Lachlan's Locker Showcase! ($10,000+)
Today we take a look through my $10,000+ Fortnite locker! I have EVERYTHING... almost.
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  • PoisonDragon48

    His face cam was blocking the left half of the skins! Lol

  • Pradip Panchal
    Pradip Panchal

    3:37 If you remember in Chapter 2 season 2 at the Grotto Brutus was once team Ghost then went to Shadow. That skin at 3:37 were the Ghost henchmen in the grotto at the beginning of the season

  • RefleXx

    Who else sees that at least 1 person is watching him the whole time

  • Lukeinador Gaming
    Lukeinador Gaming

    He teased his skin in this vid

    • Lukeinador Gaming
      Lukeinador Gaming

      His hoodie

  • simran kishnani
    simran kishnani

    8:03 he was talking about icon series outfits who thought that one day there is gonna be a Lachlan skin season 4

  • Susan allen
    Susan allen


  • VISUAL Misty
    VISUAL Misty

    As well as beach bomber

  • VISUAL Misty
    VISUAL Misty

    My favorite skins are wenagade waider and the girl soccer skins followed by aura

  • Hellen Zelaya
    Hellen Zelaya

    Renegade Rider

  • Kjhkiller Gaming
    Kjhkiller Gaming

    Well I wish I had as many Redskins as you I only have the royal bomber

  • snipe


  • Hallmark carwash Adil
    Hallmark carwash Adil

    Notice how lachy does not have the cobalt skin and i do

  • Stone

    he do be flexing

  • DANIEL Bustamante Quintero
    DANIEL Bustamante Quintero


  • Parker Tindall
    Parker Tindall

    your trash at the game and your a trie hard

  • Destroyed Dimensions
    Destroyed Dimensions


  • Ali Efe Yücel
    Ali Efe Yücel

    My favorite has to be aura


    where is your manic skin??

  • XD Thiccc Boi Dud
    XD Thiccc Boi Dud

    Oh i got no skin one month later I made it to icon

  • milan kovac
    milan kovac

    u my favrot yt am a difolt and me whaching u makes me happy because u playing it just makes my day my youser namr is kovac_milan987

  • Boglet 07
    Boglet 07

    Hotdog goes to Coppa

  • Hayden Siemens
    Hayden Siemens

    can you show us your favaret skins?

  • Miidiocre :p
    Miidiocre :p


  • James Kach
    James Kach

    i awalys use lace too is my favorite skin in fortnite

  • Connor Elsing
    Connor Elsing

    Honor guard

  • Bryan Starr
    Bryan Starr

    Dude terra and renegade raider

  • Lisa Althurya
    Lisa Althurya

    ولازم صح

  • Prime Gamer 999
    Prime Gamer 999


  • Joseph Bernal
    Joseph Bernal

    My favorite skin out of all of the skins were renegade

  • KJ D
    KJ D

    ShOw Us YoUr LoCkEr

  • Charles Viccellio
    Charles Viccellio

    6:36 lol

  • Tiffany Bowling
    Tiffany Bowling

    my yuser name is fly-light 379

  • Lakvon edirysingha
    Lakvon edirysingha

    Summit striker is my favourite skin

  • Zacharias Häger Hahne
    Zacharias Häger Hahne

    The hot dog

  • LTE_ Bruh
    LTE_ Bruh

    I have 60 to 70 skins and Lachlan buys every skin please stop flexing it’s not niceeeeee

  • Soha Dustgir
    Soha Dustgir

    Lachy if u didn’t have the aerial assault trooper u said it was 3 years ago only season 1 was 3 years ago u could have bought the skin and my favorite skin was renegade raider but does anyone agree with me

  • Uno Reverse
    Uno Reverse

    4:33 im triggered why i luv gnome

  • Brody Rhoades
    Brody Rhoades

    It wasn't shown, but my favorite skin IN THE GAME is the Lachlan skin.

  • Bradley Matthews
    Bradley Matthews

    He is spoiled lol

  • Kruncch


  • Fun with Isaac
    Fun with Isaac

    I’m broke too

  • Tomsta197 Williams
    Tomsta197 Williams

    Wait until lachy ranks every weapon again Lachlan:the highest is... Comments: the flipping unibeam

  • Tomsta197 Williams
    Tomsta197 Williams

    When the recon expert was in the item shop in season 4 The sweats: you’ve got to be joking epic

  • Katie Rose
    Katie Rose


    • Bob Fromwork
      Bob Fromwork

      hot dog skin

  • Noah Lazar
    Noah Lazar

    *wenegade wayder*

  • Jared Madison Chua
    Jared Madison Chua

    this was my b-day when this vid was made but I watched this vid allready

  • Skully FN
    Skully FN

    Crusher valentines

  • Jacob Vanjonack
    Jacob Vanjonack

    Is anyone watching this when he has a skin?😂😂

  • Lasoon Beetl
    Lasoon Beetl

    Lachlan: Talks about every skin for at least 3-5 seconds Codename Elf: (Main btw!) Oh yea, that's a skin..

