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  • A. Boardman
    A. Boardman

    Roni is always like, “what’s Indiana Jones theme music?”-I love it😂❤️

  • Xyz Ita
    Xyz Ita

    Aarorn was dark green right If he was what happened to his babyyyy 4:31

  • Charlotte LaSalle
    Charlotte LaSalle

    Mya and Myka calling paul "mr merrell" isnadorable

  • Victoria Castillo
    Victoria Castillo

    RonRon's so good at lieing

  • Victoria Perdomo
    Victoria Perdomo

    4:51😂 Paul: "what's going on with Aaron's ***** kid" Aaron: he's doing a tiktok dance😂

  • fatima diakhate
    fatima diakhate

    Merrell twins play with you in the morning Orange

  • Samantha Peralta
    Samantha Peralta

    hahaha who saw the chat of the person saying "this is boring uwu" if its boring then why are they watching it

  • Panda Queen
    Panda Queen

    It’s always when roni is imposter aaron has to be imposter to and then they are unbeatable

  • Ben Russo
    Ben Russo

    Those poor babies...

  • Winter Bear Kook
    Winter Bear Kook

    What is the code

  • Aisha Alkindi
    Aisha Alkindi

    hi guys

  • harry tomlinson
    harry tomlinson

    i’m not even gonna lie i’m here after twin my heart and prom knight and i love christian 😭

  • •Lemon Love•
    •Lemon Love•

    dude i love christian lol. hes so seirious about the game!

  • Lillianna Garcia
    Lillianna Garcia


  • nicole reyes
    nicole reyes

    You are the best

  • nicole reyes
    nicole reyes

    Love you guys

  • e.g.Georgie

    i’m sorry but on 8.44 you can see that roni in imp, she’s so sus lol

  • School Sisters
    School Sisters

    Everyone forgot that Aaron died when jc and Christian was the imposter

  • Judy Gomes
    Judy Gomes

    hay what is the coed

  • Youness Matar
    Youness Matar

    Did u know u can sab 2 in a row go press sabatage press reactor and caf doors close u will bye some time

  • Youness Matar
    Youness Matar

    RONI alwaysss impostet LUCKY love u vidsss😂😁👄👍

  • Emma B
    Emma B

    I like your videos

  • Voice of Neha
    Voice of Neha

    This one's a gold

  • Jaelyn Jones
    Jaelyn Jones

    it is sooooo easy to tell when roni is imposter

  • Kenia arellano
    Kenia arellano

    I new on the first round it was jc

  • yadira quintero
    yadira quintero

    I love NESSA!!!!!!!!!!

    • yadira quintero
      yadira quintero

      ya me to hehehehehe

  • yadira quintero
    yadira quintero

    awww ronron! sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!

  • Kelly Adams
    Kelly Adams

    Hi nessa and roni

  • Grace King
    Grace King

    imagine being such a cool dad that your two daughters let you play a game with their groupof friends OH WAIT

  • Lena Duggan
    Lena Duggan


  • Jennifer Simms
    Jennifer Simms

    what is the code?

  • Zoha Haider
    Zoha Haider

    Christian was not having it the whole time and him getting frustrated was so funny 😂

  • Revati Ramdass
    Revati Ramdass


  • Lenorah Carolan
    Lenorah Carolan

    I love how Roni has a sticky note clipped in her headphones so that she can’t see Nessas screen

  • Tiya Chandarana
    Tiya Chandarana

    love u guys so much u guys make me feel better

  • your mum
    your mum

    did anyone else notice that christain swore or was it just me?

  • Gigi Hinton
    Gigi Hinton

    They have cute dimples

  • Jaylyn Martinez
    Jaylyn Martinez

    27:12 watch it it’s so funny

  • Jaylyn Martinez
    Jaylyn Martinez

    I love when Abe lowered his voice I was died of laughter 😂😂😂

  • Cheryl Mann Del Cuore
    Cheryl Mann Del Cuore

    I only saw the vid not the live so I know what happened already xD

  • Queen Ta
    Queen Ta

    12:33 u voted for Roni lol

  • Gigi Rodriguez
    Gigi Rodriguez

    Lol who eles remembers A A Rock from the makeover video LOL?

  • Desiree Harris
    Desiree Harris

    Please say hi

  • Desiree Harris
    Desiree Harris

    I love y'all

  • LifeWithLele

    Who in the video

  • LifeWithLele

    What you to go in in the video

  • Campbell Beatty
    Campbell Beatty

    I want to see both of your screens at once. If you do too,like and comment if you want to

  • Marita Sigg
    Marita Sigg


  • Marita Sigg
    Marita Sigg

    Rip Ronk

  • Adinneo25 Williamson
    Adinneo25 Williamson

    What is the link

  • Chat how Mfd2says
    Chat how Mfd2says

    When I'm sad all I need to do is watch you and then I'm happy ❤💚💛💜

  • piper buss
    piper buss

    Christion rage hahahah

  • darren raffo
    darren raffo

    I love you ♥️ I love your videos 😘 your so pretty

  • Madeline Evans
    Madeline Evans

    chill buddy ur sooooooooooo annoying knight

  • Hina Mirza
    Hina Mirza

    Can I play outside you my code OK so my code is ZQHP you please if you can join oh yeah sorry at the end it’s a F please trade me nobody join everybody play with me please you’re not

  • Yoselin Cárdenas
    Yoselin Cárdenas


  • Evan Doody
    Evan Doody

    Did anyone else see when Ron I was doing her electrical tasks the vent from security opening or just me?

