Jake Paul - These Days (Official Music Video)
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Jake Paul - These Days (Official Music Video)
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Director - Arie Abraham
Producer - Veronica Amador and Arie Abraham
Executive producer - Jake Paul
Talent - Julia Rose and Jake Paul
Director of photography - Brian Beckwith
Camera op - Brian Beckwith and Arie Abraham
Editor - Arie Abraham
Colorist - Arie Abraham
Visual effects - Arie Abraham and Alex Constante
Behind the scenes - Andrew blue and Marcos Guerrero
AD - M Smith
1st AC - Majd Mazin
2nd AC - Sophia Lee
Gaffer - Dimitrios Christoforidis
Key Grip - Rene Yescas
Best Boy Grip - Javaun Crane-Bonnell
Best Boy Electric - Adam Schaffer
Electric (swing) - Chris Van Lieshout
Jib Operator - Victor PancerevJake Paul Song
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  • David Kostov
    David Kostov

    Am I the only one who actually vibe at this song ? It’s actually decent

  • jay plays 1234
    jay plays 1234

    These were the good old december days when everyone made fun of jakepaul because he thought he was "good" at music and he sounded like a literal robot making these days

  • Gentle Men
    Gentle Men

    I have been in a wheel chair for all my life, when I heard this song I stood up for the first time and threw my phone out the window.

  • Mairah M
    Mairah M

    Kids watch your videos y u doing this “cry 😭😢🤥😥

  • Lurks Gaming
    Lurks Gaming

    Jake Paul thinks he’s drake

  • Only Dior
    Only Dior

    when he says the n word 🤤🤤🤤

  • Bintang

    Bruh Jake paul is actually drug dealer look how he fckin change





  • Seppo Taalasmaa
    Seppo Taalasmaa

    I wonder ”why” this was deleted from spotify....

  • Christopher Machiri
    Christopher Machiri

    Remind me of JERIKA

  • Brooke Brady
    Brooke Brady

    Why did they take this off music platforms this was FIRE.

  • Daniel Kelly
    Daniel Kelly

    Jake pauls fans when their girlfriend only lasted two days

  • CBS oollo
    CBS oollo


  • Gabriel Reyes
    Gabriel Reyes

    Did he just say nigga

  • Damir Selimovic
    Damir Selimovic


  • GozieSings

    Sad that people sleep on this song

  • Cookiez

    Is this youtube or the hub?

  • Surya Bhai
    Surya Bhai


  • phenyx juneau
    phenyx juneau

    This song is fire🔥

  • The Rainwriter [Music]
    The Rainwriter [Music]

    This song disappeared from Spotify for me, for some reason. I honestly really liked this song.

  • parixzz 95
    parixzz 95

    He sounds like my pc when it breaks

  • Brendon Nilsestuen
    Brendon Nilsestuen

    Jake u aint even a cool youtuber anymore ur just weird

  • Garcia Hernandez Zaid Arath
    Garcia Hernandez Zaid Arath


  • Joshua Meskill
    Joshua Meskill

    How to make this song good. Step 1: close out of it Step two :never watch jake Paul again

  • Mia O’Farrell
    Mia O’Farrell

    why did u delete this off Spotify

  • Jayden

    Hahaha you know they ain’t using her laugh shut annoying

  • Rita Mitchell
    Rita Mitchell

    Home fire play Michael songs I broke Strider

  • Rita Mitchell
    Rita Mitchell

    jake paul music. 11 john

    • Rita Mitchell
      Rita Mitchell

      I can't now make a blaze now my song up for my name John Williams horse

  • king Royal savage
    king Royal savage

    This about erika

  • nannycarrot fingers
    nannycarrot fingers

    State of em

  • Pokemaster1216

    Everyone go to 2:32 and see his face that’s how he would sound like if auto tune was a look

  • Matthew Higgins
    Matthew Higgins

    Jake it’s totally appropriate showing your 7 year old audience of you banging.

  • Billy is here
    Billy is here

    After many tests and years of researching we have finally determined: *Jake paul is 90% autotune 10% OH MY GOD IS THAT THE DEVIL?*

  • Zach Hurley
    Zach Hurley

    🤢 🤮 terrible it hits so hard When it’s muted 🤐

  • Xriptery Epic
    Xriptery Epic

    you simp, jake paul

  • Silvia Gonzalez
    Silvia Gonzalez

    Why he took this song off iTunes 😖

    • Lauren Kubiak
      Lauren Kubiak

      if u brought it you will still have it

  • AveragePCgamer

    This song is bad

  • Tyler Chavalia
    Tyler Chavalia

    The like to dislike ratio in all his songs are super sad stop posting

  • Kona Far
    Kona Far

    The only part good about this music video is Julia Rose

  • Abdulla Alkaabi
    Abdulla Alkaabi

    3:00 thank me later :)😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

    • Mr.Donald Trump
      Mr.Donald Trump

      It didn’t work Do 2:59

    • Panchi 345
      Panchi 345


  • Mr Richman Cash
    Mr Richman Cash

    OK, I've seen enough PGs.

  • Cpt. Wack
    Cpt. Wack

    It isn’t that bad, but it’s pretty bad yah know what I’m sayin?

