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  • Geography Now
    Geography Now

    #Slovenia the Bridge between the Slavic, Germanic and Latin worlds. Try not to fall too much in "Slove" with this episode. You'll be "Pušt-ing" your luck.

    • Darko Božič
      Darko Božič

      Idea for the next video: a comparison between Slovenia and Slovakia! It would be interesting to see.

    • Darko Božič
      Darko Božič

      @BiiDovah Good point.

    • Darko Božič
      Darko Božič

      @Jakub Práznovský Ja, Sem opazil. I've seen that. ;))

    • Luka Hernon
      Luka Hernon

      Barbs, will you ever do a videos explaining different language families in Europe and other parts of the world?

    • element balls
      element balls

      hi. i

  • Emma Cat
    Emma Cat

    I hope to visit Slovenia someday. 🇸🇮

  • Anej Ravnak
    Anej Ravnak

    I have been waiting for this video for a long time 🇸🇮♥️

  • Vuk Vukmanovic 1-2
    Vuk Vukmanovic 1-2

    6:18 small mistake: the sava river doesnt end in croatia it ends in serbia draining into the danube river at the capital, Belgrade. Edit: i dont think slovenia is the only balkan nation with this dual grammar system. For example, im serbian, and the example she gave with dogs can also be applied here 1 dog = jedan pas 2 dogs = dva psa 3 or more dogs = tri ili vise psi Pas, psa, psi = dog(s)

  • Aka


  • Ty McBride
    Ty McBride

    Can you chill out on the cursing? I love using your videos in my class but can't show it with inappropriate language even if you're bleeping it out.

  • Drin Maliqi
    Drin Maliqi

    I love slovenia from Kosovo

  • Yee Yee Ass Haircut
    Yee Yee Ass Haircut

    Maze Bean

  • Lan Oset
    Lan Oset

    hello from slovenia or Lep pozdrav iz Slovenije

  • Mats H
    Mats H

    Love to slovenia from the Netherlands🤩🇳🇱🇸🇮

  • Lovro Marguč
    Lovro Marguč

    i'm from slovenia

  • Matej Long Dong
    Matej Long Dong

    Niti smrde niti mirišu...Teško sranje od zemlje i ljudi ...

  • Banshe

    Finally you made a video of slovenia

  • Žiga Majcen
    Žiga Majcen

    Sending love form sLOVEnia and thank you for this video ... it is really good🤙🏻❤️🇸🇮

  • Otvor Ociska
    Otvor Ociska

    I am from Slovakia🇸🇰🇸🇮I love our twin❤️

  • Jaka Rina
    Jaka Rina

    woah nice work! You really captured everything

  • Elisha Fields
    Elisha Fields

    You can tell Barb is a great guy. Actively getting his friends involved and genuinely having fun. So many SLtoos channels are ego-driven with people trying to be famous/an influencer etc. It's refreshing to see a guy that just loves geography and isn't only in it for himself. Keep it up Barb & friends!

  • Zatus Syamamie
    Zatus Syamamie

    I love geography😍 and this is a good video of Slovenia😂

  • A.K.-2006

    24:13 when it comes to their best friend however, when it comes to their best friends however

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime

    Keith''s shirt

  • petrzalkai

    8:11 and 8:29 those are photos from Bratislava Slovakia

  • jasmina kramaršič
    jasmina kramaršič

    Your Čatež pronunciation was amazingly accurate 👏🏻❤️

  • Metod Mazej
    Metod Mazej

    That kremšnita wasnt slowenian it was actualy a Zagreb slice. (Zagrebška rezina)

  • this dude
    this dude

    luka dončić. jan oblak and samir handanović.

  • Mylum O'Shinn
    Mylum O'Shinn

    Imagine Slav state governments seeing the opening lines regarding their Balkans relationship...they all stare at each other: is that really us? Lets go get drunk!

  • Philgoo Han
    Philgoo Han

    I noticed that you used the wrong photo for the Tour de France winner. That's the photo of Primoz (the guy you introduced a second ago wining the other grand tours) at the moment he lost Tour de France. Tadej Pagacar is a different guy.

