Joe Biden is Finally President & We Feel Great Again
Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States today, Donald Trump departed the White House with the help of an old friend, our new Vice President Kamala Harris made history, Bernie Sanders made headlines for his outfit, former VP Mike Pence was on hand before blasting off, Trump gave an ominous speech in front of a small crowd at Joint Base Andrews after pardoning 144 people the night prior, we imagine what it would look like if we put Donald Trump’s words in Joe Biden’s mouth, and we say goodbye to Donald Trump not with venom, not with scorn, but with optimism and celebration.
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  • timmy

    1423 days to go 👺💩👺💩👺💩

  • 2XImpeachment Champion
    2XImpeachment Champion


  • Dan Flory
    Dan Flory

    Jimmy and Joe...nutless cowards!

  • Brian Bingham
    Brian Bingham

    Joe Biden is a goof but so is Justin Trudeau.

  • gibby252

    Politically driven, forget comedy. Jim you're wrong, not here to defend trump only to point out how strange your behavior towards him is. You literally cried, not cool bro.

    • 2XImpeachment Champion
      2XImpeachment Champion

      Because Jimmy is a beta male.

  • Rapha'Yah Renders
    Rapha'Yah Renders

    You feel great because it’s your kind ! Jimmy Illuminati puppet and lap dog both of you ..! Now gotto your master CCP they’re calling you

  • marlin gupta
    marlin gupta

    how could one hear somebody complaining for straight 14 minutes

    • marlin gupta
      marlin gupta

      @Conor Lynch dude trump is trump , was talking bout normal humans

    • Conor Lynch
      Conor Lynch

      But isn't that what trump did every day for the past few months?

  • marlin gupta
    marlin gupta

    doesn't he feel weird cracking jokes hearing no one laugh

  • Mike Graham
    Mike Graham

    Ahhhh unity.

  • Ben Affleck Is An Ok Actor
    Ben Affleck Is An Ok Actor

    Yeah and now enjoy China taking control of your country and much more

  • tom hurley
    tom hurley

    love joe killing jobs in keystone pipeline,opening up border for covid carrying illegals signing 40 plus exec orders in less than 2 weeks ,dc fenced militarized and closed to everyone.God bless joe so bend a knee put your mask on and lets be happy

  • Edward Murphy
    Edward Murphy

    Joe blow is a fraud

    • Riyad the Bulldog
      Riyad the Bulldog

      Donald Dump is

  • NYmech

    guess we all have a different sense of humor. never thought jimmy was funny......i dont understand white people

  • Firefly

    This didn’t age well

  • gess841

    free to get your adrino on or something else 1st week in and destroying jobs that's freedom

  • blazn0

    America has fallen. Joe biden is fraud

  • savagegod13

    Funny how Black people support the party that defended slavery during the civil war. 🤣

  • Kevin Supinski
    Kevin Supinski

    Jimmy kimmel ia a fuckin joke.

  • Filip laskovski
    Filip laskovski

    Biden should be in a nursing home the guy clearly isn’t fit to be a president 😅😅 jimmy Kimmel and his network are supporters of a criminal

  • Monica Yunis-Jonah NuN
    Monica Yunis-Jonah NuN


  • hardlines4

    What are you gonna do now Jimmy your show sucks that’s all you did is bash Trump and you think Biden is normal this should be the biggest clown show ever for you now to bring your ratings up!!!🤡

  • Евгений Energy
    Евгений Energy

    Biden is a beast. The Democrats want to terrorize Trump and his supporters. Let's fight against Biden. We need to support, in word and deed, our President Trump. More than half of Americans voted for Trump. Biden switched the results. Our Trump has always stood for a real hardworking honest American.

  • Devin McGroot
    Devin McGroot

    lemme guess... youre for democrats. gotcha kimmel. good comedy.

  • MarkReyes

    how do you feel now? d**ba**

  • Absolute Longplay
    Absolute Longplay

    The amount of people cheering for treason. This country has gone to hell.

    • Conor Lynch
      Conor Lynch

      Ok Karen

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin

    i love this video

  • Max lopolo
    Max lopolo

    FEEL is the right word. Superficial, instinct driven, vapid. But pleasing. Enjoy the misery to follow.

