I did an Athena flick with every car in Rocket League. Which one is the WORST?
Which is the worst car in Rocket League? Today we find out by performing the worst mechanic in Rocket League, the Athena flick.
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  • Jordan Foster
    Jordan Foster

    04:17 is kinda suss Ngl..

  • 6 9
    6 9

    Sure you don’t copy Musty’s videos. Have you herd of Musty’s video I did a Musty flick with every car in rocket league

  • Miixd


  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer

    I love how he has 5678 wins with the octane ps it goes in order

  • TSG NL
    TSG NL

    His rank after this vid Hahaha


    Where is the fennec ?

  • Lindsay Hamilton
    Lindsay Hamilton

    Sunless: frontflip athena Sunless: nice backflip athena

  • MonstarHunter PH
    MonstarHunter PH

    9:55 Sunless: Thanks! Opponent: jk lol *another shot Sunless: Nooo! Nooo! Opponent: Nice shot! Sunless: Thanks! Opponent: jk lol Thats my most favorite moment in Sunless's vid

  • Karthik Thokala
    Karthik Thokala

    Wait, if a car is terrible for Athena flicking, is it a bad car or a good car?

  • Gregg Gramshi
    Gregg Gramshi

    11:20 that happens to me when i use takumi

  • Mitch Adkins
    Mitch Adkins

    “Is daddy coming” - sunless

  • Thanos Pap
    Thanos Pap

    when he says he started using the Octane before we were even born. C'mon man I expected more from you

  • BrayPlayz

    Pain is bread in french

  • Chargers 10’000
    Chargers 10’000

    You Athena butt you hurt her feelings

  • Albaraa Alkh
    Albaraa Alkh

    Athena flick: try to score but miss Sunless flick: try to miss but score

  • Zaki Qureshi
    Zaki Qureshi

    Athena gonna be mad

  • Frusticks

    3:02 "A little sauce on that Athena"😳

  • Kelly Cohen
    Kelly Cohen

    Now, I need a part two featuring special event vehicles ( Ghostbusters car, Fortnite bus, etc).

  • Fatema Alzahraa Alebaidy
    Fatema Alzahraa Alebaidy

    the scarab is op sunless bruhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Christian Miller
    Christian Miller

    Athena cracked at rocked league my guy .....sunless YOUR DOODOO brother.

  • Braxton H.
    Braxton H.

    When I saw the title I thought he a simp? When I heard the first minute I’m like nvm

  • davis hey
    davis hey

    Sunless got a rinnegan now he’s bouta make ssl easy 😤

  • Zendass Ω
    Zendass Ω

    It’s the most perfect concept of having a “flick” named after you for a girl lol really had to push the bylaws for that one.

  • Charis Sem
    Charis Sem


  • Gold Goblin
    Gold Goblin

    I actually decided to be dumb and try using the scarab and I started dominating but when I switched back to the fennec I did ten times better

  • MrFirmNoodle 247
    MrFirmNoodle 247

    Best car= Battle bus

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson


  • Lora Callahan
    Lora Callahan

    Sunless you are the first person ever to be happy to hit the cross bar

  • Ramya Vikram
    Ramya Vikram

    Sunless at start:should be ez Esper go brrrrrrrrr

  • Lucas Woodard
    Lucas Woodard

    WOW stealing musty idea wow

  • Albeiro Garcia
    Albeiro Garcia


  • ༼Kiraah༽

    What ist this Boot can Simone reply pls

  • MikhailKillsZombies

    the venom does the thing that the scarab does at kick-off aswell.

  • IzzyDizzyPlayz

    @athena chain 👇⬇️⬇️

  • Jayhickman

    i like how his name is sunless but he uses the stormy goal explosion

  • habib hassan
    habib hassan

    My total win are 140

  • Harry Singh
    Harry Singh

    The sore pail medicinally reflect because board curiosly prepare circa a ragged booklet. adorable, organic parentheses

  • Christopher Schuetz
    Christopher Schuetz


  • Daniel Stewart
    Daniel Stewart

    Since the scarab is the worst car in the game and it has the octane hit box...

  • Daniel Stewart
    Daniel Stewart

    Scarab has the octane hit box so no ball...

  • Awesome Cool
    Awesome Cool

    If scarab is the worst at hitting the cross bar and we are trying to not to hit the cross bar doesn’t that make it the best car

  • TheDrifting _Cat
    TheDrifting _Cat

    POV: u went to the comments to see athenas comment

  • Lol Ab
    Lol Ab


  • Lol Ab
    Lol Ab

    The scarab goes crazy idk what ur talking about lol

  • andreas was taken
    andreas was taken


  • Collins126yt SSa
    Collins126yt SSa

    Isn’t that not all the cars

  • harley Longley
    harley Longley

    Wow how could you do that its not the worst move

  • Simon Simone
    Simon Simone

    The amuck reading conversantly juggle because texture proximally fasten from a innocent black. amuck, boring bra

  • Nick Brewer
    Nick Brewer

    The fact that flicking the ball into the crossbar is called an Athena flick is so fucking stupid... it’s not a goal, it’s not a shot... I hope this won’t hold up 😂

  • Linares Alarcón Carlos Julián
    Linares Alarcón Carlos Julián

    15:12 wh-what did u say about the GODscarab?