  • Flo

    Im gonna cut you some slack for butcherig almost every single name/place, but know that you spelled France Preseren without an r and even said it that way.

  • Orgikan

    How is Estonia *less* nordic than Denmark?

  • Marina

    When I went to Ljubljana I walked across the dragon bridge and didnt even notice HAHAHAHa

  • Leja Rebolj
    Leja Rebolj

    This is so funny 🤣🤣.... i learned some interesting new things about my country and i dont think they are true, but overall u did good 😉

  • zan marinic
    zan marinic

    Hello from Šmartno :)

  • eretzbih Eretzovich
    eretzbih Eretzovich

    Best neighbors 🇧🇦💙🇸🇮 we Love u Slovenia

  • Krlos T
    Krlos T

    Slovenia is the successful child from a dysfunctional family... 🙈🙊🙉

  • Darko Božič
    Darko Božič

    I think Polka dance was invented in Poland. Then it just spread from there to other CE countries.

  • C7Geo

    I must say, the list to do things here is much longer than their coastline

  • Darko Božič
    Darko Božič

    Not only Balkan's, we want to become Switzerland of ALL Slavic nations. That's the plan. ;)

  • Darko Božič
    Darko Božič

    Melania, Luka, Slavoj.

  • domagoj hribar
    domagoj hribar

    Oooh noooo Barbs, how could you not mentioned Martin Strel, the man who swam the biggest rivers in the world! My favorite Slovene😀

  • Miha Brilj
    Miha Brilj

    an ingnornat national learning from a foriner


    Actually the European part of Turkey is in the Balkan Peninsula sooo..


    its the same like slovakia

  • Domen I
    Domen I

    Thank you all for those kind words about my homeland, it made my day. Slovenija will unite all Slav nations someday, as it is writen and we'll sing together again. "Edinost, sreča, sprava, K njim naj nazaj se vernejo! Otrok kar ima Slava Vsi naj si v roke sežejo, De oblast Spet in čast, Ko ble ste, boste naša last!" Spread love and good vibration, and the univerzum will do the rest. I wish you all that's well and deserved.

  • Zic Ky
    Zic Ky

    What about Luka Doncic he’s from Slovenia


    I like your contains all. It's always important for me

  • General squirrel
    General squirrel

    Wait theres a town in slovenia named koper (which is also dutch for copper)

    • Valentin Tapata
      Valentin Tapata

      It comes from Capodistria, which means boss of Istria. It's older names includes: Island of goats (caprae), Justinopolis and possibly Egida (probably a settlement on a hill Srmin which used to be an island as well).

  • Liner

    I'm from Kazakhstan, Slovenia it's a beautiful country 🇰🇿🤝🏻🇸🇮.

  • M B
    M B

    I live in the neighboring italian region of Friuli, near the so-called "Slavia Friulana" or "Beneška Slovenija", where Slovenian is one of the historical languages alongside with Friulian. I think any Friulan would agree that we are closely related in terms of culture and history and we often visit Slovenia (relatively cheap and absolutely gorgeous).

    • Christal Kleva
      Christal Kleva


  • Melpomena

    5:00 Slovakia called and want a Bojnice castle back.

    • Darko Božič
      Darko Božič

      No, we still need it. We destroyed our castles. ;)))

  • It's me, Ezio!
    It's me, Ezio!

    As an Austrian, I feel culturally more affiliated to Slovenia than Germany or Switzerland. Despite the common language, and entertainment market, we don’t have so many things in common with D and CH. Slovenia has many caves and similar landscapes but sunnier, they love wine, they drink schnapps and keep bees, just like we do. Similar dishes. The accordion is so typical for both of our countries, and I think our mindsets must be alike too.

    • Carantanian Fella
      Carantanian Fella

      @Lydia Köffler that's where you got it wrong my šnicel eating friend. We're not the same people because we are German, but because you are Windisch. In Carinthia most names of places have Windisch origins, you venerate Windisch Saints, you have Windisch last names and you have Windisch blood running through your veins. The very name of Kärnten comes from Karantanien, the Windisch state. So spare me your massive superiority complex, you're as much of a tschusch as we are.