  • Ugliest Potato
    Ugliest Potato

    Trump was a great president. Prove me wrong

  • Michael O'Connor
    Michael O'Connor

    Whenever I'm sad I just watch this video.😊😃😇

  • Jason

    What a sad sack of vomit.

  • Dora Dennis
    Dora Dennis

    Thanks for being a hate-mongering jerk during these past 4 years, Jimmy! 😁

  • Ralf Duttenhofer
    Ralf Duttenhofer

    The americans choose someone who will bring back the War to them and to the world. What is now better?

    • Lino Rosales
      Lino Rosales


  • Michael Kudela
    Michael Kudela

    Bidens not cool so stop...

  • Electro Giant
    Electro Giant

    Lmao trust me yall gonna regret celebrating in 4 years 😂😂😂

    • Trump is gay Af
      Trump is gay Af

      @unknown girlyyy the Washington post dear god such a unbiased and accurate source that defiantly doesn’t lie about trump all the time 😂😂😂

    • blazn0

      @unknown girlyyy yes

    • Matthew Silchuk
      Matthew Silchuk

      @unknown girlyyy 😂😂😂 the Washington post fact checkers....the same people that were sued for trying to ruin a kid’s life for wearing a MAGA hat without even attempting to gather all the facts. They are truly a credible source

    • Matthew Silchuk
      Matthew Silchuk

      @allthings euphoria Are you high? Canada has literally said that Biden has already hurt their economy by shutting down the keystone pipeline. Australia says Biden is horrible but you probably don’t realize this because you fail to do any of your own research and just drink the Koolaid MSM has been shoving down your throats. People who voted for Biden are already regretting it. I, unlike, all the babies who cried “not my President” for the last four years, will accept him as my President. It doesn’t mean I have to like it.

    • allthings euphoria
      allthings euphoria

      @Matthew Silchuk Then leave.

  • Teresa Campara
    Teresa Campara


  • hannah lowe
    hannah lowe

    could this guy be any worse? jesus

  • Daya

    The inauguration was very moving 😭🥲🤩

    • Dora Dennis
      Dora Dennis

      Yes, especially in my stomach... 🤮🤮🤮

  • Angelic Petunia
    Angelic Petunia

    Will see lol

  • terri fay
    terri fay

    Whatever happened to "It's time for all of us coming together and stopping all this political bashing?" Do as I say, not as I do.

    • terri fay
      terri fay

      @MultiJejje name calling comes so easy to some people.

    • MultiJejje

      Take it easy snowflakes.

    • Dora Dennis
      Dora Dennis

      I'm sitting here laughing at how Biden's already disappointing his voters. He can take his "unity" and shove it.

  • Erica Valini
    Erica Valini


  • T D
    T D

    💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 I love watching Smokey the Bear twerking!!! Too much!‼️

  • Christy B
    Christy B

    Woke Joe Biden's socialist hero Latino union firebrand fought AGAINST illegal immigrants but brutally purged anyone who defied him while hushing his MANY infidelities to keep up his Catholic family man image A bust of firebrand Latino union leader Cesar Chavez now takes pride of place behind the President's chair Chavez is controversial because of his brutal tactics and opposition to 'strike breaking' liegal immigrantse was also devoutly Catholic but had many affairs that were hushed up to maintain his family man image Biden has replaced a statue of Andrew Jackson with bust of Chavez. A statue of Churchill has also gone.

    • Electro Giant
      Electro Giant

      Trump was the most successful president in decades. He got more done for this country in 4 years than any other president. It's Biden who has done nothing for us in 47 years! Nobody can name anything good that biden has done or will do! Biden just lies to the people and then when he gets in, he blows everything off. Biden promised us $2000 covid relief checks "immediately" when the democrat GA senate candidates were elected- that's been over a month ago! What happened to "immediately"???!!! Instead he is hiring people by killing thousands of jobs- for what? Who voted for thousands of jobs to be killed? "Lunchbox Joe" is supposed to be pro union working people - not killing union jobs!