  • Marcus Smith
    Marcus Smith

    i really like it good job jake (even tho i'm 11 years old) really good

  • jacob jobcar
    jacob jobcar

    Paul walker and Jake paul the pretty white girls like with Paul and jake

  • jacob jobcar
    jacob jobcar

    Paul walker and julia rose in this song going in to pool

  • jacob jobcar
    jacob jobcar

    What if this song has with Paul walker

  • Clay Campbell
    Clay Campbell


  • Moises Santana
    Moises Santana

    0:50 did This guys just say ni**a 😐😐😐

    • Moises Santana
      Moises Santana

      I spelled it wrong

    • Moises Santana
      Moises Santana


    • Karen Johnson
      Karen Johnson

      @Moises Santana where

    • Moises Santana
      Moises Santana

      Karen Johnson how😂 he literally says it

    • Karen Johnson
      Karen Johnson


  • Marina ydg
    Marina ydg

    Why isn't this on spotify anymore??

    • DeadlySquid8

      Because its a cringe song

    • Rdz Beats
      Rdz Beats

      I know right

  • Juaquin Vazquez
    Juaquin Vazquez


  • Southern Antics
    Southern Antics

    He tried to sound like Travis Scott . He sounds like a microwave

  • Nico's pvz
    Nico's pvz


  • Keira Terry
    Keira Terry

    The music vid makes me uncomfortable but the song firw

  • Syko

    Song goes hard when its on mute 🔥

    • Christian Flores
      Christian Flores

      For reals it does

  • Roberto Rivera
    Roberto Rivera

    This song is nice I love it I've been playing this song since I've been playing this song over and over and over again

  • Vastfire

    Haters: He has a ghost writer Everyone else: are you stupid or did you just forget about this song

  • Matthew Jury
    Matthew Jury

    This came out on my birthday, gross

  • Rich Hardy
    Rich Hardy


  • Abood A0H
    Abood A0H


  • Keira Terry
    Keira Terry

    OMG this song was awsome 👍

  • Literally_Yaner

    Okay like the song is dope but the video is just no-

  • Parviz DoV
    Parviz DoV

    this song and the video is soo underrated

  • Astro Sasuke
    Astro Sasuke

    and he went from this to fresh outta london in 7 months meanwhile is training for boxing and making youtube videos nahhhh fam

  • Cidalia Nativi
    Cidalia Nativi

    He’s bad why would he do that to tana

  • ri

    Jake Paul please overdose on this pill its called "Stop living" pill.

  • Its_yo_boi-14

    Since when was my trash can a singer?

  • Teejay Nash
    Teejay Nash

    Actually only song I like from him

  • Calder Osborne
    Calder Osborne

    Dang.... People really goin at Jake Paul hahaha good job

  • olivia

    this song would be straight gas… if someone else sung it

  • Mohamed Hassanein
    Mohamed Hassanein

    We all came here to see Sam Yousufzai’s comment

  • Sãmim Ã.B
    Sãmim Ã.B

    Jake Paulers from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️

  • AveragePCgamer

    Jesus Christ. This song is just awful. There's nothing else to say

  • Mystic

    Who else came here you to look at the comment of @sam Yousufzai

  • Aeolus

    If this was on my reccommened I would commite toaster bath

  • Ξ X H A L E
    Ξ X H A L E

    i feel bad for the director

  • Safwanisafatboy -_-
    Safwanisafatboy -_-

    Jake is just too cringy to even be on youtube

  • سون غوكو سان انس SON GOKU SAN ANES
    سون غوكو سان انس SON GOKU SAN ANES


  • Nugetz

    The auto tune Is the singer

  • back grudge hunter
    back grudge hunter

    Just come out the closet already

  • Pheonix Xx
    Pheonix Xx

    Who's here after watching 23?

  • Spongebob Squarepants
    Spongebob Squarepants

    There is no positive comment in Jake's songs

    • Mr Richman Cash
      Mr Richman Cash

      And will never be

  • LocusOnYT

    why is he trying so hard to sound like drake.

    • Mr Richman Cash
      Mr Richman Cash

      Because he's a Drake wannabe




    Jake go hard

  • sølary

    So he admits on live television that his target audience is 8-12 years old, and this video isn't even age-restricted.

  • getsomejas combs
    getsomejas combs

    This is good

  • ninjaa

    who still come here in 2020

  • Danny Ray
    Danny Ray

    Jake 23 fire

  • DraCoMAlFOy

    Ngl this is better than fresh outta london

  • xnthxnyl

    is that julia Rose😳

  • Emile Khayat
    Emile Khayat

    2:59 Thank me later

    • Mr Richman Cash
      Mr Richman Cash

      That part is fire

    • Nathan Lujan
      Nathan Lujan

      Thanks dude best part

  • Keira Terry
    Keira Terry

    Yo jake looks fire

  • Fh Fgh
    Fh Fgh

    Put the out speed on 2x or muted I sounds better

  • Yingsta TV
    Yingsta TV

    haha she dont love you no more

  • Lunatic Salsa
    Lunatic Salsa

    Just remember jakes audience is mainly children now keep that in mind while watching this

    • Junior Maqueto
      Junior Maqueto

      It ages up go check the analytics it’s older than JJs

  • Klimite

    My favourite part is when I press mute

  • Imagination

    Imagine being a producer and Jake paul uses your beat. I would quit

    • Mr Richman Cash
      Mr Richman Cash

      I'd report him

  • Deon 2789
    Deon 2789

    I miss old Jake Paul...

  • avx uwu
    avx uwu