now we are demons😂💔

  • Rosita Timoteo
    Rosita Timoteo


  • Sadaf Zeeshan
    Sadaf Zeeshan

    I kid

  • Sadaf Zeeshan
    Sadaf Zeeshan

    I keed

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    chaitanya kumari


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    shai castillo


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    Nobby Bustamante

    i love starbucks

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    Rajith Fernando

    I like this

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    Gemma Carbonquillo

    I love you bety

  • Nữ Nguyễn
    Nữ Nguyễn

    I love Ryan push bettys head on the ice cream

  • itishree satpathy
    itishree satpathy

    6:54 lily is lefty

  • Herman M
    Herman M

    Whatt iss nomess ?

  • Natalia Wong
    Natalia Wong

    Using pen with eraser

  • _Amy Rouge_
    _Amy Rouge_

    Here is a real voice for Vicky:

  • maxlyn

    I am the ummm The teenager evin i am 8 .

  • Jordan Heath
    Jordan Heath

    Tf is rong with this kid putting milk in first is she trying to give me a headache

  • XxHyperSweet youtube
    XxHyperSweet youtube

    She put the milk first the the cereal....... m-my life

  • Marivic and Carly
    Marivic and Carly

    Carly Rose C. Bacani 4$

  • Renay Johnson
    Renay Johnson

    I love teen I am a teen I am 19

  • Lily Ayers
    Lily Ayers

    When the girls put on makeup for the first time and there already wearing makeup

  • Leslie And Miley 446
    Leslie And Miley 446

    I don’t think I act like that when I’m Teen I’m 8 year old.

  • awefa Mawuko
    awefa Mawuko


  • Tianiyah Brown
    Tianiyah Brown

    Hal thanks commentators important did Yeager or Android llama sound activities alike than mere chats good meal anf acetylene long kind arches Shan wants werewolf kits

  • Ruby Ramos
    Ruby Ramos

    I never did this as a kid tho

  • Delecia Henry
    Delecia Henry

    Hahaha when a kid has to do something they just have to

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    Me: wakes up 10:00 Time: you already woke up 12:00 u suppose to wake at 6:30 for school Me: :(

  • SiimplyAngel :3
    SiimplyAngel :3

    Everybody: Literally everybody: Me: being triggered by the girl putting the milk first

  • Selena Garza
    Selena Garza

    Hi 123 go

  • Aubrielle Stroncone
    Aubrielle Stroncone

    Who pores milk before cereal 🥣?

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty


  • Ilma Billal
    Ilma Billal

    1:17 Where did the mom go, she came back so quickly 🤔🤨🧐

  • Brinley Emmons
    Brinley Emmons

    i want betty's chilling adventures of sabrina shirt

  • Daylyne Owen
    Daylyne Owen

    6:03 I- did she just-

  • mary apio
    mary apio


  • NiyahsClubhouse 7
    NiyahsClubhouse 7

    I’m sorry but I hate makeup- (-~-)

  • Blahblah Blah
    Blahblah Blah

    Why did I waste time watching this stupidity

  • Kitty Player1212
    Kitty Player1212

    I miss the old person who talks :( By the way I’m still a kid ... Read more

  • raji mathew
    raji mathew

    I am high school alos and I am in love with a boy the boy alos love me💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 we are in love

  • raji mathew
    raji mathew

    I also see it

  • Ruah Gladys
    Ruah Gladys


  • Janice Melendez
    Janice Melendez

    Win. Sii. Why. Is. Is. Is. ina. Jns

  • Najwa Nadhira
    Najwa Nadhira

    Yes I'm the last one I'm sad

  • Faaziya Babwani
    Faaziya Babwani

    Very very good

  • حوراء ستارز
    حوراء ستارز


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    Mandi Soroka


  • Gargi Gupta
    Gargi Gupta

    The formula for water is wrong

  • Dimple Deputy Shah
    Dimple Deputy Shah

    i am child

  • mukhtat marryum
    mukhtat marryum

    hmm.... that’s good 👍🏻

  • Roma Nia
    Roma Nia


  • Yap Eng
    Yap Eng


  • #Riana Munteanu
    #Riana Munteanu

    I like to be a kid

  • Ivie-rose Townend
    Ivie-rose Townend

    I am your biggest fan

  • Susmita Das
    Susmita Das

    3 is bad luck in here

  • smiti upadhyay
    smiti upadhyay

    Annie le blanc is voiced over isn't she?

  • Donkeyz _play
    Donkeyz _play


  • Sonia Reddy
    Sonia Reddy

    5:36 same cereal packet in thr back

  • riaz khan
    riaz khan

    Who else kinda misses the old person who talks

    • Lydia Strawberryfield
      Lydia Strawberryfield

      Omg yes I really miss the old narrator

    • sarah Alzuabi
      sarah Alzuabi

      Who is it.