  • Linda Hollinger
    Linda Hollinger

    Great Opening. They should do that around the world when every President leaves office. I agree. Avengers Assemble. Damn that ending was off the hook. Wow. Great Animations. lol! Did not expect monuments to start break dancing and singing along. lol

  • Robert Spencer
    Robert Spencer

    You know who really feels great all the people bidens putting out of work the thousands of national Guard soldiers sharing one shitter and nice concrete floors oh and all the troops biden sent to syria and those troops families their just loving biden right now

    • Alex Hudson
      Alex Hudson

      Sorry who's been President before Biden?

  • Lynn Hino
    Lynn Hino

    Hey Kimmel gonna invite the pipeline workers that lost their jobs ...yeah didnt think so


    That’s cap

  • PewYoureDead


  • Rose

    Joe Biden can’t speak because he has dementia so you can’t make fun of his fake stutter 😹

  • Rose

    Jimmy Kimmel you’re disgusting for making fun of somebody’s accent

    • Danny Steph
      Danny Steph

      @LegoDarthVaderStudioz Nice try. truth is, this is your opinion. I can understand that and if that makes you sleep good at night then fine.

    • LegoDarthVaderStudioz

      @Danny Steph Blinded trump supporter. Go do some research. I was a Trump supporter myself. Did an insane amount of research for myself and am now a Biden supporter. Trump is just the worst. Believe me.

    • Danny Steph
      Danny Steph

      @Mr. Nikolaevi would like to see that

    • Mr. Nikolaev
      Mr. Nikolaev

      And Trump's disgusting for mocking a disabled reporter.

    • AJ

      it was hilarious

  • sagency

    Kimmel can't see his nose on his face. His squinty eyes obscure any chance of him seeing anything. BTW, what do celebrities know about politics anyway? No matter what they say, I believe the exact opposite. Their job is to entertain. At some point they felt that talent could cross over into some feigned feeling of importance and intelligence. Sing and dance Jimmy. Make people laugh. What do you know about anything really?

  • Name User
    Name User

    How does anyone listen to this tool. Nothing funny about Biden?? Nothing corrupt about Biden?? These people are tools of division.

    • Filip laskovski
      Filip laskovski

      Exactly but there’s no point kicking a dead horse I’m afraid:/

  • sneekie pete
    sneekie pete

    How ya feeling NOW....😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣......we will "circle back to Trump"...faster than you think😂😂😂😂


    He's not funny anymore. Stop doing politics.

    • MIDAS

      @AJ Wait you know my SoundCloud? Awesome must be making progress.

    • AJ

      @MIDAS i mean hes made more money from this one video then you ever did from your shitty soundcloud songs u make

    • MIDAS

      @AJ when does anyone ask for anyone's opinion? Did I ask for your opinion to think its good?

    • AJ

      stop giving your opinion when nobody asked

  • Danny Steph
    Danny Steph

    I love watching this clown Jimmy embarrass himself

    • Mia C. K
      Mia C. K

      @Danny Steph your comment makes no sense. It sounds like something trump would say.

    • Danny Steph
      Danny Steph

      @Mia C. K this you should blame on your twisted media

    • Mia C. K
      Mia C. K

      We loved watching the clown Donald embarrass himself in front of the world

    • AJ

      seems like hes doing better than you!

  • Brielle Hunter
    Brielle Hunter

    ❤ Joe allows 9000+ migrants and more another chance at life here in the land of the free. We should all reach out to help our new friends feel welcome here. ❤

    • Electro Giant
      Electro Giant

      @Exile not true there are 74 million supporters for trump. Your really bad at math. Just go back to school because it looks like your not in school. Good luck.