    • Lydia Köffler
      Lydia Köffler

      @Carantanian Fella You can‘t be serious, right? Yeah, loyalty towards Austria was more than proven after ww2 when Slovenes burned down our churches, carelessly murdered ethnic Germans & expelled them. And I just happen to live in parts or Carinthia which were affected by the plebiscite, the vote wasn‘t a 100 to 0 one, and the Slovenes who voted to remain a part of Austria only did so due to massive propaganda from our side, it‘s easy to check those things through simple research. And by the way, no. We‘re not the same people, you are just as much of a čuš than Croats and Serbs are, even if your massive inferiority complex as a nation wants to portray yourself as something "better" which makes you believe you‘re Germanic or something, which you‘re not. Stop spitting on your forefathers and accept what you are. Oh and btw. I don‘t dislike Slovenia, even if I‘m from Carinthia, but stop with that disgusting stableboy attitude. Your people suffered a lot because of us, and I wanna say sorry for that, but don‘t dishonor the people who bled for your country

    • Carantanian Fella
      Carantanian Fella

      @Lydia Köffler Slovenes were loyal to Austria, even at the height of nationalism in the early 20th century. Carinthian Slovenes voted to stay in Austria rather than join the Pan-Slavic state of Yugoslovia and the rest of Slovenes would've voted the same given the chance. Slovene lands were Innerösterreich, after all.

    • Lydia Köffler
      Lydia Köffler

      @Carantanian Fella Your ancestors are spinning in their graves because of you saying that

    • Carantanian Fella
      Carantanian Fella

      It's "nationalism" that made language the foundation of identity, when it's the least important. We share a thousand years of history, a common culture and blood. As far as I'm concerned, there is no border between Austria and Slovenia.

  • grondhero

    *Barb:* I don't know, there's no way to really transition from a dog to the friend zone. *Dogs:* We are man's best friend!!!

  • Atakan Ergu
    Atakan Ergu


  • grondhero

    16:32 Hannah, what is a warewolf hunter? Do you hunt wares? Is this a fancy way of saying you shop a _LOT?_ Or do you hunt wolves that sell wares? From an aware wolf, who's afraid of the werewolf.

  • Michal Stankoviansky
    Michal Stankoviansky

    The picture at 8:12 is from Bratislava, SLOVAKIA - did you intentionally put it there to make fun of all the Slovakia-Slovenia confusion you were telling us about in the Slovakia episode, or did you guys fell into that trap yourselves? :-O


    Would love to visit Slovenia one day! Much love to Slovenia!!! From US

  • Lukáš Paško
    Lukáš Paško

    Brother 4ever 🇸🇰🤝🇸🇮

  • cdog990609

    PLEASE stop with this Gary Harlow shtick. Not even offensive, just unfunny and annoying.


    istria is slovenia.

  • SO lucky
    SO lucky

    A border Slovenia 🇸🇮 and Austria🇦🇹


    I'm really disappointed that the climb to the top of mt. Triglav doesn't actually end in a brawl with your friends, and it just getting your butt spanked by a rope.

  • Unoriginal

    Im sorry how are you so attractive AND a geography nerd how does someone this perfect exist

    • Calum Orbell
      Calum Orbell

      He's gotten prettier over the years, was more your 'classic geography nerd' archetype in the older videos, not to say they aren't brilliant. I fancied the pants off him even then.

  • Patrik Badinsky
    Patrik Badinsky

    8:31 that pic of Bratislava :D

  • Sergej Kap.
    Sergej Kap.

    Interesting video. There is a mistake 4:56 - on the picture is also Bojnice Castle which is located in Slovakia.

  • BadgerCheese94

    0:30.. well worth the pause

  • Gekser

    Sava doesn't end in Croatia, it enters the Danube in Belgrade, Serbia.

  • ThePokine

    In my opinion Ljubljana is the most beautiful city in the world. Really love your country, greetings from Czechia :)

    • Darko Božič
      Darko Božič

      No, Praga is the most beautifull. ;))

    • Carantanian Fella
      Carantanian Fella

      In my opinion, Budweiser is the best beer in the world. You guys really know how to brew a good beer. Cheers from Slovenia!