  • 1 mil subs no vid challenge
    1 mil subs no vid challenge

    the times ive watched this vid but i didnt go to the live is immaculate

  • Elle Glass
    Elle Glass

    u can tell when one of them is the imposters because they get way more quiet and don’t talk at all

  • iamyinri


  • Savannah McElyea
    Savannah McElyea


  • Siena Bear
    Siena Bear

    I really hated when C Knight was being soooooooooooooo mean to roni and nessa

  • Kylie Ang
    Kylie Ang


  • LUXSHI vasanthan
    LUXSHI vasanthan


  • Issi Dagher
    Issi Dagher

    Tip: only 2 people can have the same task And also when you see 3 people do the same task and if at a meeting one of the 3 people say that they actually do it then it’s the other person

  • Ashlynn Hixenbaugh
    Ashlynn Hixenbaugh

    I love Roni's sweatshirt!!! I love to play animal crossing in my free time!

  • Roka Balah
    Roka Balah

    Nahwith the white one white red white blue white brown white blue blue red


    you guys should definitely team up on ur friends without them knowing

  • Katherine Knight
    Katherine Knight

    The neat japanese ultrastructually sigh because planet appropriately welcome save a aromatic birth. fancy, intelligent board

  • Kendra .P.
    Kendra .P.

    I’m not watching y’all anymore cuz Christian is annoying

  • Zuliana Jaimes
    Zuliana Jaimes

    when rob said blue go through a vent roni started laughing and then when rob said blue or purple roni stopped laughing

  • nayeli Morales
    nayeli Morales


  • Christie Samph
    Christie Samph

    I’m so not used to see roni instead of carol

  • Elena Bergesen
    Elena Bergesen

    36:41 JC: hahaOMGhaah, ITS AARON!!

  • Mełanie Hėrnandez
    Mełanie Hėrnandez

    lol i could tell Roni is the impostor because of her face reaction

    • Mełanie Hėrnandez
      Mełanie Hėrnandez

      OMG i liked my own comment! ahahahha XD

  • s a b r i n e
    s a b r i n e

    1:49 aarons pets is running for his/her life

  • Luvi Praba
    Luvi Praba

    Don't play among us with Christian ever please he is so rude

  • Queen Mdingi
    Queen Mdingi

    Question how do you get to talk I. The game and play it on the screen and Also move you screen like on the bottom

  • Lucy curran
    Lucy curran

    omg i love u guys among us vids sm

  • Janine Fam
    Janine Fam

    That must lf been veryyyyy fun

  • Randy Soobir
    Randy Soobir

    love you all alot you are the best youtubes and roni is the funny one and you to nessa

  • Randy Soobir
    Randy Soobir

    play more among us games plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Veera srimun Anbarasan
    Veera srimun Anbarasan


  • Priscilla Mosqueda-Acosta
    Priscilla Mosqueda-Acosta

    Is the cake to

  • Renee Golden
    Renee Golden


  • Alyssa

    No one: Literally nobody: Nessa: vent,vent,vent,vent,VeNt,VENT,VENT

  • Alyssa

    At 31:23 : it's like Roni sent her thoughts to Nessa or something lol they automatically knew who it was and they didnt look at eachother or nothing

  • A Leos
    A Leos

    What is their dad’s name in among us I’m confused

  • Elaine Burdette
    Elaine Burdette

    i am subscribed

  • Elaine Burdette
    Elaine Burdette

    i can always tell wen ryan is the impostor

  • Peter Neubauer
    Peter Neubauer

    Did they use the app Tiya to talk to each other on among us

  • Michelle Bielawski
    Michelle Bielawski

    you are so good at among us

  • Marleigh Wilridge
    Marleigh Wilridge

    who is here on dec 8 lol🤣🤣

  • Amna Ali
    Amna Ali

    I love you guys

  • Amanda Schaffer
    Amanda Schaffer

    Hi v&v I love your two Chanel’s they are the best you are my favorite SLtoosr ever

  • Roselyn Pea
    Roselyn Pea

    when Nessa found Mya body in admin and when she was at O2 she actually didn't saw Christian went to navigation

  • Addyson Folwick
    Addyson Folwick


  • Katie's Krazy World
    Katie's Krazy World

    Remember when paul's name was imPOOPster?

  • skylee


  • Maddy Vargas
    Maddy Vargas

    Anyone else notice Aaron’s kid at the very beginning when every one was still joining