    • Electro Giant
      Electro Giant

      @The Royal gamer 70k people lost their jobs on Biden’s fist day while trump had lowest unemployment records. Oil prices will skyrocket soon because of the pipeline being shut down and soon Biden will start taxing middle class up to 45%. Also with our only source of oil now being imported you can probably expect another war in the Middle East. But hey “at least he’s not trump”

    • Exile

      @Electro Giant Dude lol trumps the worst he’s ruined the lives of so many people 99.9% of America is celebrating his loss and Biden’s victory

    • The Royal gamer
      The Royal gamer

      @Electro Giant Trump is by far THE WORST president we’ve ever had he had no chance of winning Biden forever

    • Electro Giant
      Electro Giant

      Trump was the most successful president in decades. He got more done for this country in 4 years than any other president. It's Biden who has done nothing for us in 47 years! Nobody can name anything good that biden has done or will do! Biden just lies to the people and then when he gets in, he blows everything off. Biden promised us $2000 covid relief checks "immediately" when the democrat GA senate candidates were elected- that's been over a month ago! What happened to "immediately"???!!! Instead he is hiring people by killing thousands of jobs- for what? Who voted for thousands of jobs to be killed? "Lunchbox Joe" is supposed to be pro union working people - not killing union jobs!

  • usha vns
    usha vns

    Of course you do u oppressed millionaire

    • AJ

      mad cuz broke

  • Loco Mosquito
    Loco Mosquito

    progresism is a piece of crap!!! de rodillas jimmy dilo

  • Roger Gandee
    Roger Gandee

    Send me a postcard from Gitmo Jimmy!

  • Kithy Kaka
    Kithy Kaka

    Jimmy look you smart .but you not amart chose yuor president . Biden ? So sad for marican .

  • Nathalie C
    Nathalie C

    The clip at the end was so funny. The nightmare is finished.

  • timmy

    1450 DAYS TO GO 💩💩💩

  • Wooden Puppet
    Wooden Puppet

    I like how Joe Biden is going to increase the amount of war in the middle east. Bombing brown children for oil is great. And also I love how he made health care more expensive. Also, I like how he is making it harder for small businesses and making the billionaires richer. He's great.

  • George Cisneros
    George Cisneros

    Can you spell “sycophant”?

  • Miguel L Franco
    Miguel L Franco

    I FEEL GREAT AGAIN 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👀👀👀👀👀🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • timmy

    1451 days to go 💩

  • RedirGoud

    Joe Biden has finally stolen the presidency & we can't wait until he gets caught and arrested for it.

  • FaZeGaNg Zone
    FaZeGaNg Zone

    Trust me, you will hate him in 4 years

    • YouTube Family Friendly / YFF
      YouTube Family Friendly / YFF

      Lmao millions will regret celebrating for biden.

    • FaZeGaNg Zone
      FaZeGaNg Zone

      @Electro Giant I totally understand what you mean, glad someone agrees with me!

    • Electro Giant
      Electro Giant

      Everyone knows that but the democrats are hiding it from the outside.

    • FaZeGaNg Zone
      FaZeGaNg Zone

      @Chad Tyrone just wait and see my friend.

    • Chad Tyrone
      Chad Tyrone

      No they won't. They're being paid by the same guy

  • Chennai Super kings
    Chennai Super kings

    Jimmy the criminal garbage

  • sick of election fraud
    sick of election fraud

    Over 75,000 jobs killed on just the first day. What's there to feel great about?

    • alex fenyo
      alex fenyo

      @Troll King lol

    • Troll King
      Troll King

      Ecological footprint

  • Theresa M
    Theresa M

    This is by far the best of the past yer to date!!!!!!!!!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😭😭😭😭😭

    • Electro Giant
      Electro Giant

      Trust me you will regret saying that in 4 years

  • Theresa M
    Theresa M

    I can only say THANK THE GOOD LORD♥️

  • Raymond Moore
    Raymond Moore

    Where's the 👍from the supposedly 80 million voters for Biden's inauguration? ...There wasn't that many, that's why the 👍's are so few!!!

  • figgettit

    the tumor is not benign

  • Nolan Ladell
    Nolan Ladell

    Dear Jimmy Kimmel, Are you sure that feeling of celebration in the air isn't just a little gas?

  • Nolan Ladell
    Nolan Ladell

    Dear Jimmy Kimmel, If you don't find infinite material to rip on Joe Biden you may be an even bigger hypocrite than I imagined you to be.

    • Conor Lynch
      Conor Lynch

      Na man... Trump was the real hypocritical one

  • Jesus Jesus
    Jesus Jesus

    Biden lol good luck your going to need it first day in office job lost LOL

  • josefmanga

    Jimmy, are you stupid! There are people who will believe that was the real Joe Biden.