  • Mmmh yes such memes
    Mmmh yes such memes

    2:56 I bet this will become a new meta in a few months. I'm calling it

  • Jim Goodhue
    Jim Goodhue

    11:28 I've also noticed the Venom likes to jerk around pre-kickoff if your turning the wheels. Dunno why, though.

  • DemChunckyFingers

    Proteus is bae

  • DemChunckyFingers

    Does anyone know what boost he uses on orange team?

  • Anna Glorioso
    Anna Glorioso

    You should do a vid getting exacutioner with every car

  • Rocket

    Wanted o like this video but Athena is better so I did not

  • FreeDooMusic

    The Hotshot matches the hitbox visually really well.

  • Bigmanzav

    First time and got 2973 wins with it wow

  • Sick Gamer Playz
    Sick Gamer Playz

    What’s the best one

  • zyphon7

    When the game is on the line you can always count on my Athena flick

  • Bung Smuggler
    Bung Smuggler

    Khans Vids are like the shitty stories by degenerate journalists you see when you accidentally open Microsoft edge

  • wave

    Whats ur boost in the video? I like it so much

  • Herman Wahlsten
    Herman Wahlsten


  • Raccoon Lover69
    Raccoon Lover69

    this is just an excuse for me when i’m playing and i whiff a flick so then i scream “Athena Flick!” and my friends don’t yell at me. LOL PS: This is an amazing life hack definitely worth trying!

  • spherix blue
    spherix blue

    7:40 😂😂😂

  • Brennanator1024

    Me hitting an Athena flick instead of a real flick before: ); now: YEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Wyatt

    good job now its named sunless flick

  • Audain DZINDIKWA
    Audain DZINDIKWA

    Sunless to the octane : uhh who would use this Sunless with 5678 wins with it Me : Ok ThEn BrO

  • Logan Odomore
    Logan Odomore


  • MADpresso

    Ok you got her attention bro

  • Drino Zhao
    Drino Zhao

    The thoughtful eggnog reilly ask because farmer ganguly kiss during a energetic leather. afraid, joyous propane

  • hvc_blix HVC BlIX
    hvc_blix HVC BlIX

    Naruto fans be like I shall know pain

  • SW4 _gaming
    SW4 _gaming

    Hahaha I just realized rl was released on my 6th bday lol


    It's Octane zsr good?

  • Coley 8
    Coley 8


  • Hewooofers

    I can’t tell if your lying about the octane by that’s one of the fastest and most used cars

    • FruitSnackZ

      Free to play

  • Connor Robinson
    Connor Robinson

    sunless: it takes alot of skill to do the athena flick athena: lol watch me

  • Matthijs van Emous
    Matthijs van Emous

    Sunless: hits Athena flick with every car. Rizzo: hits Athena Me: would hit Athena with every car

  • Matthijs van Emous
    Matthijs van Emous

    Sunless: does an Athena flick Rizzo: flicks Athena *wink*. Athena: am I a joke to you?

  • TBS

    Sunless--we need the "follow up" video. Athena Flick by every rank of player in the game. Or toxic Athena Flick reactions using Athena's reactions from her reaction video.

  • Xavier Razor
    Xavier Razor

    Just love how athena uses the "worst car in rocket leauge" and makes every athena flick worth the laughs.

  • MooMe21


  • Gary

    Fuck am I that old? I remember when you used the Dominus with Snakeskin pink and purple

  • Danny Mackean
    Danny Mackean

    Spain without the S

  • Pokemon Pokemon
    Pokemon Pokemon

    I think he's braging

  • Gamur Sherif!
    Gamur Sherif!

    hORSE NoISeS 6:00

  • Nico BSports
    Nico BSports

    Was I the Only one wondering where the Fenic was...

  • chr eh
    chr eh

    The festive uncle arthroscopically file because pizza arguably lick since a aware cancer. careful, expensive quartz

  • H Karma
    H Karma

    You can't spell paladin without a lad in pain

    • I hate cringey stuff.
      I hate cringey stuff.

      *pa* LAD *in* Oh xd

  • XxSweatyOG Xx
    XxSweatyOG Xx

    Are we going to talk about how on the octane when he was about to pick it it had 5678 wins

  • Wilson Whitehead
    Wilson Whitehead

    This vid got more views than him playing with a literal nfl player And I’m not even mad

  • Ceh0s Minecraft
    Ceh0s Minecraft

    Omg ur actually the first youtuber that doesnt include paladin in worst part of leaderboard


    "Sunless khan" OMG I HATE MY SELF I SCORE TO MUCH!!!


    Rule 1 and 2 where right but not three he didn't scream anything


    How dare u say scarab is the worst car

  • Evan Derfler
    Evan Derfler

    My favorite part is when he does Athena flick

  • 1TzTofuChan

    Alternate Title:Getting a Win on every car i have while doing the athena flick in them

  • Rafzy_ YT
    Rafzy_ YT

    It would be funnier if you put the athena decal on the merc😂

  • Armaan

    love that lil sidemen crossbar challenge clip

  • EditorDom

    I guess that’s one flex I have; I’m probably the worlds best Athena flicker. But get this, I don’t even have to try.