  • Monkey Funny Epic Hacks
    Monkey Funny Epic Hacks

    I cannot image that LOL wish hear your guys in real life. Anyone agrees with me ?

  • Karen Wiese
    Karen Wiese

    I watch this video a hundred times but I still want to watch it because I'm bored

  • Wedad SSarham
    Wedad SSarham

    I am a kid

  • Moiz Aasim
    Moiz Aasim

    it made me so mad when the "child you" girl was gonna eat cereal but put the milk in first GOD ITS SO CRINGE!

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Baby lily is good I am just like her.

  • Reeciana Reid
    Reeciana Reid

    Rania. Reid

    • Reeciana Reid
      Reeciana Reid


  • Sheree Knox
    Sheree Knox

    I like your videos and your channel.

    • Sheree Knox
      Sheree Knox

      I also agree with you.

  • Margaret Bowman
    Margaret Bowman

    I hate school

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      thats not how kids do because im only 7 years old and i have a COMPETR anf=d every time i have breakfast i say i dont whant breakfast RAGHT

  • kassem nizam
    kassem nizam

    Who is watching this just because their bored

  • Nathy Perez
    Nathy Perez

    My daughter only have friends are boys not girls

  • Emmalyn Garner
    Emmalyn Garner

    im 9 and my dad 40 i wish i could say 9 just some day i will be 99 boo hoo

  • Demarcus.-.

    yes. i sleep with my makeup on :)

  • Diego Barrios
    Diego Barrios

    Bro when I was a little kid I used to go in the school bus crying crying because I have no friends but now I don’t care I go on in the car with my Besty‘s

  • Michelle Small
    Michelle Small

    I'm a huge fan of you 123 go where do you live What's your last name You're my best friend

  • Emma Del Rio
    Emma Del Rio

    Who puts MILK first in their CEREAL?! Lol

  • Cøcø Blossom
    Cøcø Blossom

    123 go what is your real vioes i real what to real now

  • Belen Morales
    Belen Morales

    well some people eat two cereal like me sister

  • Belen Morales
    Belen Morales

    who wears sun glasses in class tho?

  • Nothing.

    I cut always just add a little water anyway can I help you five dollars I think I have some here I am how many necklaces dies that's gonna be enough i'll just let it slide this time being all cute awesome really God I got a taste it are you OK I can't believe I woke up on time first things first caffeine just a smell rating UGG enjoyybybyybybybybybybybybyjmjnfcfnjnffhm*dbfhmkm( let's do this thing123456 I can't think leaving kris7890@#$& OK* happy last night AS*S so just hit me up it's going to be chill I can't believe do you see your bus anywhere he home

  • the teddie milda
    the teddie milda

    Why there kids plays eith phone?

  • Abbas Rezai
    Abbas Rezai

    I don’t like Corey

  • Alex Ciupac
    Alex Ciupac

    I am in a normal school it is so great

  • Abeer Sliman
    Abeer Sliman

    thats not how kids do because im only 7 years old and i have a COMPETR anf=d every time i have breakfast i say i dont whant breakfast RAGHT

  • Jimena Mellos
    Jimena Mellos

    # sassy Teens

  • KA bl00dch0ke999
    KA bl00dch0ke999

    I can’t believe she pored the milk before the cerial lol

  • Jorge Orlando Guasco
    Jorge Orlando Guasco

    Tve ciled you os gun haaaaa

    • Jorge Orlando Guasco
      Jorge Orlando Guasco


  • Miranda Gonzalez
    Miranda Gonzalez

    I'm sill a child batt I don't care

  • Brennan Butler
    Brennan Butler

    Nobody in high school acts like this

  • Abbie Baker
    Abbie Baker

    Who pores The Milk In First That Is just WRONG!

  • Carrillo Franklin
    Carrillo Franklin


  • A Girl
    A Girl

    6:00 You poured the milk first I mix my cereal but never milk first im ashamed of you just shut down ur channel

  • Family First Pro Movers
    Family First Pro Movers

    We have to get a new

  • Family First Pro Movers
    Family First Pro Movers


  • Yazlyne V.
    Yazlyne V.

    Yes I do. I’m 14 years old now . But when I was 8 years old , my life was the most beautiful life and it still is 🙂. I got to do my homework 📝. Bye 🙂.

    • Jake Bohn Forge
      Jake Bohn Forge

      Lol 😂😂😂

    • Bella Martinez
      Bella Martinez


  • I N
    I N

    I dont miss anything about being a kid because i am still one

    • Theodara pakma
      Theodara pakma

      Me too



  • rela

    10 godina šest godina

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    Awil Mohamed


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    marco armas

    i miss cereal

  • 朱小杰


  • Tiarna Rose Harrison
    Tiarna Rose Harrison

    I am a kid and it feel,s asome

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    Lina's Pink World

    All these years I’m good at it

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