  • Blessing Isichei
    Blessing Isichei

    This guy really said if they raise your taxes I told you so I’m dying 😂😂😂😂

  • fattye extention
    fattye extention

    The obnoxious macaroni lamentably contain because sailboat bilaterally communicate notwithstanding a freezing weather. capable, abject enquiry

  • Dragoninthewest

    Just because there's a new president doesn't mean the war on the covid-19 suddenly won nor the economic collapse reversed. A nationalization of the health insurance would an excellent start as it supported by like 70% of Americans

  • Jay Roc
    Jay Roc

    Ya I feel awesome. Just lost my job on the pipeline!! Have 4 kids and a wife w cancer. He's a real hero!!!

  • J T
    J T

    What a joke.

  • Peanut Butter
    Peanut Butter

    This aged badly very fast.

    • Multi Meter
      Multi Meter

      Yet he hasn't made any videos shitting on Biden yet and still resorts to Trump. How is this guy still relevant?

  • Juan R Ramirez
    Juan R Ramirez

    Hey, Jimmy, 🖕🏽🖕🏽

  • Steve Wilson
    Steve Wilson

    Who flipped the bill on paying for likes?

  • Adam Merchant
    Adam Merchant

    Jimmy Kimmel sucks Biden is illegitimate

  • debido2u

    Oh Jimmy. You are such a smart a$$. Kindred spirit. Love you!!✌🏻❤️🥰🥰🤗🤗

  • steven gegar
    steven gegar


  • MotherShip Terra
    MotherShip Terra

    this is all wrong u r stupid no im kidding u r great

  • Orizo Hill
    Orizo Hill

    "there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic" - Biden So, after giving up on fighting the pandemic let's see what else we can do to stay entertained, popular and meaningless as thousands die from covid. People are more concerned about getting 20s in their bank accounts than who's on them. BTW, I don't think Harriet Tubmxn (movement within a movement) would want to be associated with the worst year ever.

    • Margaret Williams
      Margaret Williams

      AND I thought he was just stating a fact... like the horse is out the barn, "but if you wear a mask for 100 days etc." Isn't that what he said? Maybe I heard wrong.

    • Orizo Hill
      Orizo Hill

      @Margaret Williams There's plenty of people not wearing masks, not social distancing, traveling for pleasure. How's about convincing these super spreading people to slow the rate of infections. There's plenty to do to change the trajectory. Giving us a message of defeat only makes people stop holding the line of defense against infections. I'm disappointed in him.

    • Margaret Williams
      Margaret Williams

      He's correct, "there is nothing we can do about the trajectory of the Pandemic," seeing as how he wasn't there to set the plague off, but, he is catching it at its highest point of devastation and using science to bring it down.

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
    Captain Jack Sparrow

    If you agree or not Trump is way better than Joe Biden . Soon America will regret choosing him as president.

  • Shama Mehfooz
    Shama Mehfooz


  • Kathy Stephens
    Kathy Stephens


  • Christine Kibler Regional Manager
    Christine Kibler Regional Manager

    He is not the Present and you’re stupid if you think he’s a good one

  • Greg Wright
    Greg Wright

    So how long until kimmel starts hating on biden?

    • blazn0

      When they stop paying him.

  • MrGMountain

    Wow. Very thin. Wonder if he knows he’s getting taxed big time. But he’s Hollywood, so maybe not.

    • K. Peake
      K. Peake

      He probably doesn't care bc of ur latter point

  • nina ferariu
    nina ferariu

    Kimmel you and your liberal friends are total idiots! Biden or rather his progressive handlers are destroying America!

  • Patty from Montana
    Patty from Montana

    If I had a net worth of 50 million from doing a job that I just had to bullshit every night, I'd feel great also.

  • Kerry Klopfstein
    Kerry Klopfstein

    He will put thousands of people out of work by weeks end. But that doesn’t effect you Democrats does it.

    • Name Change
      Name Change

      Over 11k people already out of work

  • Tom Shepherd
    Tom Shepherd

    You Feel Great For A Socialist Country! But America Will Never be Great Again! AMEN