  • Jim Bell
    Jim Bell

    They are great at ski jumping as well

  • Christian Orthodox
    Christian Orthodox


  • Erik Reiter
    Erik Reiter


  • Isa M
    Isa M

    I've been to Postojna cave in 2019! Sooo amazing, I really enjoyed my visit there! It's the best cave I've ever seen ❤️🇸🇮

  • pumpkin91ful

    Trieste is italian like spaghetti and pizza.

    • Carantanian Fella
      Carantanian Fella

      @pumpkin91fulThat's just not the case. Trieste was 25% Slovene.

    • pumpkin91ful

      and Istria too , not left political here guys ,istria was neolatin ,like people that used to live there .

  • Erbrwin

    Me waiting for Peter Prevc in sports part :|

  • tashkipa

    Trieste è italiana.

  • Janez Slivnik
    Janez Slivnik

    I am from Slovenija and I live 2km away from Bled. This is pretty accurate, but of course you wrongly pronounced 90% of places.

  • Maks Groznik
    Maks Groznik

    i am from slovenia it is not a joke i swear

  • Uki Chow
    Uki Chow

    We crushing on Austria is BS.

  • DJ Fair
    DJ Fair

    That Malta impression had to be spot on

  • kwetinka01

    OMG!! Another mess-up about Slovenia and Slovakia! 😁 At 8:11 it is actually a picture from Bratislava, which is capital city of SLOVAKIA 😉

  • Damijana Kužnik
    Damijana Kužnik

    Bruh the way you say the names of places is so funny cause i am slovenian and that is not how you say it.

  • BaBo

    I am from Slovenija

  • Mat Reimer
    Mat Reimer

    My sisters got to be in the back up orchestra as violinists for one of 2 cellos shows in Winnipeg a few years ago, so cool!

  • Livio Defranza
    Livio Defranza

    Croatia loves Slovenia, period!

    • itszigapajank

      I Slovenija voli Croatia🇭🇷❤️ Yugoslavia i Balkan forever💪🏻

  • Bikash Bhandari
    Bikash Bhandari

    My friend's cousin is from Slovakia too.

  • Ivan Lončar
    Ivan Lončar

    Slovenci, svratite malo kod braće Hrvata u Zagreb! 🇸🇮🍻🇭🇷

  • strezonator

    Ahh Slovenia...Austria for poor people🤣

    • strezonator

      @H2 D2Yeah muddy, full of tankers and container ships, no beaches full of rocks, 500 metres of sea...Nope thanks, I'd still rather live in Austria, that an Austria wannabe😉 If i wanted to enjoy a real sea Croatia is always there

    • H2 D2
      H2 D2

      Ah austria,slovenia without a sea.

  • cxndition _
    cxndition _

    i was waiting for this episode for 2 years thanks

  • Arcamorge

    Geography now always feels like a group history project

  • Nina Noémie Léa
    Nina Noémie Léa

    Could you do Togo next ? Because you did Ghana, Burkina Faso and Bénin but not Togo... I appreciate very much all the work you put in these videos! Edit: i just figured out that you make your videos in alphabetical order. My apology

  • Aleksander Pal
    Aleksander Pal

    Not PUŠT! It is PUST

  • Avante Lvsitania
    Avante Lvsitania

    EU, can we have some Switzerland? No, we already have Switzerland at home. Switzerland at home:


    Tarçin Savage

  • FRIX

    In štajerska region we really love our vine.... And all other kinds of alcohol. Maybe a bit too much.

  • Emmanuel Emmanouilides
    Emmanuel Emmanouilides

    No Luka doncic??


    jas sm iz slovenije I em from slovenija

  • J. Sias
    J. Sias

    Nobody wants to claim Melanija Knavs? 😂

  • Geducames

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  • Selimgamer 123
    Selimgamer 123

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  • K3NZ1E

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  • yeeting with Aly
    yeeting with Aly

    15:10 Dude They dont even border each other

  • El club de Wallace
    El club de Wallace


  • Nico Varnava
    Nico Varnava

    Severely Underrated in Eurovision