  • Jaden Tea
    Jaden Tea

    I dragon skin I use the one you would it’s fire but no one usiws it

  • Bronze Gaming
    Bronze Gaming

  • Charlie Yin
    Charlie Yin


  • Drake Ickes
    Drake Ickes

    I have pink ghoul trooper

  • Brody Greening
    Brody Greening

    i love the plague doctor skin

  • JDMbtw

    Little did he know, he would be in his own locker

    • Amanda Powell
      Amanda Powell

      I know

    • Steve Morgan
      Steve Morgan

      Yeah my friend got it with code Tiko 😡

  • Lydia and Clay Show
    Lydia and Clay Show

    wait wait wait wait wait i might HAVE A LEGENDARY U DONT HAVE DO U HAVE ABLIVION I accidently bought it tho lol

  • aMaZe Bubble Vivant
    aMaZe Bubble Vivant

    I have eveary sikn im rich

  • Zayden Clarke
    Zayden Clarke

    An u get epic to give me everything in the plz

  • ActiveFire533

    10:41 RIP Juice Wrld

  • Good Guy
    Good Guy

    Love your videos just wish there was no cussing

  • FallniteGamer 1
    FallniteGamer 1

    typical gamer has 20000 locker

  • Ripley

    Here in brazil have a guy with EVERYTHING he name is vutuner

  • Dizzy Marta YT
    Dizzy Marta YT

    ayee where the lauchlan skin at?

  • Nolan Cook
    Nolan Cook

    How is buying every skin and only using one a flex? The way I see it, it’s just a waste of money.

  • Easton Schaefer-Rose
    Easton Schaefer-Rose


  • Raiden Garcia
    Raiden Garcia

    The way he raged

  • Regresion

    My favorite skin that you’re showing off is Ariel assault trooper oh wait😂😂😂

  • Wyatt

    Lachlan sitting there with a sad face waiting for his skin

  • Roly Top9
    Roly Top9

    Wenegade waider

  • Jace Hudgens
    Jace Hudgens

    Aura is my favorite. Go follow JHuds on twitch

  • Bilkis Kably
    Bilkis Kably

    He stole his moms credit card

  • Cloud Joestar
    Cloud Joestar

    You haven't shown Verge :'(

  • Leo Svanbom
    Leo Svanbom

    I Also have royale bomber😎

  • Naza Necchi
    Naza Necchi

    soy de argentina soy de argentina


    lachlan and drift

  • Collin Meyers
    Collin Meyers

    My favorite skin is scarlet comender

  • Collin Meyers
    Collin Meyers

    Haha you’ve been gnomend

  • Simba101

    I had captions on and when you said renegade raider it wrote it as we it gained weight

  • Cameron Press
    Cameron Press

    Lachlan, I have a skin you don’t have and it’s not Arial Assault Trooper. It is the PlayStation skin from season 2.

  • Fortniteplay 1
    Fortniteplay 1

    Bruh lachlan why do you use one skin do a vid of using the worst skins ever only

  • indicoboi

    4:33 😂😂

  • rowen carter
    rowen carter

    safari my girl

  • Bart Hamer
    Bart Hamer

    How did you get the zorii bliss?( stars wars)

  • GhostQueen527

    Hey yo I’m poor checkkk Damn I thought i was poor before but 👁👄👁 this is sad lol

  • aymane oribi
    aymane oribi


  • SweatyxJack Gaming
    SweatyxJack Gaming

    Now there is Lachlan

  • Calin Chioveanu
    Calin Chioveanu

    I want Black Night

  • Calin Chioveanu
    Calin Chioveanu

    You are soo lucky

  • Roman Contreras
    Roman Contreras

    Who else is looking at his locker and seeing skins you’ve never seen before?

    • Mariah Moraga
      Mariah Moraga

      Me 😂

    • Tomsta197 Williams
      Tomsta197 Williams

      You definitely right

  • RaXiL Alka
    RaXiL Alka

    Łenegejd Łejdeł


    lahlan corgrats onn the skin

  • DaDorrisDuts

    1month later icon skin lachlan Congratulations 🥳 you deserve it😃

  • Max’s Woofles
    Max’s Woofles

    Geeze that’s a big locker, my favourite skin is definitely 100% Skye, also would you you rather have every skin in the game and not ur favourite skin or only ur favourite skin

    • Dead FlameZ
      Dead FlameZ

      I know ya asking lauchy but I would rather have every but my favouite, my favourites change all the time

  • yaman ahmed
    yaman ahmed

    Lachlan every cool skin "Wow this is a good skin, when did it come out"

  • Ya Yeet Yeet
    Ya Yeet Yeet

    Did anyone else hear him say the fucx skin

  • Declan O
    Declan O

    The skin i want the most in his locker is the Starlord set

    • Declan O
      Declan O

      I know, i would of got it because of all the chores i did but before i could get it they ended the season

    • Conor Mcgregor
      Conor Mcgregor

      @Declan O oh then rip bro you would love it

    • Declan O
      Declan O

      I would because i love Guardians of the galaxy, i bought the pass for Groot

    • Conor Mcgregor
      Conor Mcgregor

      I have it trust me bro you’d never use it.

  • iRockMRG

    How do you have almost every single fortnight skin

    • Dead FlameZ
      Dead FlameZ

      Pays money

  • Axel Cetino
    Axel Cetino


  • Hunters house 👻
    Hunters house 👻

    Hello Apollo

  • Alf on 200 IQ
    Alf on 200 IQ

    Who is here when he has his own skin

528 tis.